IPTV has set a new trend in entertainment by offering all types of media under one roof. Iconic IPTV streams is one such IPTV service that allows you to watch live streams, movies, TV shows, series, etc. in the comfort of your home. It is available on Android, iOS, PC and some other Android-based devices. If you want to know more about IPTV Iconic Streaming, read on.

Why emblematic flows?

  • Offers more than 4,000 live television channels from all major countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, France, Turkey, India, Iran, etc.
  • High quality sports content with access to all live sporting events.
  • View all content in 4K Ultra HD quality.
  • Nearly 110 geological servers around the world.
  • Compatible with all major platforms.
  • 24-hour customer support for troubleshooting.
  • 48 hour free trial for new users.


Iconic Streams offers four different subscription plans.

  • 1 month – 12.50
  • 3 months – €30.00
  • 6 months – € 55.00
  • 12 months – € 75.00

You get two connections for each plan and additional connections cost 2.50 euros.

To subscribe to Iconic Streams

1] In the browser of your PC or smartphone, go to iconicstreams.com/store/. Select the plan you want and choose “Order Now”.

2] Enter the Mac address of your device (optional) and click Next.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

3] Enter a promotional code if available or simply click the “Proceed to Checkout” button to continue.

4] Enter the required information and click the “Complete Order” button.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

5] Complete the payment process and you will receive your login information within 24 hours.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

Iconic IPTV streams on Android

1] Search for Perfect Player in the Play Store and install it.

2] Initiate the application and accept the conditions.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

3] Click on the “Settings” (notched) icon at the top.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

4] Select General Settings.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

5] Select “Playlist” under “General Settings”.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

6] Select the M3U URL radio icon and enter the M3U URL in the text box.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

7] If necessary, enter a name for the playlist and press the OK button.

8] After you add a playlist, return to the home screen.

9] Press the hamburger icon on the remote control panel.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

10] Click “View EPG” and the channel list will be displayed.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

11] Press one of the available channels and start transmitting.

Iconic IPTV streams on a PC

1] Download and install the VLC Media Player on a Windows/Mac PC.

2] Press the “Multimedia” option.

3] Select Open Network Streams or press Ctrl + N on your keyboard.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

4] Enter the M3U URL received by email under “Network”.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

5] Click the “Play” button to start sending.

6] To change/navigate the channel list, press Ctrl + L to display the channel list.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

Iconic IPTV streams on the iPhone

1] Launch the VLC Media Player on your iPhone.

2] Press the “Network” option on the home screen.

3] On the next screen, select Open Network Flow.

4] Enter the M3U URL provided by Iconic Streams and click Open Network Stream.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

5] The channel list appears on the screen. Select the desired channel and play it.

You can also use this method on Android devices.

Iconic IPTV streams on Firestick

1] Turn on the Firestick and click on the “Search” icon on the startup screen.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

2] Find VLC for Fire or say it with Alexa Voice Remote.

3] Select VLC for Fire from the available options and click on the download icon.

Tech tips: The best IPTV players for Firestick in 2021.

4] After downloading, launch the application and select “Browse” from the left pane.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

5] Select the name of the feed and paste the M3U URL into the URL field.

Iconic Streams IPTV – Stream 4000+ Channels at €12.50/mo

6] Touch the “Streaming” icon to start streaming your favorite channel, movie, TV show, etc.

Here are some of the possible ways to install and access Iconic Stream on your device. Most importantly, make sure you have an active VPN service before accessing any IPTV service to avoid online surveillance. If you have any problems accessing Iconic Stream IPTV on your device, please let us know in the comment box below.

What most people don’t know is that the Philippines produced more than the United States in 1911. In fact, there are three major companies that manufacture most 1911s from the Philippines, but there are many smaller manufacturers. Owning a 1911 made in the Philippines is nothing new to me. I have owned more than a dozen of them, and they have had different names. Today we are looking at the standard Rock Island 1911 GI model Arsenal. It was imported from Armscorp in Nevada.

For years I wore the stock (full size, 5 inch barrel) model 1911’s in various forms and never gave it a second thought. My biggest complaint then, as now, was the small sights – front and rear. As I get older, my old eyes have a hard time focusing on the small sights, especially the front ones. The sights on the Rock Island Armory GI Standard 1911 are larger than on the original Colt M1911. These sights are called M1911A1 patterns. There is no doubt that these sights are rugged and designed for combat – the same sights were used on the M1911A1 for many decades, and thus would have stood up to any abuse.

This Rock Island armory, GI 1911 standard, is not really “GI.” Sure, it’s what we call a full-size government model. We have a five-inch barrel and a full-size steel frame. It’s a big gun and it weighs 40 grams when empty. The finish is good vintage Parkerization – not the most durable, but functional. The back of the slide has a couple of small notches (only). We also have a standard hammer for GIs. The frame has a notched, not fluted barrel. The grip safety is also GI – no amnesia or anything. The gun comes with a nice American-made stainless steel magazine with 8 shots – a nice touch. I don’t think the magazine is GI. It is slightly beveled for faster reloading. All the magazines are GI style. I didn’t like the wooden grips on the gun – they were smooth, not ribbed. The trigger/stop on the slide is a standard GI – not extended. The trigger is short, GI style, but it broke at 5 pounds in 2x the range. This is an excellent trigger to carry on the street if you ask me. We also have a GI spring trigger, no less, and it works for me.

