We always advise users to remove their old computer permanently if they want to sell it. Why is it necessary to delete data before a PC is sold? In fact, if you just delete data or format the drive on your PC, it is very easy to recover deleted/formatted data with data recovery software. In this way, the new owner can easily obtain some of your personal data from the old computer. To prevent data from being restored from a PC, you must first permanently delete the data.

How do I permanently delete data before I sell PC? In order to perform this task, you must purchase a data erasure application. There is a software that makes it possible to delete data on a PC. AweEraser is one of the best data erasure software on the market. This tool allows you to completely erase your personal and sensitive data on your PC before selling it.

Downloading and storing data before deletion on PC

There are a few things you should prepare before deleting your data with data erasure software and selling your PC. First you need to download and install the recommended data erasure software. Important dates should also be booked elsewhere.

Download AweEraser first

Before attempting to remove data from your computer, you can first download and install the software on your computer. Here you can download the AweErasersoftware.

Data backup on a PC

In addition, we recommend that you back up your important data before you sell your PC. Since the software irretrievably deletes the data and prevents any possibility of data recovery, you must first make a backup of your important data. You can back up your data to another drive for added security. You can then delete all data on the old computer.

How can I delete data from my PC with AweEraser?

The data erase software AweEraser is very easy to use. A simple and clear interface makes it easy to understand and use. In addition, the software is reliable and safe for deleting data from the PC. Thanks to advanced and professional data deletion algorithms, the software is able to permanently delete data with ease.

This data erasure software can not only erase data from the hard drive, but also from any other storage device, including SSDs, hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc., as well. This software is compatible with various systems such as Windows XP/7/8/10. If you want to delete data on a PC with another system, you can try this software.

In addition, the software has 3 modes that allow you to delete data in different cases according to your own needs. Here we present the 3 modes in detail.

Mode 1. Deleting existing files/folders on the PC

First, you can use the Delete Files mode to destroy existing files on the PC. It can permanently delete all selected files on your PC. This is useful if you only want to delete specific files/folders.

Mode 2. Delete all data from the player to PC.

If you want to erase all data on the disc, you can select this mode. All data, including existing data, or data on a selected drive can be deleted/lost.

Mode 3. Deleting data in free space

Finally, this mode offers the possibility to delete data only in the free memory. Once the free space on the disk has been cleared, all deleted/lost data on the disk will be permanently erased.

Once the data has been permanently deleted from the PC, you can reinstall the new copy on the PC. You are then free to sell your old computer. Otherwise, if you need to delete data with the AweEraser, make sure you select the appropriate files or disc to delete. Otherwise you’ll lose your data forever.

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