SonyLiv is a relatively new OTT platform that is on par with market leaders like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar in India. While there aren’t many original shows in the app’s catalog yet (with the exception of Scam 1992), the app does offer a lot of live shows, especially in the area of sports.

OTT is not flawless, and Sonyliv is no different, as various factors like internet connection, hardware or software can cause problems on your end or on Sony’s end.

Sonyliv doesn’t work on Chrome output is one of the most common errors internet users encounter when accessing the platform, and there could be several reasons for this.

In this article, we have listed six methods for you to help you solve Sonyliv error in Chrome, including reading and connection problems in Chrome.

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Why doesn’t SonyLiv work with Chrome output?

Sonyliv’s poor performance in Chrome, including connection issues, is largely due to a third-party browser extension preventing the streaming service from working.

While it can be caused by any extension, ad blockers are the usual suspects.

In addition, old cache files and cookies can also cause problems with video playback and connecting to Sonyliv.

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Follow these six troubleshooting methods to resolve a situation where Sonyliv is not working for a Chrome-related issue, including any connection issues.

Disable adblocker

Ad blockers often block tracking cookies used by OTT platforms to ensure that the account is not used in multiple places. Some ad blockers can also prevent videos from playing due to Javascript blocking.

Sonilow struggles to use even the basic functions of a functional ad blocker. If you want to play videos smoothly and fix the error Sonyliv doesn’t work in Chrome, disabling the ad blocker is the best solution.

Restart Chrome after disabling the ad blocker feature and clear Chrome’s cache and cookies using the following instructions if the problem persists.

Clear Chrome cache and cookies

As mentioned earlier, old cache files and cookies collected during previous browser sessions may prevent Sonyliv from working with Chrome.

Step one: To access the Display Data settings, use the Ctrl + Shift + Del hotkey or click on the menu icon with the three dots in the top right corner and then select More Tools and then Clear Display Data.

Step two: In the next window, select Cookies and other website data and Cached images and files with the desired time interval All. Then click the Delete Data button.

Restart Chrome and try to connect to Sonyliv and play the video. If this does not solve the Sonyliv playback and connection problems, follow the next method.

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Make sure third-party cookies are enabled in Chrome.

Sonyliv also uses cookies to deliver video content and track user activity. If you have disabled third-party settings in Chrome, Sonyliv may not work in Chrome.

Step one: Click on the menu icon with the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings.

Step two: On the next page, click on Privacy & Security in the left sidebar and select Security.

Step three: Then make sure that the boxes next to Block third-party cookies and Block all cookies are unchecked.

If you’re streaming Sonyliv in Chrome’s Incognito mode, make sure the Block third-party cookies in Incognito mode box is also unchecked.

On the same page, you can add Sonyliv as an exception to an existing cookie and see if it works for you.

If this doesn’t solve the problem of Sonyliv not working in Chrome, you can also temporarily enable all cookies and see if that works.

Disable all active VPNs

OTT platforms can often block VPNs, and if you’re using those, chances are Sonyliv isn’t working on the Chrome issue.

Temporarily disable the VPN if you are using it, and see if that fixes the issues with connecting to Sonyliv or playing videos.

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Network connection check

In most cases, a slow or erratic internet connection is the cause of your streaming problems on Sonyliv. Make sure your WiFi router is transmitting properly, check the internet speed and make sure there are as few obstructions between the router and the device as possible.

If the speed of the Internet connection is slow, restart the router or contact your service provider to resolve the issue.

Disable Chrome extensions

As mentioned earlier, an extension added to Chrome can also prevent Sonyliv from working. It is recommended to disable and remove extensions you are not using.

It’s a long process, but if none of the above methods have worked, this is your last resort.

You need to disable all installed extensions one by one and see if any of them are interfering with Sonyliv in Chrome. Once you’ve identified the problematic extension, disable it if you use Sonyliv, or remove it completely if you frequently use streaming and don’t need the extension.

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