Who wouldn’t want to keep their family safe? It is important that all members of your family are safe and that they keep each other informed of their whereabouts. But in this tense world, there are times when you can’t keep up with the news. So people need certain applications that track and locate your family, so you can be sure of their safety and not have to compromise. These applications run on your Android phones and work efficiently so you can get an idea of where your family is going.

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Family-finding machine - Applications for androids - Family-finding machine

This is a unique free application to follow your family as it comes with an SOS lock that your family can use in any disaster. It’s useful if someone goes astray and needs a way back. As a family connection, it offers functions such as…

Family Locator applications for Android Phili-Locator-2

  • Allows you to receive notifications when your tracked family members reach their destination.
  • Provide shared access to GPS navigation for family members on a family card.
  • This way you can create private groups for your loved ones.
  • Use it to set up GPS-protected areas, such as the house on a family map.
  • Use it to view the residency history of family members.
  • He or she will announce that he or she will inform you of any changes in the whereabouts of your family.

Family search for Android-Life-360 Life360

This is a free application with purchases in the application. It helps you keep track of your family because GPS is available in real time. At the same time the data is updated in the form of notifications. The best features that make it one of the best family localization applications are…

Family Locator applications for Android-Life-360-2

  • This allows you to create your own private groups called circles.
  • Use this function to display the position of the members of the circle on a private family map in real time.
  • This allows you to be informed in real time of the arrival or departure of the members of the circle.
  • It is best to show you the location of stolen or lost phones.
  • It works on both Android and iPhone phones.

Sequel to Zoemob-zoemob-1 family requests

It’s not just an application to help you find your family, but it provides a family space where you can communicate, plan and organize events easily, where everyone is on the same page. The important features of this family tracking application are…

Zoemob Family-Locator for Android applications Family-Locator-2

  • It offers a location and a map of the family…
  • It gives a speed alert
  • In the location alert settings, you can
  • It gives you access to information about your family online using your mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet.
  • You will receive a special GPS tracker developed especially for parents.

Family locator apps for Android friends Find my friends

It uses Google Maps to create a grid where you can see where your loved ones are now or their registration history. If someone is in trouble, it is possible to send or broadcast messages. The most important characteristics you need to know about…

Family Locator applications for Android-Find-My Friends 2

  • Makes it possible to find friends over the phone
  • Offers real-time sharing of GPS positions to your friends.
  • Allows access to a location with little delay.
  • You can follow/not follow your friends
  • This consumer is a very weak and efficient user of the battery.

Family applications for Android Glympse-1 Glympse

This application allows you to find out where your loved ones are and what their expected time of arrival is. The information is updated in real time via SMS, e-mail or social networks. This is a good online tracking application. The important features of this family locator application for Android are the following

Family localization application for Android-Glympse-2

  • It is easy to live safely, open up and walk in the background.
  • Select this option to coordinate a social evening with your friends.
  • This way your spouse can know your estimated time of arrival.
  • You can use it to find friends at a concert festival.

Family applications for Android-Foursquare-Swarm-1

You can use these applications to track your children’s movements, and these applications offer a number of online games that children can play before their parents pick them up. The most important points…

  • The lifeline is made easier by adding a pin to your card above your recordings.
  • This allows you to follow your story individually and learn by heart.
  • You can use it to share your position before the race and see your friends nearby.

Family Tracking Applications for the Android Verizon Smart Family-1 Verizon Smart Family

This is a fairly effective application if you want to get in touch with your family or friends when they are in trouble. The application also allows you to keep an eye on your child’s online activities.

Family Search Application for Android-Verizon-Smart Family-2

The highlight of this family tracking application is the…

  • It allows you to control the controls and locate your child’s device – all in one application.
  • You can protect your Internet from children with blocking and unblocking features
  • It allows you to set more reasonable limits when needed by stopping the Internet immediately or by restricting access during school hours to text messages, phone calls and data only.
  • It allows you to set up alerts to follow the movements of your family members.

Family Locator applications for Android-T-Mobile FamilyGde-1 T-Mobile FamilyGde-1

The premium version of the application has costs, but it is always useful to check the location of your loved ones. The main features of this family tracking application on Android are…

Family Locator application for Android T-Mobile FamilyWhere-2

  • This way you can find your family members on request.
  • Use it to check if your children are at home after school or training with the automatic system.
  • planned controls
  • Your family members can inform you of their whereabouts at any time via the free registration function.

Family locator application for names printed on Android Latitude Family locator

With this application you can follow 4 contacts at the same time. You can also track your registration and know where you are with quick updates. The striking features of this family tracking application are…

Family search applications for printing on Android Surname Search Engine-2

  • Use it to find any phone in your Sprint family plan.
  • This allows you to retrieve a lost or stolen phone after it has gone missing.
  • Pause your choice on an interactive map to see the location of your family’s phones in real time.
  • You can find your family’s mobile phones from your computer at sfl.sprint.com.

Family Location Application for Android-ATT-Secure-Family-1 AT&T FamilyMap

With this application you can know where your loved ones are, their IDs and a list of safe places. With this Android-based family locator application…

Family Locator Applications for Android ATT Secure Family-2

  • Follow your child effectively on demand or according to a regular schedule.
  • Receive location alerts when your child enters or leaves the room.
  • Use it to see where your child has been for a week.
  • Lock your child’s mobile data and WiFi usage on request or at the scheduled time.
  • Block inappropriate content and applications.


These requests are therefore a comprehensive way to obtain information and ensure that your family is safe.

These Android-based family tracking applications work with the built-in GPS phone.

You need to install these applications and then configure them. Contacts need to be added in order to track their location.

Have you ever used such family applications? What is your favorite tracking application for your family? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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