The speaker icon in the notification is used on the desktop PC to adjust the volume and other audio related features. The main volume wheel controls the intensity for the entire Windows operating system, which is indicated by pressing the speaker icon. Windows users can use the volume booster to independently adjust the volume range of each of the programs and applications running at any given time.

To start the volume booster, right-click the speaker icon in the Information Center and click Open Volume Booster. You can individually configure different volumes for each of the programs running in the background when you see the volume mixer.

Reliable sound is essential for all computer users, especially audiophiles who are always looking for perfect sound with the latest audio stimulators and the most advanced audio applications.  However, sound problems under Windows 10 are more common than you might think, that users cannot open the volume mixer, which destroys the sound in the users.

Unfortunately, some Windows users have experienced the problem that the volume does not open when you right-click on the speaker icon in the notification bar. If you then press Open Volume Mixer, nothing appears no matter how long the user waits.

Consumers affected by this issue also point out in some cases that pressing the loudspeaker symbol does not make the main slider appear, but does nothing. This problem has occurred in all currently supported versions of Windows since Windows XP, according to the earliest reports available.

Causes of this error

We understand that it is important that you understand the reasons why the Volumemixer cannot be opened on your desktop before presenting alternatives.

1. Device and defective sound

In some cases, Windows hardware and sound features may not match the setup errors, and perhaps due to other defects in your version of Windows, the volume mixer will not respond. It is therefore advisable to perform a complete error correction and ensure that the volume mixer does not open the problem when correcting.

2. Turn off the audio service

If the volume mixer does not open, it may also mean that you or the software on your computer switched off the audio system via the Service Manager. You can quickly adjust this setting to restore the sound mixer display by following the instructions below.

3. Single control

If you have a special application with a fully audible driver control, it can be turned off to charge the battery or for other reasons. This can also prevent the use of the audio mixer. That is why it has always proposed not to give the driver exclusive authority.

4. Audio driver

In some cases, it is also important for sound operators to check the latest upgrade option to make sure it is consistent with your computer’s internal policies. If it is not a script, this problem is usually found in Windows.

5. Antivirus software

Some antivirus programs also don’t work well with the latest versions of Windows. In some cases, they disrupt the proper functioning of the computer by interfering with the volume analyzer.

6. Notification Task bar

After turning off the notification bar on the desktop, the audio mixer may not start because this function has to be enabled. Otherwise, different versions of Windows may not install the volume mixer.

10 Simple solution to this problem

Corrigendum 1: Start SFC scan

In some cases, this problem may be caused by damaged or otherwise corrupted Windows system databases. Here comes the Filesystem Checker utility – the SFC itself does not deserve to scan computer systems for corrupt or otherwise damaged file systems, but it is also more likely to know how to repair or replace the structure files in question. If you do not know how to manage SFC scanners, users can use this manual to perform SFC scans on other computers running Windows 10.

Corrigendum 2: Reload process for Windows Explorer

In some cases, the audio icon in the system tray of a Windows computer can become almost useless because it is so frivolous that the Windows Explorer working together freezes and may not respond. Fortunately, restarting Windows Explorer is relatively easy, so you have to solve this problem if even the cause of the problem doesn’t work anymore. To restart the process for Windows Explorer, users must :

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the task manager.
  • Define a Windows Explorer procedure under Process.
  • Right-click on the Windows Explorer controls and click Restart.
  • Once the processes are effectively restarted, try speaking to the speaker icon and open the volume analyzer to see if the workaround is working.

Corrigendum 3: Stop SndVol.exe

The SndVol.exe function is exactly what appears when Desktop Workstation Manager’s Volume Analyzer utility runs and monitors the volume of various devices. In this context, the volume control of the Bluetooth speakerphone does not work either. If the volume mixer does not open before you start after right-clicking the speaker icon, click Open Volume Mixer. You may also be able to solve the problem by running the SndVol.exe procedure and then trying to access the audio mixer. You must implement this solution:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the task manager.
  • Define the procedure SndVol.exe under Process.
  • Right click on the SndVol.exe procedure and click on Finish.
  • Deactivate your position manager.
  • Right-click the speaker icon in the Information Center and click Open Volume Mixer to see if the audio mixer appears this time.

