Microsoft Outlook is the first choice when it comes to sharing email, calendar and files. This is a free personal email program that can help you improve your productivity. The targeted inbox allows you to send, receive and better manage your emails. With just a few clicks you can plan and manage meetings, events and appointments. The To Do option allows you to better prioritize your tasks and stay informed of important news and events. This perspective is highly appreciated because of the off-site response function. Once configured, you can notify recipients that they are currently unavailable via an auto-reply. This is especially useful if you are in a company or organization. To take advantage of this feature, learn how to install Out of Office in Outlook.

How do I install Out-Office in Outlook?

Setting up an automatic notification of absence from the office in Outlook depends on the email message you are using. We have covered the steps for a Microsoft Exchange account and IMAP or POP email.

Tips for identifying Exchange and IMAP/POP accounts

If you are not sure what type of email account you are using in Outlook, you can find it here.

When using Outlook in an Exchange account the status bar will say Connected to Microsoft Exchange. Otherwise, use a POP/IMAP account in Outlook.

alt=Outlook with an Exchange Account – How to Set Absence in Outlook data-recalc-dims= data-ez= />Outlook with an Exchange Account

How do I install Out-of-Office in Outlook on Microsoft Exchange?

Familiarize yourself with the steps required to set up an offline response from your Exchange account to Outlook.

(1). Open Outlook on your desktop.

(2). Move the mouse pointer over the File button in the menu bar.

(3). Select the option Auto answer (absence).

Pay attention: If you have Outlook 2007, select Tools > click Out of Office Wizard.

(4). In the Respond automatically box, select the Send automatic response option.

Council. You can set a deadline for automatic responses, after which they will be extinguished. Elsa, you have to turn it off manually.

Pay attention: If you cannot find automatic answers, use rules and alerts to set up Outlook out-of-office messages.

(5). Type in the field Within my organization the answer you want to send when you are not in the office.

alt=Sending autoresponder – how to set up the desktop outbox in Outlook data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Sending autoresponder

Pay attention: If you want to send automatic answers to an external organization, choose My Contacts Only. It will not automatically respond to newsletters, advertisements and junk mail.

(6). Finally, click OK to save the settings.

How do I set Out of Office to IMAP or POP in Outlook?

Outlook makes it possible to create accounts using, for example, IMAP or POp3. B. Gmail, Hotmail and other types of e-mail. Unfortunately, people with such Outlook accounts cannot set up an absence notification. However, you can create templates or use rules to send automatic responses.

Steps to create a custom email automatic response template

With an email template you can automatically reply to the recipient when you are on the road.

(1). Open Outlook and click the New mail button.

(2). Enter the subject of the email message and the message indicating your unavailability.

(3). Now click on File in the menu bar and select Save As.

(4). Click the File Type drop-down list and select Outlook Template (*.oft).

Pay attention: Outlook automatically uses the template theme as the filename in the textbox. You can even change it. Make sure this is your out-of-office email template.

(5). Click the Save button.

Steps in creating an Off-Site Rule

To send the template created in the previous paragraph, you need to create an answer line.

(1). In your Outlook, select File to choose the Information option.

(2). Choose the control and notification rules.

(3). Click on the Email Rules tab.

(4). Select the E-Mail account for which you create an automatic answer under Apply changes to this folder.

(5). Choose the new line.

alt=Select new rule data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Select new rule

(6). In the Start with empty lines field, click Apply rule to received messages. Click on the Next button.

(7). Leave the fields Step 1 and Step 2 unchanged to reply to every email you receive. Press Next and select Yes to apply this rule to all messages.

(8). Under What you want to do with the message in step 1, Reply with specific template : Select the action(s).

(9). In the second phase: Change the line description by clicking on the underlined text of a particular template.

(10). In the Monitor In the File System field, select Custom Templates.

(11). Select the template you created and click Open. Then click Next.

(12). Enter a name for the line and click Finish.

Pay attention: Activate this default rule. You can uncheck the box to change the line later.

That’s what it looks like: How do I remember an email in Outlook?

Our opinion

It is a matter of setting up an out-of-office note in Microsoft Outlook. If your Outlook account supports sending messages from the office by default, you don’t have to spend too much time. Otherwise, you will need to set up rules for answering emails when you are away from the office. In any case, you can send an automatic reply from Outlook to these email recipients.

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