How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

Twitch is a hub for all players. On Twitch you’ll find videos for all popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty and more. It is a platform for all players who want to enjoy their game in real time. In 2014 Twitch released a new update called Host Mode. In this mode you can host other Twitch channels. When you’re hosted on Twitch, your channel stays online, even when you’re offline.

What is the host mode on Twitch?

Normally the viewers of the Twitch channel leave the channel after the live broadcast. You can’t play live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect your audience. To this end, Twitch has introduced host mode. This way you can keep your channel active by letting other channels play on your Twitch channel. So your channel will usually be online.

In host mode, you can host live videos from another channel. There are no restrictions on channel hosting. All you need to know is the exact name of the Twitch channel you want to animate.

To enable host mode on Twitch

The host mode can be enabled or disabled via the website and smartphone application.

(1) Go to the Twitch website and log into your Twitch account when prompted.

(2) On the chat screen, type /CHANNEL NAME HOW TO CHANNEL. Replace CHANNEL NAME with the name of the Twitch channel you want to animate.

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

(3) You (your channel) will now receive live video on the mentioned Twitch channel.

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

(4) To disable channel hosting, type /unhost in the chat screen.

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

To enable host mode on Twitch from theapplication on your smartphone

You can do the hosting in your smartphone. However, the host mode is only available in the iOS application, on Android smartphones this feature is not yet available.

(1) Open the Twitch application and go to the Chat option.

(2) Enter the /Host CHANNEL NAME command, replace CHANNEL NAME with the Twitch channel you wish to host.

(3) To log out, type out the hook.

There is a way to host with an application for Android smartphone. Go to the Twitch channel you want to host. Click on the Settings icon and select the Host option.

Pay attention: You can only use three host commands in one hour. If you host a channel and you log out, there is only one hosting order left. After one hour, the counter is reset to zero.

Technical tips – Steps to change the password of your Twitch account

Setting up an automatic host on Twitch

The method above is a manual method where you must manually enter the channel name and host the specified channel. You can also set up self-hosting channels. When you are offline, the video is streamed on the specified channels.

(1) Go to your Twitch account and click on the profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. Select the Settings option

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

(2) On the Settings page, select Channels and Video.

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

(3) Scroll down and you will see the automatic hosting option.

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

(4) Enable automatic switching of the host channels. If you have team channels, enable the host team channels.

Pay attention: When the team channel is active, it is broadcast on the host’s other channels.

(5) If desired, change the priority of reception. Click on the hosts list to add the channels you want to host when offline.

How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

(6) Enter the name of the channel you want to send.

(7) After you have changed all hosting options, click Save Changes.

The specified channel is set when you are offline. The Auto Master is activated after three minutes of inactivity.

These are ways to enable or disable host mode on Twitch. Use Auto Host mode to keep your channel active when you are offline. If in doubt, let us know in the Comment section.

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