Corrigendum 4: Diagnosis and troubleshooting of plant and equipment

This hardware and peripheral troubleshooter is actually a customizable troubleshooter for the Windows operating system, designed to solve problems specific to computer systems and device drivers. Troubleshooting hardware and devices is a pretty good concept if you are trying to solve this problem. You need to solve problems with the equipment and devices:

  • Click on the start menu.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Click on the troubleshooting results page.
  • Click the Hardware button and the Sound button.
  • Click on the Hardware and Devices button.
  • In this troubleshooting section, press Next and follow the on-screen instructions until troubleshooting is complete.
  • Verify that the situation is corrected by fully executing the troubleshooting program.

Corrigendum 5: Overview when Windows Sound is running

  • Press the Windows Logo key + R to start the Run dialog box.
  • In the Run dialog box, type services.MSC and press Enter to start the service manager.
  • Browse all programs and get the Windows Sound Service.
  • Double-click Windows Sound to open the specifications.
  • Click this drop-down list next to Startup type: then click Automatic to assign it.
  • To avoid maintenance, press Stop.
  • Therefore, press the Start button to start the service.
  • Select Apply and then press OK.
  • Exit the manager’s office and check if there is still an audio mixer that won’t start.

Corrigendum 6: Changing loudspeaker characteristics

You must follow the steps below to try out this strategy:

  • Click the Hardware and Sound function and then click the Sound button.
  • You must switch to your preprogrammed speakers twice.
  • You must view the Advanced section of the Properties window.
  • Under the segment: In exclusive mode, two options are offered to the user: Enable applications that carry the exclusive authority of this computer and only prefer the application mode.
  • In this scenario, it would be intriguing to allow applications to support the advertising controls of such a device. Activate this function, then click Apply and then click OK.
  • Reboot the computer and see if this solves the problem.

Corrigendum 7: Troubleshooting program execution

Finally, you can use the Windows 10 troubleshooter to solve audio problems.

  • Use the Ctrl key to open the settings screen: Winky + me
  • Go to Updates and Security.
  • Touch the Troubleshooting menu item on the left.
  • Now scroll down and select the sound output option, then click the Troubleshoot button.
  • The troubleshooter then starts the process and you will have to sit down to solve it or provide you with more data.

Corrigendum 8: Turning on the Audio System Controller

  • Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the start dialog and display the instructions for Regedit.
  • Navigate to the indicated locations, right-click CurrentVersion and select New > Key to create a subkey named MTCUVC.
  • Click on a newly formed key and right-click elsewhere in the right-hand corner of the screen to select New > DWORD value (32-bit).
  • Name this newly created DWORD value as EnableMtcUvc and enter a discount of 1.
  • When the task is complete, confirm and check that the audio mixer is back to its original state.

Corrigendum 9: Desktop scanning for malicious files

  • Press the search button in the taskbar and type cmd.
  • Right-click on the command prompt and select Run as Administrator.
  • Now repeat the previous commands in order and press Enter to execute them.
  • Hopefully, if all commands were executed, the sound mix error would disappear.

Corrigendum 10: Disabling third-party antivirus software

  • Click on ^ in the bottom corner of the taskbar and then right-click on the Avast logo.
  • Click on the Avast Shield Control link and select the Disable permanently option to uninstall your antivirus software.

Pay attention: If you have antivirus software, such as B. AVG or BitDefender, disable them by following the same steps described above.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I activate the volume icon in the taskbar?

  • Follow these steps to add a sound icon to the taskbar:
  • Go to the audio equipment.
  • The volume of the device is present.
  • Make sure the Place Volume icon is selected on the taskbar, and then click Apply.

2. Why can’t I start the volume mixer?

Suppose the volume mixer on your desktop does not open until you right-click on the speaker icon and then click on Open Audio Analyzer. In this case, you probably want to solve the problem by performing the SndVol.exe procedure and then trying to access the volume mixer.

3. How do I run the Disk Analyzer on Windows 10?

  • In Windows 10, when the user taps the speaker icon, the volume control screen opens.
  • Right-click on the speaker icon to display the main menu.
  • Select Open Volume Analyzer to open it.
  • You may be able to change the volume ranges of the application programs here.


This way, you can use the audio mixer to conveniently control the sound of your applications in Windows 10; if this volume mixer isn’t open, you can’t even control the sound, and that’s not very pleasant. If none of the solutions described above gave you access to the volume mixer, we recommend installing EarTrumpet. So you can choose one of the practical ways to solve the problem for them.

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