Python is one of the high-level programming languages used in the development of software, games, websites, etc. Compared to other programming languages, the number of lines of code in Python is smaller and very easy to understand. You can install Python on your Windows 10 computer via the Microsoft Store or via the official website. If you are interested in programming, install Python on your Windows 10 PC by following these steps.

Installation of Python from the MicrosoftShop

Installing Python on Microsoft 10 via the Microsoft Store is the easiest and longest process.

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(1). In Windows 10, press the Start menu or the Windows key.

(2). Scroll down and select Microsoft Store to open the store.

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(3). Click in the search bar and type as python, then press Enter.

alt=Find Python–How to install Python on Windows 10 data-recalc-dims=1 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Find Python

(4). Select the latest version in the search results. For example, Python 3.8.

(5). Click on Get to download Python under Windows 10.

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(6). After installation, click on the Start menu to open Windows PowerShell.

(7). Enter the version of Python and make sure Python 3 is installed on Windows 10.

Pay attention: Optionally, you can check that pip, the default package manager, is installed by running the pip version command

Installation of Python from the officialwebsite

If you have problems installing Python in the Microsoft Store, you can download this method.

(1). Open any browser on your Windows 10 computer.

(2). Visit using a web browser.

(3). Click on the link for the latest version of Python. (The latest version of Python is Python 3.9.1 (from 12/31/2020).

(4). Depending on your system, choose the Windows x86-64 (64-bit) executable installer or the Windows x86 (32-bit) executable installer.

Pay attention: Users of previous versions of Windows should select the version of Python that matches their operating system.

  • Python 3.8.7 and later cannot be used on Windows XP or earlier.
  • Python 3.9.1 cannot be used on Windows 7 or earlier.

How to Install Python Latest Version on Windows 10 Installer selection

(5). Navigate to the download folder and double click on the downloaded file.

(6). In the dialog box, select the Add Python 3.8.3 to PATH checkbox and click the Install now button.

Checking the Python installation on Windows with command line

(1). Open the command line in the Start menu.

(2). Type Python -V and press Enter.

(3). Once installed, the location of Python is displayed on the screen.


You can also check manually by going to the nearest location: C:UsernameAppDataLocalProgramsPythonPython37 and double-click python.exe. If it opens the command line as shown in the figure below, Python has been installed successfully.

How to Install Python Latest Version on Windows 10

Installing Python Pip on Windows 10

(1). Download the pip installation file from the following website –

(2). Copy the code that appears on the browser screen and place it in a Notepad file.

(3) Save the Notepad file as (.py means Python extension).

(4). At the location where the Python file is saved, press the Shift key and click with the right mouse button.

(5). Select Open Powershell window from the context menu.

(6). In the Powershell window, type C:Python27Scripts and press Enter.

(7). Then type Freeze and click Enter.

(8). You can now install packages and modules in Python using pip.

How to Install Python Latest Version on Windows 10

To check the installation of the piping system

(1). Open a command prompt and type -V.

(2). Press the Enter key and after installation you will see the location of your pip file as shown below.

How to Install Python Latest Version on Windows 10

Our opinion

Installing Python on a Windows 10 PC is so simple and easy. You don’t have to be a professional to install it. Even if your device has it, we recommend that you install the latest version of Python, as it may become obsolete when new versions are released.

Have you successfully installed Python? If you have any problems, please contact us via comment. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to be immediately informed of the latest articles.

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