Many people rely on Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on their computer. However, some users get a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR error message when trying to connect to an HTTPS server. If a problem occurs, an error message will be displayed,

The secure connection is not working. An error has occurred while connecting to *. PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR. The requested page cannot be displayed because the authenticity of the data received cannot be verified. Please contact the administrators of the website to inform them of this problem.

There are several reasons why you may receive an ERROR RETURN CONTROL: Problem The secure connection in your Firefox browser failed. Maybe you are using Windows 10 PC or Mac, here are some possible reasons:

  • Your firewall or antivirus program is blocking the connection.
  • Your VPN may be the source of the error.
  • Filtering your TCP protocol may break the connection.
  • A temporary file lock may occur during operation.
  • Network intervention may be limited.

Correction of PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR: Secure connection error in Firefox browser

If you see PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR in your Firefox browser, there are several possible solutions to solve the problem. Perform the following methods in succession and check whether the connection problem is resolved.

solution #1 – Empty the Firefoxcache

Credit : Send Windows

  • In the top right corner of your Mozilla Firefox browser, click the hamburger icon or the Menu button.
  • Select the option.
  • Go to Privacy and Security.
  • Go to cookies and data.
  • Click on Clear Data.
  • Select the check box next to Cached Web History.
  • Press Clear/OK.

Solution #2 – Disable VPN server

If you are using a VPN client, try disabling it first to see if this fixes the problem.

  • Start the control software.
  • Go to the Programs or Programs and Features page.
  • Search for the VPN you are using.
  • Click on VPN Client.
  • Choose Delete.

Some VPN service providers, like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, don’t bother with your browser’s connection logs. You can check them if you really need the VPN service to avoid connection errors like this on Firefox.

Solution #3 – Disable TCP protocol filtering

If you are using third-party antivirus software, such as ESET Antivirus, follow this step to disable TCP protocol filtering.

  • Start the ESET antivirus software.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Select Web and Email.
  • Note the filtering protocol.
  • Click on the plus sign next to it to open the menu.
  • Move the slider next to the Enable application log content filtering button to the Disable side.
  • Press OK.

Solution #4 – Try using a differentnetwork .

This may be a problem with the network you are currently using. If you have another network connection, try it and see if the problem persists.

Solution #5 – Uninstall third-party antivirus programs

If nothing works, try disabling or completely removing the third-party antivirus. Software that can cause this problem include Kaspersky, Avast, ESET and BitDefender.

  • Launch the control panel.
  • Go to the Programs and Features page.
  • Click on Uninstall Program.
  • Choose antivirus software.
  • Click on Delete.
  • Restart the computer after uninstalling the program.

Which of the above solutions did you use to fix the error? We’d love to know which method works best, so tell us in the comments below.

frequently asked questions

What does the error Pr_connect_reset_error mean?

The PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR problem occurs when a user with Mozilla Firefox tries to connect to a web server via HTTPS but is refused. This error message essentially means that a remote peer or intermediate box (most likely a firewall) is forcing a disconnect.

How do I fix a secure connection error in Firefox?


How do I fix certificate errors in Firefox?

Certificate error in Mozilla Firefox browser – IBM Knowledge Center

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