Here are a few changes from the GI model, and the first thing I noticed is that the ejection port can rotate up and down, which is a good thing – it makes ejecting empty shells or even loaded bullets more positive. Then it’s the barrel itself. The barrel doesn’t have a GI – it’s very well cast and polished, as is the feed ramp on the undercarriage. So I was confident that this 1911 would eat anything I fed it. I have cast many 1911 barrels in the past – I opened them – and polished the feed ramp. I found it a long and tedious job, to say the least.

Good handle
The frame, barrel and slide are expertly assembled, you really have to feel how tightly these three parts are clamped together, which adds to the precision. There is only a “gap” between the latch and the frame, and no “gap” at all between the barrel. Over the years I have had several 1911 Elites that were not so well equipped.

The first thing I did, even before I had shot with this gun, was to replace the smooth wooden grips and attach my now famous skateboard friction belt to the smooth belt on the front frame – for a firm grip in all conditions. And, “yes,” it wears out with excessive use, but I replace it after a year and it only takes a few minutes and the replacement cost is only about 25 cents. I included some of my 1911 “Code Zero” pens, designed and made for me by Mil-Tac, and they are the best pens on the market if you ask me – again, I’m biased. It took over a year to develop this model, and I and Mil-Tac owner Craig Sword worked on the computer design.

Before trying to shoot, I got out my bottle of bright orange nail polish and put a little bit on the front viewfinder – it made a big difference to my eyes – it’s much easier to see the little front viewfinder in the rear viewfinder. As a functional test, I put just 8 rounds of 230 gram FMJ Black Hills ammo in the barrel. There were no problems and the rifle worked without issue.

My shooting testIt
was very hot and dry in Oregon when I tested this gun, it was fire season. Over a million acres burned in Oregon, which is not good. So I limited my testing to my property, my mini-range, instead of my usual range. Ammunition is scarce these days, so I only fired 200 rounds in the tests. Black Hills
me with
200 gram JHP + P bullets, 185 gram Barnes Tac XP + solid copper hollow point bullets, 135 gram HonetyBadger solid copper hollow point bullets, 200 gram Semi Wadcutter Lead (LSW) and 230 gram FMJ ammo.

One of the first things I discovered was the excellent quality of the tractor. As mentioned earlier, it was a ….2-pound trigger. The trigger is equally accurate and has no play – it is an excellent trigger for any 1911 version. I generally like the long three-hole trigger on my 1911s. However, I didn’t want to change this short all-purpose trigger – leave it alone when it works.

I don’t mind the all-steel toothed barrel at all; it has held up for over a hundred years. But many people insist on a checkerboard spring housing. To top it off, the clutch safety is pure GI, with no bumps or memory, and it works perfectly – no need to fiddle with it. The GI long hammer, again, no need to change that, if I did, it would be with a combat-style hammer, and then I would have to change the clutch safety with what worked with the round hammer – and that involves milling the back of the frame – a lot of work. And, “yes”, I know there are beavertail clutches, and I’ve tried them – they all suck if you ask me. The GI handle guard fits perfectly, with just a little play from left to right.

I don’t know who makes the 8 cartridge stainless steel magazine that comes with the rifle, but it also has a stainless steel breech – that’s a tough one. The magazine loaded quite easily, and I have many other 7 and 8 cartridge magazines in my test, and they all worked perfectly.

One thing I didn’t mention is the thumb safety – it’s also a pure GI, and it clicks with authority – better than most of the more expensive 1911s I’ve owned – I can live with that lesser safety. It usually takes me more time and effort to put on another safety thumb – which I’ve been trying to master for years. Sometimes it takes only a little time to install a new thumb guard, other times it takes an hour or more.

I limited the accuracy to only 15 yards for this test at my shooting range – I didn’t want the hot bullets to stray off course and start shooting. I had one mishap in 200 shots, it was early with the Black Hills Lead Semi Wadcutter – one shot was not fully loaded for some reason – just a slight jolt from the back of the bolt and the shot was fully adjusted. There were no other mishaps.

AccuracyThe 200 g LSW was the most accurate, with several units down to just under 2 inches, again at 15 yards. The rest of the ammo was just under 2 inches. I fired at two feet – no pause to check accuracy this time, so I know this rifle will fire the groups much harder when it lands on the hood of my truck. I think with the right load, I can get all my groups at about 3 inches or even less.

Remember that the Rock Island Armory, which claims to be a 1911 “GI Standard” – well, it is, and it isn’t – an upgrade with a widened and lowered ejection port, an abandoned barrel and a polished entry ramp, and the excellent fit of this barrel, says it is not a GI – not by a long shot. Someday I’ll rummage through my box of 1911 parts, find a new visor and a new sight – and see how they fit. The rear view mirror is never a problem. It’s a matter of finding a front viewfinder with a tail small enough to fit in the tiny hole in the front viewfinder – that takes time and installation, and either silver solder or solder in place. In the meantime, the view is good enough to go to war with.

