Thanks to the power of e-books and e-readers, we like to take hundreds of books with us. You don’t have to carry a big bag to carry the books you want when you’re on the road or waiting. Sometimes the book is not enough to go around, but having more would be annoying.

E-books are downloadable versions of physical books that you can store on your electronic readers. You can download hundreds of books at any time. But e-books can also cost money, especially famous titles. Users sometimes turn to certain sites that offer free e-books, but this is often illegal and certainly not ideal.

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However, there are sites where you can download e-books free of charge and legally. You don’t have to spend money to get these e-books. Most classic titles are available to the public, making them technically free to download.

Best Legal Websites Download E-BooksFree

If you want to stock your Kindle, Kobo, Nook or other eReader, iPhone/iPad and Android phone or tablet with many titles and books, check out the following places where you can get them for free without any legal obligation.

Project Gutenberg

Considered one of the most popular websites and online libraries where you can get a free e-book. Thousands of titles now in the public domain are available here. This means that most titles are classics. To view Project Gutenberg, go to

Internet Archives

Millions of free downloadable e-books are always available for you to download. In addition to free access to these documents, you can also make your own documents available. You can watch movies and music. Go to

Google Books

Users can search for the books they want and sometimes get a free preview. So you can read certain pages and decide whether you want to download them and read them or not. Google Books also offers paid e-books. You can also rent certain materials. Visit

Baen Free Library

If you like fantasy or science fiction, this is the place for you. The site has a free library where you can access content without having to pay anything. If you are looking for specific titles, you can also consult their e-books at an advantageous price. Go to


The website is popular with students because it contains a wide range of academic literature. There are books on technology, business and computer science. Visit

Booklet Pebbles

Users appreciate the good offers of the e-books available on the site. You can make it even more personal by registering on the site. It offers both book recommendations and free e-books based on your preferences. Go to

Free eBooks

Thousands of e-books of different genres are available for download at any time. There are books for self-help, business, fiction, fantasy, romance and much more. To verify this, go to


Professionals will find case studies, white papers, reports and other useful documents on various disciplines on the site. Visit


If you would rather listen to books than read them, this site is for you. You can download hundreds of audio books for free. Visit

Open Culture

The training material is available on the website. Consult audio books, language courses, online courses, e-books and much more. Go to

Which of the above sites have you visited and used to download free e-books? Did we miss the place where you can download great free books? Please let us know in the comments below.

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