As necessary as advertising and marketing communications are, the implementation methodology can sometimes be disruptive. Most people have experienced situations where they have browsed through their feed or watched online videos where they felt that their screen was full of advertisements that keep popping up. It can be boring advertising, and it seems as intrusive to people as it is to consumers.

In addition, many people have seen advertisements penetrate the space on their gate screen. It can be annoying for a person in a hurry who needs to access his phone, but is now delayed because he has to remove the mess created by the ads on the lock screen of his phone.

Google’s security team has taken consistent steps to ensure that you don’t fall victim to intrusive advertisements that hijack the home screen. However, it also depends on the type of applications the user has installed on his phone. There may be applications that require a lot of authorization from the phone and therefore the settings can be changed. So if you have invasive applications, this could be one of the reasons why third party ads appear on your lock screen.

Another attempt to remove and block advertisements has led to the creation of certain ad-blocking programs and applications. You can install these applications and run them on your phone to block failures in the mobile view, but they come at a price. They reduce the phone’s battery power and make the battery discharge and damage faster. Therefore, these advertising blocking applications are not a reasonable alternative to advertising blocking.

Therefore, you can use the following methods to eliminate ads on the lock screen.

Removing ads from the lock screen on Android

Verification of the history of recently installed applications

How your phone behaves largely depends on the content you download. Some applications and content can destabilize and damage your phone by damaging it from the inside.

You should notice when these ads appear on your lock screen. Then think of any applications or data you downloaded during this period. You can check your Play Store for recent downloads and find an application you may have downloaded that matches the ads on your padlock screen. Once you have retrieved this application, you need to delete all data and delete the application from your phone to protect it from further damage.

To do so, go to the My Applications and Games page of the Google Play Store. From there you can sort the applications according to their most recent use or most recent download and so on.

Once you know that you have found the application you want, click on the Remove option and it will be removed from your phone. Some of the ad-blocking applications you can use may cause network delays that users may experience, so it’s best to know what you’re putting in your phone. In addition, the advertising must stop flooding the screen of your lock.

Checking system parameters

The above method should solve your problem, but if it still isn’t, this is another method you can use to make sure your phone is working properly. Sometimes certain applications are given certain permissions on your phone without your knowledge (perhaps during configuration), allowing them to appear on your lock screen via ads from a specific server.

On your phone, go to Settings, then go to Access specific applications. This can be done in different locations on different devices – just use the search function in the Settings application. On my OnePlus device, for example, it can be found under Settings > Applications and Notifications.

Look here for an option called Draw other applications, as soon as you see it, click on it. You will then receive a list of requests that have this specific permission. Without this special permission, no application can display advertisements on the lock screen. Click on an application in the list that you think will cloud your padlock advertising screen, and you will find a button and details about the rights assigned to that application. Click the button and disable it to disable the mode for any permission granted to this application that could have caused problems with the ads on the lock screen.

Click on any applications you find suspicious and responsible for this interruption of the display time on your mobile phone, and follow the procedure described above. At the same time, continue to check the lock screen to see if the problem has been resolved.

This way you can find the application that caused the unnecessarily heavy advertisements on your lock screen.

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