I just don’t see that I can use the other parts that come standard on this rifle, everything works better than I thought it would, if I didn’t shoot this rifle in a match, I wouldn’t shoot the match, I would carry it outside and feel well-armed.

We are currently experiencing a severe shortage of ammunition and guns, and it is virtually impossible to predict the price of guns and ammunition. The Rock Island gun store says these pistols are selling for $525, which is a reasonable price. I paid just under $400 for a sample, but that was before current market prices went up. So look around carefully if you’re looking for a new, but “standard GI” 1911 – Rock Island sells 1911s in all configurations – from officer to command officer size. Chances are they have something you like or need.

New Delhi: February 12, 2021: The Confluence Ideathon 2021, an initiative of the Serendipity Arts Foundation launched in January to generate the most creative and powerful ideas for an accessible, inclusive and sustainable cultural center in Delhi’s NCR, has become even more rewarding.

An incubation fund of Rs. 10 crores ($1.3 million) will support some of the selected ideas, some of which may eventually become part of a future cultural center project. Confluence Ideathon 2021 also offers separate cash prizes; three winners in each of the five fields will receive a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh for first place, Rs 50,000 for second place and Rs 20,000 for third place.

To be shortlisted for Ideal Conflict 2021, applicants must submit a 500-word proposal that creatively and effectively addresses the challenges of building a large, multi-purpose urban cultural center. The deadline for applications has been extended to February 28, 2021.

Conjunction of ideaphones 2021
Sunil Kant Munjal, founder and patron of the Serendipity Arts Foundation, explained the logic behind the project: “The Confluence Ideathon aims to create new ways of imagining cultural spaces; we hope that ideas from around the world will help us better understand what a cultural center should and could be. “Our goal is to make it the most accessible, experimental, open, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient art space in the National Capital Region that is also Indian and world-oriented. We are also in the process of establishing an incubation fund that will allow the creators of some of the best ideas to participate in the implementation process.

The problems were identified and divided into 5 categories, including ART x Technology, ART x Environment, ART x Social Behavior, ART x Shaping the Future, and ART

Commercial Models. After the answers to the problem statements have been sorted out, the pre-selected groups are invited to share their ideas, which are evaluated using criteria such as

How would this idea support a cultural center while providing relevance and value?

How will this idea help the cultural center create jobs or develop new funding methods or new revenue sources?

Does the team have the skills and capacity to develop the idea and will the cultural center be able to accommodate it?

Is the idea innovative or original?

Candidates from all disciplines are encouraged, from architects and designers to sustainability consultants, engineers and business people, and women to students, with an emphasis on “thinking outside the box.” After an initial 500-word proposal, ideas will be considered in three phases. Between March 30 and April 5, successful applicants will receive a mentor before having the opportunity to speak directly to a panel of judges.

Confluence Ideathon 2021 is supported by Hero Enterprise and sponsored by the Indian Angel Network and TiE Delhi – NCR. Academic institutions from around the world such as the Royal College of Art in London, Birmingham City University, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Roorkee, IIM Vishakhapatnam, IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Amritsar, IIM Bangalore, Ashok University, The BML Munjal University, NIFT Kannur and many others have already joined the initiative as partners, in addition to professional organizations such as CII-IGBC, the Wadhwani Foundation, NASSCOM, SINE IIT Bombay, to name a few.

The sponsors, mentors and judges include leading thinkers from around the world such as Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (president of Biocon), Rajan Anandan (managing director of Sequoia Capital & Surj), Arvind Singhal (president of Technopak Advisors), Saurabh Srivastava (former president of NASSCOM), Naveug Mohnot (CEO of QAI); Vinita Bali, former chief executive officer of Britannia Industries Pvt Ltd, Ratish Nanda (architect and director of cultural projects at the Aga Khan Foundation) and Pramath Sinha (founding dean of the Indian School of Business); Professor Alison Honore, vice chancellor and executive dean for art, design and media at Birmingham City University, Abhimanyu Dalal (architect); and Mr. Pramath Sinha (president of the Indian School of Business). Sunil Kant Munjal (Chairman of Hero Enterprise), among others.

All information about the Conflict Ideaphone is available at www.confluenceideathon.com.


Important dates :

Beginning of Phase I

February 28: Deadline for submission of applications

March 3: Announcement – Selection of semifinalists

Beginning of Phase II

March 5-10: Get to know your mentor

March 11: Nominations for Phase II begin

March 13: Artistic panel x Environment and sustainable development

March 15: Panel on Art x Social Behavior

March 16: Panel on “Art x Design and Creativity.

March 17: Panel on Art x Technology and Accessibility

March 18: Art x Business models for the art table

Phase III begins

March 25: Announcement of the finalists

March 26: Meeting with the finalists

March 27: Discussions on innovation and creativity. Keynote speakers include: Sunil Kant Munjal, Rajan Anandan, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Vinita Bali.

March 30: Jury I – Technology

March 31: Jury II – Social Behavior

April 1: Jury III – Business Models

April 3: Jury IV – Ecology and Sustainability

April 5: Jury V – Design and Architecture

April 9: big announcement

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