When connecting iPhone X, & iPhone XS, iPhone XR, & iPhone SE, iPhone 8, & iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 5s, & iPad to Windows 10 Desktop. if you are disappointed with this iTunes error 0xE80000A, so here is your best option.

However, when iTunes struggles to connect to the iPhone, you would get the same error. That error can be of any kind the window machine failed to obtain iPhone content or declined to play media files. However, when trying to connect the iPhone to iTunes, this error is prevalent on Windows computers. Although your Windows 10 machine greeted you that ‘iTunes could not attach to this iPhone, there was an unexplained error (0xe80000a) prompt that left you clueless. It would help if you obeyed these fixes, then.

There are various explanations behind this 0xe80000a iTunes bug on a Windows 10 PC. That error occurs from the damaged USB port as well as cable, an incompatible variant of iTunes application installed on your device or missing corrupted Windows file system, & more.

But don’t worry, that Windows 10 PC will quickly repair issues related to iTunes. So if you still experience similar problems here, we have mentioned numerous tips that you really can try to fix the unknown communication error instantly on the iPhone & Windows devices.

How does this Error Occur?

Nevertheless, let’s first glance at some of the critical causes of an error in question before going deeper in the hunt for solutions. Not one but many are the reasons for this mistake. Here are some of every error’s root causes.

  • The error may, in theory, be from a broken USB port or cable.
  • The 0xe80000a error and similar errors 0xe8000015, 0xe800003, 0xe8000065 and 0xe8000068 like can also cause due to an incomplete iTunes configuration or update method corruption.
  • The error induces when the Windows registry is corrupt. If you make changes to an iTunes app, the registry is corrupt.
  • If any problem with the iTunes program or Windows system file, that problem may also mount.

Now that you have obtained a thorough analysis of the possible causes of the mistake, it should not be an issue to solve the problem. To fix the error, however, you must use suitable solutions.

How to Patch Windows 10 iTunes Mistake 0xe80000a

1. Update to the new version of your Windows PC, iTunes, & iOS 

Updating the program is the best way to begin fixing this mistake. Since these errors often come from incompatibility with software or hardware, upgrading the latest update on the iPhone & Windows PC will get you out of this situation. Even so, make sure that the iTunes app modifies on your Windows PC.

  • First of all, you should start upgrading your Windows PC. You need to go to Device Settings to do it, then search for Upgrade & Protection and check for updates now.
  • Next, your iPhone or iPad computer can change. On an iOS device, start the Settings app & tap General, then select Software Update. If the iOS system is available for upgrade, then press Download and Install.

2. Disable PC Protection and Antivirus software

Perhaps the communication problem between your iPhone & iTunes app may often be triggered by 3rd party antivirus as well as security software. You can delay or uninstall third-party virus protection and security applications on Windows PC briefly to verify this. Once you have done that by disconnecting and re-plugging the cable, reconnect your device’s connection to your iPhone or iPad. Evaluate if the problem is still there.

3. Place and Privacy Settings Reset

Place and privacy settings on the Apple iPhone or iPad are corrupt. But this is another explanation for the error turning up with iTunes 0xE80000A. The confidence permissions provided to your iPhone and iPad when you first connected it to your computer are present in these types of situations on Apple iOS Operating Software. They need to reboot them to correct the error. Please follow these measures to reset the location & privacy settings.

  • Phase 1 – Open the Settings App on the iPhone. Now, tap the General Menu and then tap the Reset Menu.
  • Phase 2 – Tap on Location And Privacy on the next page. You’ll get confirmation of the reset after that. Tap it and finish the process.

You have now completed resetting the location and privacy settings. Now you can try to communicate your iPhone to the Windows PC & launch iTunes & then when prompted, press Trust on the iPhone’s started pop-up screen.

4. Restart Service for Apple Mobile Device

Another decent choice is this. And this technique is beneficial for computer plugging & unplugging related issues. That successful approach will probably help you to repair Windows devices through iTunes error 0xe80000a.

  • Press The windows + R Key, choose services.msc, & then click OK.
  • Scroll down to AppleChargerSrv and check
  • Now, right-click & tap Properties to Apple Mobile Devices Service.
  • Check whether this service is mechanical or automatic. Adjust it to Automatic, if the service is manual, & press Start.
  • Press on OK after that to save it.

5. Reset Folder Lockout

That is an entire folder created by a Windows 10 PC iTunes application. The Lockdown folder contains different security certificates needed to communicate with previously linked Apple iOS devices successfully. They can reset them to fix the iTunes error 0xE80000A, very much like the location & privacy settings. But now, here’s the restart process.

  • Click the Windows+R Key to open the Windows Run Box. Even in the Blank box of Run, choose percent ProgramData percent, and then click OK.
  • Then Double-click the Apple Written Folder mostly on the File Explorer display that displays it.
  • After you open the Apple directory, then right-click the Lockdown folder, & then left-click Rename it.
  • Rename this folder to Lockdown. Old now.

6. Reset the iTunes app on a PC with Windows 10

Unless the iTunes app installs on the Windows device from the Microsoft Store, you can restore the program to its default settings. The immediate steps are here.

  • Go to Configuration using the Windows+I keyboard shortcut,
  • Check for iTunes and click on the Advanced options tab
  • You get a reset & repair option with the next screen. Tap Reset and to get the app’s default configuration.

7. Install iTunes again

Many people say that replacing the latest iTunes version on that Windows PC also helps fix iTunes problems. So if even using all the methods provided, you always get iTunes error 0xe80000a while connecting, and you can try to reinstall your iTunes program as the final resort. Hopefully, this should take care of every corrupted data or incorrect settings that cause the error to turn up. Just go Settings>Apps to remove iTunes from the Windows PC.

Recommended Fix

In so many ways disable PC Protection and Antivirus software is a very easy and simple way.


Thus hopefully, you won’t be disappointed anymore by the iTunes error 0xe80000a, & you can now successfully attach your iPhone to iTunes. There is also no excuse for these strange problems to turn up in the first place.

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