If you repeatedly enter an incorrect password, Windows may prevent you from logging into your account for a period of time. On the login screen, you will see the message Reference account is currently blocked, which means you cannot log in. This can be frustrating, especially when you have an urgent mission.

This can happen when a threshold is set to limit the number of invalid passwords a user tries to enter. This can help prevent access by unauthorized users, but can become annoying if you are locked out of your local Windows 10 account. The problem may seem serious, but it is not impossible to solve.

To resolve the issue, the named account is currently blocked

You can easily access your account and get rid of the referral account is currently blocked and cannot log in through the following solutions. Some of this work requires technical knowledge and experience.

1. Wait 30 minutes

The most convenient way to log into your account is to wait 30 minutes for Windows to automatically unlock the account. In most cases, the initial waiting time is 30 minutes. However, if you have repeatedly tried to enter a wrong password, the wait time can be up to 24 hours. So, if you don’t need your computer urgently, you can wait and let Windows unlock your account.

2. Remove the network cable

If your computer is connected to a network cable, disconnect it and try restarting. You may be able to access your account again if the error message is due to a network failure.

3. Enter BIOS to change date and time

Often we need our computer urgently. If you also need your system urgently and don’t have time to wait for Windows to unlock the account automatically, you can change the date and time.

If you are locked out of the operating system, you must change the date and time through the BIOS. The method of BIOS entry varies from one computer to another, depending on the manufacturer and model number. Therefore, to know how to access the BIOS, you should consult the manual or the manufacturer’s website.

After entering the BIOS, go to the main tab and update the date and time. BIOS control must be used; the mouse will not work after entering the BIOS. You can set the date and time in the distant future to enable the connection. Make sure you save and exit the BIOS without making any further changes. This will also change the operating system date and time, but you may be able to reconnect without an error message.

Performance Condition Lower Corrigendum

Since your account is locked, you need to take some steps to log back into Windows.

Condition: You need to activate the hidden administrator account and log in with it to unlock another local account.

This is only necessary if you have an account and it is locked. If you have another administrator account, you can log in with it to access your PC.

Step one: Press and hold the power button until you see the home screen, and restart the system when you see it. Repeat this process until you see the Preparing to repair the car screen.

Step two: When you see the blue screen with the auto-repair function, click the More Options button.

Step three: Now go to Troubleshooting ➜ Advanced Settings ➜ Command Line.

Step four: In the command line terminal, enter the following command.

Network administrator / active:yes

Activating the built-in administrator account

You can now log in to your administrator account and access your computer.

4. Local Group Policy Editor Update

Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise users can update their local Group Policy Editor to get rid of the error message Referring to account is currently locked on the login screen. Although the Windows 10 Home version does not have a local group policy editor, there are several ways to access it.

Step one: Press Windows + R and type gpedit.msc. Click OK or press Enter to open the Group Policy Editor.

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Open Group Policy Editor via Run

Step two: In the local Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration ➜ Windows Settings➜ Security Settings ➜ Account Policy➜ Account Lock Policy.

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Lockout policies

Step three: Now double click on the account lock policy and enter 0 in the properties window. Click Apply and OK.

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Define the threshold for blocking an account 0

You can now restart the computer and try to log into your normal account.

5. Set the account password so it never ends

If the account password has expired, you can lock the account. In this case, you can set the password to never expire to remove the error message on the login screen and also to fix the associated account.

Step one: Open Run, type lusrmgr.msc, and press Enter.

Step two: When the window appears on the screen, click User.

Step three: Now right-click on the locked user account and select Properties from the context menu.

Open user properties

Step four: Click on the General tab and check the box next to Password never expires.

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Activation password never expires

Click Apply and OK.

You can now log out of the administrator’s account and try to log in to the locked account.

6. Deleting references in the cache of PC

You can delete the cached data stored on your PC to resolve the error The referring account is currently locked.

Search for Origins Manager in the Start menu and open it from the search results. Then click on Windows Credentials.

Open Windows IDs

Now, under General References, find the cached references and click the arrow next to them. Then you need to click on the Remove link to remove them from your computer.

Then restart the computer and try to log in to the blocked account. If there were problems with the caching data, that would probably fix them.

7. Update on Window Group Policy

You can update Windows group policy to log in normally to your locked account. This may sound strange, but for many users the reference account is currently locked.

Open a command prompt, follow the preparation section above and enter the command shown below.

gpupdate / Performance

You can then restart the PC normally and see if the error message on the login screen disappears or not.

8. Check DNS settings

Incorrect DNS settings may cause the error message Referring account currently blocked to appear on the login screen. However, you can make the appropriate changes to the network settings to correct this situation.

Step one: Press the Windows + I key to open the Windows settings, then go to Network and Internet.

Step two: In the Advanced Network Settings section, click the Change Adapter Settings button.

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Open the adapter Change the adapter

Step three: Now right click on the currently active network connection; this can be Ethernet or Wi-Fi and click Properties.

Step four: Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Open IPv4 Properties

Step Five: Select Get DNS server address automatically and click OK to save it.

Modifying the DNS settings

If this does not work, you can use the following DNS server addresses and use Google’s DNS servers.

Preferred DNS server :

Alternate DNS server :

You can then restart the computer and see if you can log in with your local account.

9. Format your PC

If none of the above has worked for you, the last resort is to completely format your computer to set up the reference account. You can use third-party software or do it manually. Before formatting, be sure to back up your system, as formatting will remove all installed software, personal data, and settings.

Disable hidden administrator accounts

Once you have completed the above solutions, you will need to disable the hidden administrator account that was previously enabled. Otherwise, your system will be exposed to unauthorized access and security breaches.

To disable the hidden administrator account, you can open a command prompt, as described in the Requirements section, or log in with your local account and open it with administrator privileges.

On the command line terminal, type the following command and press Enter.

User network administrator / active:no

What To Do When The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out Deactivate hidden administrator account

Reboot your computer once and the hidden administrator account will no longer appear.


If your local account is locked, you cannot access your computer. Often you can reconnect after 30 minutes. Sometimes, however, the error message Referral account is currently not disappearing even after 30 minutes. In such scenarios, you need a few workarounds to connect and solve the problem.

The guide above explains how to connect and solve this problem by trying a few solutions. You can remove the blocked error message simply and easily by going through the above solutions.

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