Sleep mode is one of the most important features offered by Windows 10 computers. If you want to shut down your computer for a short period of time, consider putting it in sleep mode instead of turning it off to save power. However, if Windows 10 does not have Sleep Mode, you should avoid shutting down and restarting your computer to save power instead of just pressing the Sleep button.

In addition to saving energy, users can also resume work when hibernation is complete, saving the time it takes to wait for the computer to start up and resume work. This feature also saves you the trouble of opening the programs, software and documents you are working on.

No sleep mode in Windows 10 – How can I restore?

There may be several reasons for the absence of the Sleeping Opportunity. We first need to check some PC settings and then the different methods to return the PC to standby mode. Let’s see how you can solve the problem of sleep deprivation in Windows 10 with a few simple solutions.

1. Activation of standby mode

Sleep mode is available on all Windows 10 computers. However, if you don’t see the Power menu item, you should check that it is enabled.

To begin, open the power options in the control panel.

Performance options outstanding

Then press the select button, which is the power button on the left panel.

Press Choose what the switch can do

Click Change settings not currently available.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Click Change settings that are currently not available

Next, go to the shutdown settings and make sure sleep mode is enabled. When you have made changes to the settings, click Save Changes and close the Power Options window.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Activation of standby mode

Then restart the computer and check if the sleep mode works normally.

2. Modification of the group policy

One of the main reasons why the Hibernate option is not available is that it can be disabled in the Power menu settings. Group policy changes can help you if there is no sleep mode in Windows 10.

Press Win + R to open the Run window and type gpedit.msc in the address bar. Click Run to open the Group Policy Editor.

Now, follow this road.

Computer configurationAdministrative templatesComponents windowsFile explorer

Now, in the right-hand pane of File Explorer, locate the Show Hibernation option in the Power Options menu and double-click it.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue From the Power Options menu, choose Show Sleep Mode Options.

Then select On or Off. Press OK to save the changes you made to the settings. Now check to see if the sleep mode options are displayed in the Power menu.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Selection not configured

If these steps do not produce the desired results, you can adjust the sleep state and change the sleep behavior.

To get started, follow this path.

Computer configurationSystem administration templatesPower management settingsSnooze settings

In the right pane of the Sleep Settings folder, search for Allow Sleep (S1-S3) during Sleep Mode (connected) and Allow Sleep (S1-S3) during Sleep Mode (battery-powered).

Double-click both and select the Unconfigured option.

Click Apply and OK to save the new changes.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Select Not configured

Then restart the computer and check for any problems with the power menu.

3. Driver Update

Updating your drivers is an important process to perform if you don’t have the ability to hibernate in Windows 10. Driver updates improve security and focus on correcting various types of errors that can slow down your computer or cause other problems. Installing the wrong driver version may affect PC performance. To solve the missing display driver problem, you need to update the display driver; here is a quick guide that will walk you through the process of updating the display driver.

4. Payment plan Reset

The Windows 10 power plan is designed to maintain proper power consumption and save energy. If you have created custom power plans, try resetting them to the default settings and check if there is a sleep mode option in Windows 10.

Open the command prompt from the Start menu search box in Administrator mode.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue open command line

Then type in this command and press the Enter key.

Power failure

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Enter the command

Once the power plans are reset to the default settings, check if the Windows 10 power menu issue is resolved.

5. Use local account

If your account is experiencing problems, the Hibernate option may not appear. You can check if this is the case by going to your local Microsoft account.

Open the Settings window by pressing Win + I. Then click on Accounts.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Select accounts

Then select Log in with your local account.

Logging in with a local account

Then go to Settings, click on Accounts, select your email address and accounts, and sign in with your Microsoft account.

After you have logged in with your Microsoft account, make sure that the Hibernate option is displayed.

6. Driver Backup

When we reset a device driver, Windows 10 removes the last driver update and restores the previous version. A driver update means a change, a step back is a step back.

First open the Device Manager via the search field in the Start menu.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue opens the Device Manager

Then expand the Sound and Game Controllers option.

Right-click on the graphics card and select Properties.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Click on Properties

In the Properties window, select the Driver tab and click the Unlock button to complete the process. In some cases, this button may not be enabled, which means that an earlier version of the driver is not saved in Windows 10.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Click Reverse Driver if this option is available.

If after this method your Windows 10 does not hibernate, you need to make sure that the driver is not updated automatically.

7. Use of a clean boot loader

A clean boot is used to identify damaged programs that can cause various problems on your PC. Upon restart, only basic Microsoft services should work properly.

Open the Run command with the key combination Win + R and type msconfig in the address bar. Click OK to open the System Configuration tab.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Open system configuration

Then select the Hide all Microsoft services check box and click Disable all.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Hide all Microsoft services and click Disable all

Now open the Run tab and select Open Task Manager.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Select Open Task Manager on the Run tab.

Then right-click on the heavily loaded jobs and deactivate them.

Deactivation of High Performance Tasks

Then click Ok to close the System Configuration window and restart the computer. You won’t have any unwanted processes running in the background, which should solve the problem of sleep deprivation.

8. InstantGo Version

Formerly known as Connected Standby, InstantGo helps users maintain Internet connectivity when the PC goes to sleep. However, if you have changed the settings for this option, it may also have affected sleep mode.

To solve the problem, you must turn InstantGo back on. Open the registry editor by launching regedit in the Run window.

Then take the next road.


In the right pane of the Power folder, locate the options for CsEnabled and double-click them. CsEnabled was removed from the last Windows update. Therefore, if you cannot find the file on your system, try another solution.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Locate CsEnabled and double-click it.

In the next window, set CsEnabled to 1.

No Sleep Option In Windows 10? 9 Ways To Solve The Issue Test value data

After making these changes, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer to see if the sleep options problem is resolved.

9. System recovery

System restore is the process of restoring Windows to a previous restore point; this is usually used when users want to install certain updates and then return to the previous state. If there is no snooze option in the Windows 10 power menu, follow this guide to perform a system restore. This process does not affect your files, but optimizes settings for newly installed applications, software, drivers and updates.


Sleep mode is an important feature that allows Windows 10 users to save power without completely shutting down the computer. It can be used when you don’t need a PC for a short period of time. One of the benefits of hibernation is that it eliminates the wait time when starting up the system; moreover, when you come out of hibernation, you can resume applications, software, and programs where you left off.

However, if the Windows 10 power menu does not include a sleep mode option, you may not be able to use this important feature. There are many simple solutions that can help you overcome this problem as quickly as possible. However, if none of these methods work, you should contact a computer technician.

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