The printer is an essential hardware device that allows the user to convert electronic files into hard copy. It can be used for different purposes and in different places. The print queue in Windows 10 is the order in which files are arranged for printing in a reserved memory area. However, if the queue is not properly cleared, printing may be cancelled.

Print queues are an important feature that allow you to assign priority levels to files. When print jobs have stalled, repairing the printer can seem like a tedious task. If the problem is hardware related, you may need to consult a technician. If you have an HP printer and scanner, HP Doctor will also solve all your printer and scanner problems.

5 Solutions to resolve the print queue do not resolve the problem

If the print queue in Windows 10 is stuck due to a software issue, there are a few simple tips you can do to fix the problem. It is important to resolve the print queue issue because a document that is jammed also prevents subsequent documents from being printed. Let’s take a look at these simple solutions to solve the problem of print queues.

1. Cancel the current print job

A print job can freeze for several reasons; to find the reason for the error, learn how to cancel a print job in Windows 10. If you are familiar with this step, you can proceed to remove the print queue.

First, select the print job you want to run. Right-click on it and select Cancel from the drop-down menu. When the print job completes successfully, you may be able to empty the print queue on your Windows 10 computer.

If the printer is not responding, cancel all print jobs. If this step also fails, restart the computer. Disconnect and reconnect all printer connections during the download.

2. Deleting the print queue from the command line

If your print queue is not emptying properly, you can use the command line to delete the print job that is causing the problem. This is the fastest way to clear the print queue on Windows 10 computers.

First, turn the printer off. Then open the command prompt window in administrator mode using the search box on the Start menu.

Then type the following command to stop the pressure roller and press the Enter key.

Main spoiler

alt=execute this command data-ezsrc= />execute this command

If the spooler is disabled, open the file explorer from the Start menu and navigate to the path below. You can also switch to this channel by opening this PC.


Delete all files in the Printers folder. Then return to the command line and enter the following command to restart the spooler.

Starter fin

After the spooler restarts, you can check whether print jobs can be deleted from the queue.

3. Restart of the pressure flush device

If the print queue is not empty after running the previous solution, you can restart the Spooler service. This method is very similar to the previous solution; stop the spooler through the Services console window instead of the command prompt.

First press the key combination Win + R to open the Run command window. Type services.msc in the address bar and click OK to open the Services console.

alt=Open Service Window data-ezsrc= />Open Service Window

Next, locate the Print Spooler utility in the available services and right-click on it; select Stop from the drop-down list of options.

alt=Stop Data Print Spooler-ezsrc= />Stop Data Print Spooler

Now open the file explorer, follow the path of the previous solution and delete all the files that are in the Printers folder.

After these steps, restart the computer and then check if a document is stuck in the print queue.

4. Change Printer Spooler Start Type.

If the above solution does not work, you can change the start type of the printer spooler. First you need to follow the steps mentioned in the previous solution and open the Services window.

Find the Print Spooler option, right click on it and select Properties.

alt=Select Properties data-ezsrc= />Select Properties

Then change the start type from automatic to manual. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

alt=Change startup type data-ezsrc= />Change startup type

After making changes, verify that you can delete documents and stop print jobs correctly.

5. Create batch file

When print jobs are suspended in Windows 10, users can create a batch file to solve the problem. For those not familiar with the concept, a batch file is a file consisting of commands that are executed by a command line interpreter.

You need to create a batch file with the necessary commands to stop the printer spooler, delete unnecessary documents on the printer, and restart the spooler. To do this, open Notepad via the search field in the Start menu.

Now copy and paste the following commands into Notepad in the order shown.

@echo off
echo Stops the print spooler.
spooler netstop
echo Temporarily delete unwanted documents
del /Q /F /S %systemroot%System32SpoolPrinters*.*
echo Starts the print spooler.
Startup Spooler

Now click File and select Save As.

In the dialog box that appears, choose All Files under Storage Type. Now give this field an appropriate name, but make sure the file extension is .bat and not the usual .txt.

Click Save to complete the task. You can now open the .bat file to perform all the steps listed in the file. Verify that you can turn on the printer and run print jobs successfully in Windows 10 after following this method.


Fixing print errors is considered one of the most tedious tasks for both beginners and experienced users. Many users experience an overflowing print queue. If a particular document is blocked, the entire queue suffers. In some cases, it may be necessary to clear the entire print queue.

The above solutions will quickly resolve the print queue problem, provided the printer does not have any major problems that require advanced hardware solutions. If these solutions do not work for you, the best solution is to contact the printer manufacturer and explain the problem.

frequently asked questions

How do I delete the print queue which has not been deleted?


How do I clear the printer queue?

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Why can’t I clear the print queue?

If you cannot remove a print job from the Queue window by right-clicking the stalled print job and clicking Cancel, try restarting your computer. Sometimes this way, objectionable items can be removed from the queue. If the usual methods and restarting the computer do not solve the problem, proceed with the following steps.

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