Minecraft is one of the most popular video games played by millions of users worldwide. It is an open video game in which players are free to move, build and destroy. Cross-play on Minecraft lets you play with your friends or anyone else, regardless of the platform. The only thing you should note before playing Minecraft between your Windows PC and your Xbox console is that you should have the same edition of Minecraft on both devices. If you are confused, follow the instructions below.

Minecraft Cross-play between PC and Xbox

Preparing Minecraft Cross Play on Windows PC and Xbox is simple and straightforward. First of all you need to install the same version of the game with cross-play support.

The following procedure applies to Windows 10 computers and laptops only. You cannot download Minecraft in another version of Windows.

Preparation of Minecraft PC Cross-Play

#1 : Open the Microsoft Store on your PC and click the Search tab.

#2 : Type Minecraft and click on the search icon.

#3 : Choose Minecraft and install it on your PC.

Pay attention: Players who have downloaded the Java version of Minecraft for 19 years. October 2018 purchases get free access to Minecraft Windows 10 with the redemption code.

#4 : Once the installation is complete, simply click the Open button to enter the application.

#5 : On Minecraft’s home screen, click the Login button at https://aka.ms/remoteconnect and enter your code and details to enter the game.

#6 : Select the Play option.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox

#7 : On the next screen you can click on the World or Friends tab.

World Tab

#8 : As soon as you click on the World tab, create a new game world or join an available world.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox


#9 : When you click on Friends, you join a friend or kingdom by doing so.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox

Pay attention: If none of your friends are listed, make sure you add friends via Xbox Console Companion or Minecraft.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox

#10 : Now you and your friends can play Cross Play on your computer.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox

Preparation of Xbox One for Minecraft Crossplay

#1 : Launch the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.

#2 : Type Minecraft in the search box and it will display all available editions of the Game Pass, select it.

#3 : Install and run Minecraft after installation.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox

#4 : Login to your Minecraft account at https://aka.ms/remoteconnect by entering the code and other details.

#5 : Click Play and select Friends or Create a New World.

How to Cross-Play Minecraft between PC and Xbox

#6 : Follow the same procedure as for the Windows version to join your friends for cross-play.

Things to do and know for playing

  • You must have an Xbox or Xbox Live account to access Minecraft and play Cross Play.
  • You and the people you want to play with must have the same version of Minecraft.
  • Update Minecraft and its map to the latest version on your device/console and on another device/console.
  • You don’t have to worry if there are small mistakes in your map or your world. This can happen as a result of crossplay and will be resolved automatically at some point.
  • If you have a Java version of Minecraft, you cannot play crossgames.
  • The Minecraft interface is the same on all available devices.
  • Cross-play is also available on Android, iOS, PS4, Windows 10 and Nintendo Switch.

I hope you can enjoy Minecraft cross-play between Windows 10 PC and Xbox One console with the article above. The steps are almost the same on all other platforms that officially support Minecraft.

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