Nova Launcher has been the most popular and versatile third party in the Play Store for years. Of course there are some restrictions when using the free version. With Nova Launcher Prime (paid premium version) you get more adjustments and gestures on the home screen that are more than useful. If you want to learn how to use the Nova Launcher’s shortcuts and gestures, read on.

How to make shortcuts with gestures in Nova Launcher?

Once you have them, the Nova Launcher’s gestures become an indispensable part of your user experience. They make it possible to make shortcuts with different gestures. You can assign a specific gesture to system (and Nova) actions, to an application, or to shortcuts within an application.

There are 11 different gestures you can use with the Nova, depending on your needs. Once you’ve added an action to a particular gesture or a shortcut to an application, you can access it from the Home screen. Of course, the gestures only work on the start screen.

All you need is a paid version of Nova Launcher and some time to adjust things to your taste.

Learn here how to use gestures in the new launcher:

  1. Download and buy Nova Launcher Prime from Play Store, here and here. We are not affiliated with TeslaCoil Software, the company that develops and maintains the Nova Launcher. Just normal users, like many others.
  2. Leave the original configuration when prompted and open B.
  3. Select applications (applications and messages).
  4. Select All apps (or Standard apps immediately in Android Stock).
  5. Touch the three-point menu and select Standard applications.
  6. Open the Home app or Launcher and select Nova as the default startup installation.
  7. Now that you’ve got it all ready, open the gestures and the entrances. start-up
  8. Click on the gesture you want to use and assign an action or shortcut.

Here’s how. This gives you access to many things in no time from the start screen. For example, if you grant rights to Nova Accessibility and the device administrators, you can use them to lock the screen. B. by typing twice on the screen. There are many possibilities, just try it and see what works for you.

Use sesame shortcuts to create more application shortcuts and actions

In addition to the launcher itself, there are several applications that you should consider buying. The first is the Companion Nova, which allows you to add a Google Discover feed to screen -1 (drag directly to the home screen). The second is called Sesame or Sesame Shortcuts and adds another layer of convenience when using the Nova Launcher Shortcuts.

In fact, Sesam allows you to create custom shortcuts, and as soon as you search for an application, all the actions are displayed. Once you get used to it, access to certain actions in certain applications becomes much easier.

The application is very intuitive once you get past the initial configuration, resolutions and small cosmetic changes. Then just go to Sesame > Shortcuts and add what you think you should use.

The usefulness of this application has somewhat diminished with some system integrations that were not present in some versions of Android a few years ago. Today we can z. B. Application actions when you press and hold a shortcut on the application’s home screen (but not in the application tray) without a third party application. How to use Nova launcher shortcuts and gestures

However, the application is always more than useful and works very well when integrated with Nova Launcher. This brings many shortcuts when searching for the application drawer. This is obvious if you want to use the App tray, which you can turn off in the Nova settings.

Learn here how to install and integrate Sesame with Nova Launcher:

  1. Download Sesame from the Play Store, here.
  2. Carry out the application and grant all permits. If you do not wish to give permission to access your personal accounts, this does not of course mean that you have broken the contract. There are still many shortcuts that do not require permission to access your Google Account or Spotify, for example.
  3. On the home screen, press and hold to access the Nova settings.
  4. Choose integration.
  5. Check the shortcuts in the application search and the shortcuts in the shortcut menu.
  6. Now go back to Sesame, tap the 3-point menu and open the shortcut.
  7. Here you can select a set of shortcut keys for a number of applications.
  8. If you are now in the application tray, simply type in what you need (such as the name of a contact or an application) and all the assigned shortcuts will be displayed. How to use Nova launcher shortcuts and gestures

This can be very useful for some users, while others find the site too messy for their taste. Anyway, it’s worth a try, and if you’re a fan of Android customization, you can spend a few interesting hours customizing everything until it’s perfect.

At this point, we can terminate the article. Thank you for taking the time to read. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more informative and interesting content.

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