Very few media readers are recognized by all kinds of people. VLC is one of them, a free, completely open source media player used on both smartphones and PCs. Recently, dark mode support has become more important, but VLC also allows users to customize the background. To enjoy the dark theme, just adjust the VLC settings. Use it to activate VLC’s dark mode and launch the media player in a dark theme. This way, your eyes won’t get tired while watching movies or videos.

How do I activate the dark mode of the VLC?

The steps for using VLC’s dark mode on a smartphone and PC are different. Go to the right area.

on Smartphone

Currently, only Android users can enable dark mode in the VLC application. VLC’s dark mode settings may not be included in the iOS version of the VLC application. However, you can enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad to get a darker theme in the media player.

(1). On the Android home screen, go to Apps.

(2). Scroll down and click on the VLC Media Player logo.

(3). On the Home screen, press the Menu icon (three horizontal lines).

(4). You need to select the Settings option with the gear icon.

alt=Select settings data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Select settings

(5). Go to Advanced Settings and click the Interface button.

Socket interface

(6). Now select the day-night mode.

Click on the day-night mode to use the dark mode of the VLC

(7). In the pop-up window, select the Black theme, which will activate the dark mode of the VLC player.

Select the black theme to use the dark mode of the VLC

Another possibility: If your device is running on Android 8 or higher, enable dark mode on your Android device and select Follow system mode in the VLC application. It tracks your Android settings.

Message: If DayNight mode is selected, VLC will automatically switch from day to night.

on PC

Whether you use VLC on Windows or Mac, you can change the default skin to a dark theme. The following steps will help you feel more at ease.


You can download every Peau Noire on the official VLC player website. ( Choose z. B. eDark Vlc and click on the Download link to download it as a .vlt skin file.

(1). Start the VLC media player on your Mac or Windows computer.

(2). Click on the Tool options in the player menu bar.

(3). From the Advanced menu, choose Preferences to open the Simple Preferences window.

alt=Select settings to enable VLC Dark Mode data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Select settings

(4). Click the Interface option at the top and select Use Custom Interface under Interface Settings.

alt=Select the Custom Skin option to use the VLC in dark mode data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez=Use Custom Skin

(5). Press Select to display the location of the eDark Vlc.vlt skin file.

(6). Finally, click the Save button and close the VLC drive on your computer.

alt=Update skin source file location data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Update skin source file location

(7). Restart the player and he will have dark skin.

Message: If the above steps seem lengthy, you can use system-wide dark mode on Windows and dark mode on Mac.

Our opinion

By default, VLC does not automatically activate dark mode. However, you can turn it on at will or when you need it. Follow the instructions and do not expose your eyes to too much light when using the VLC in a dimly lit environment.

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