Very often we want to monitor the online activities of our loved ones or track the activities of our employees to make sure they are behaving lawfully or not. Since smartphones are now an integral part of the modern lifestyle, it is easy to use this device to track a person’s activities. If you want to spy on someone, you should use a reliable spy application. There are many mobile apps for Android phones that allow you to spy on the activities of others. HoverWatch is one such smartphone app that is popular with thousands of users.

If you want to use this application, you need to know how it works, what its features are, how to use it or how much it costs. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Hoverwatch so you can use it without a hitch.

What is a hovercraft watch?

The spy application for Android is the best software to monitor the platform devices with the Android operating system. This monitoring application allows you to easily and discreetly break into the accounts of various social media sites. If you want to check SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or other messages, you have this option. You can also check call logs, navigation history, GPS location and more.

It is available for Android, Windows PC and Mac OS X. If you want to monitor your Android phone, you should choose this spy software because it offers versatile features. If you are a parent, you can use it to monitor your children. You won’t notice, even if you don’t want to be followed.

HoverWatch is a popular developer of syringes. The company was founded 14 years ago. The founders decided to develop software that would allow parents to better control their children. The Android spy app helps not only parents, but also employers and, of course, couples. Anyone can prevent infidelity with this program. The products are in high demand due to their high quality, performance, versatility and affordability. The HoverWatch is currently being used by people in 190 countries around the world. All versions have received many positive reviews and ratings from users.

Hoverwatch functions

If you are looking for a good multi-functional spy app for Android, this is HoverWatch. The program has several functions:

  • Playback of conversations on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networks.
  • Call logs
  • Reading SMS, MMS and e-mail;
  • Manage your browsing history;
  • Keylogger function;
  • GPS coordinates

WhatsApp hacking is an important feature. As we know, many adults, teenagers and children use these social media sites. It’s also easy to hack Facebook. Spyware for Android is easy to use, you will quickly and easily find your way around the program and its settings. It can be installed on a wide range of devices: Phones, tablets, PCs. There is a version for every purpose.

HoverWatch is the best spy app for Android.

There are many reasons to spy on someone. Generally, caring parents use spying tools. Of course, many kids and teens spend a lot of time online, especially on social media. The school performance of some students is deteriorating because they are playing games, chatting and surfing on devices in class. Moreover, parents don’t know who their children are hanging out with. And it can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

There are also other situations, for example B. when labour productivity falls. In this case, you need to have better control over your employees when they communicate, talk on the phone, surf and so on during working hours. You could say they act like children. Your company should be responsible for the consequences. In that case, we recommend installing HoverWatch on all work computers, phones and mobile phones.

Of course, spyware also helps partners to keep an eye on each other to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

To install the HoverWatch

Installing spyware on Android takes little time. It’s quick and easy. Of course, you need to have access to the target phone to install the software, but that only takes a few minutes.

The installation includes the following steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the app (for Android, iOS, Windows or Mac).
  2. Please enter your email address. You will receive the installation instructions by e-mail. You must activate your account within three days.
  3. Download and install the Android spy application on the target device (mobile phone or PC).
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can start monitoring your phone. In this way, you will receive all the information from the target device on your HoverWatch account.

One of the main advantages is that you can use this application on multiple devices. You have to be very careful with the settings. Follow all instructions. Otherwise, the program may not install properly. Don’t forget to fill in your correct email address and password!

You can now secretly read the victim’s chats, listen to incoming and outgoing calls, intercept SMS and MMS messages, hack into social network accounts, and even locate the phone (if the device is turned on).

Please check the compatibility with your devices before downloading the application. It is important to choose the right version to have full control.

HoverWatch : Pricing and support

The affordable price is one of the main advantages of the HoverWatch. Compared to other spy apps for Android, it offers a lot of features and options but is not expensive. Monthly plans are available to everyone.

If you want to start monitoring your phone but aren’t sure yet, you can download the trial version first. You can also contact the 24-hour helpdesk. Specialists are always on hand to answer user questions and provide highly qualified support.

ButcherWatch support for multiple devices

If you are interested in smartphone spying for Android platforms, HoverWatch is your best choice. However, this program can also be used on Windows and Mac. Many employers who are concerned about their company’s reputation often use it. With the help of this spyware, keep everything under control. The special version can be installed on any PC. In that case, you may or may not inform them in advance.

The Windows and Mac versions allow you to constantly monitor the victim’s computer. Children, parents, work colleagues, they can all take care of you.

You get all the network information from the target computer, your victim has no idea:

  • Read discussions on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, Skype ;
  • Listen to incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Check your browser history;
  • Check the downloaded files;
  • Read the email.

There is also a keylogger feature that allows access to various passwords and codes. This will tell you everything your victim typed on the computer keyboard.


HoverWatch is a spy software compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. It is suitable for hacking tablets, phones, smartphones and computers. The program offers many functions and possibilities, some options are unique. Before downloading the spyware, you should respect the privacy of the user. Surveillance applications should only be used with good intentions. You can use the application after you have informed others.

frequently asked questions

Can we spy on the phone without physical access?

Yes, a hacker can spy on a phone without physically accessing it – and it’s really not that difficult. These days, anyone can learn to hack a phone remotely.

Can I spy on my phone only with its number?

Once the mobile phone tracking app is installed on your device, it will be activated and you will be asked to enter the mobile phone number of the person whose activity you want to track. And that pretty much sums up the process. So you can use a mobile phone number to find out where someone is.

How do you attach a secret tracker to a phone?

Step one: Launch the Playstore on an Android phone and install an application called Find My Device. Step two: Launch the application and enter the Google credentials of the phone you want to track. You will see the devices connected to this Google Account. You can click on the device you want to track.

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