The Guest Access feature creates a separate network for guests by providing Internet access to wireless guest devices (mobile phones, laptops, etc.). This feature allows customers to log in via a free level or by purchasing vouchers.

This chapter describes how to set up guest access with cnMaestro.

To configure

Step one: Go to Services > Guest Access Portal > Add Portal.

Customize the name and a short description of the portal. Click on Save.

Step two: Click on the name of the portal guest you just created. Ex: Guest Access.

Click on the Access tab. The Access tab has three different types of access: Free, paid, coupon.

Free access Configuration type

The free access type includes data on session validity, refresh rate, maximum client speed, and customizable settings for connecting to social networks.

Duration of the session : The length of time the client has access.
Renewable Frequency : When the session expires, the client must wait for the
period specified by the refresh rate before it can reconnect.
Price restriction for the customer : It includes options to configure downlink and uplink parameters in kbps to limit the
data rate to or from the client. If the Customer Rate Limit parameter is empty, the restrictions do not apply.

Access to configuration type Paypal
Paypal has been added as a supporting payment gateway where end users can purchase an Internet connection using a
credit card or their existing Paypal account.

CHAPTER 5 Configuring Access Mode

  1. Click Purchase Order > Add New.

2. In the Add New Plan window. Enter the following parameters:

Name: Title of plan.
Duration of the session : The length of time the client has access to the network.
Validity of the voucher : Expiration date of the generated vouchers. After this date, the vouchers can no longer be used.
Price restriction for the customer : Uplink and downlink values in kbps to limit the data rate to or from the client. If the Customer Rate Limit parameter is empty, the restrictions do not apply.

3. Coupon design

Color: It is possible to change the colors of the header, the message, the code and the background.
Wallpaper: You can display and select a background image for this page.

Enter the header, the message, the access code message.

Click on Save.

Step three: Add a voucher to create a voucher.

When adding a card, enter the number of vouchers in the Number to Create field and click Create to create a voucher, or Create and Export to create a voucher and export the voucher IDs to a file.

As you can see, the voucher ID has been created.

Step four: Set the Splash tab.

Administrators can create their own screensavers by changing the default logo, background and text, which are then displayed on the screensaver in different colors and fonts.

Scroll down and press Save.

Step 5: Add a guest account to the WLAN.

Ex: Choose the name Vlansa: Vacif

In Configuration > select Guest Access > click Enable > select cnMaestro. Under Guest Portal Name, select the name of the GuestAccess you created earlier. Click on Save.

Step six: Test result

When you log in to the ssid guest access setting, the home screen is displayed. Before you enter the coupon code, you will not have access to the internet.

After entering the coupon code, press the login button. Successfully connect to the internet.


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