Twitter has long ceased to be just tweets. Photos, memes and videos are an important part of the platform. This is slowly becoming a strength of Twitter, which is why we are concerned about reports from Android users claiming that photos are not loading in the Twitter application.

You can do something about it, and we’ve made sure you find some common steps in the list below.

Solution 1: Clear request cache

To put it bluntly: All social media applications tend to collect a lot of data. The developer’s goal is to speed up the loading time of images and video thumbnails to improve the user experience.

But in many cases, the abundance of cache data can slow down application performance. Also, it may not be possible to upload new photos in this case. Therefore, it may be useful to delete the data stored in the device.

Find out how to clear the Twitter application cache here:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Type Applications (Application Manager).
  3. Open Twitter.
  4. Select Memory.
  5. Press Clear Data. account.

Solution 2: Reinstallation of the application

If the first step fails, the move is the next attempt. We can’t be sure that this will be enough, but it should give you a better idea of the source of the problem loading the image. It is recommended that you delete a backup copy of the data from the Google Drive application before reinstalling the application.

Follow the steps below to reinstall Twitter and start over:

  1. Open Settings > Apps > Twitter.
  2. Uninstall the application. Fix: Twitter app for Android not loading pictures account.
  3. Now open Google Drive > Hamburger Menu > Backups > Your device > Apps > Application data. Fix: Twitter app for Android not loading pictures .
  4. Remove a tweet from the list.
  5. Open the Play Store and install Twitter.

Solution 3: Checking network licences

If you’re having trouble uploading photos to Twitter using only mobile data, we recommend checking your network permissions. It is possible that your device will deny Twitter access to your mobile data. Not to mention the need to have at least an acceptable network speed.

Here you should look for network authorizations:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Press Apps (Demand Manager).
  3. Open Twitter.
  4. Select the data.
  5. Make sure Wi-Fi and mobile data are allowed.

Solution 4: Installing old iteration via APK

Finally, if the latest iteration of Twitter is just broken and doesn’t work, you can always step back and download an earlier version. This can be done via an APK file.

Reminder: These apps are not updated by the Play Store, so you can keep the feature version as long as you want. They are completely safe to use, so we encourage you to use them as needed.

If you don’t know how to download and install the Twitter APK on your phone, follow the instructions below:

  1. Delete the tweet.
  2. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Security. Fix: Twitter app for Android not loading pictures account.
  3. Allow the installation of unofficial applications.
  4. Use your phone’s web browser to access the APK Mirror website. Fix: Twitter app for Android not loading pictures account.
  5. Browse the available versions of Twitter, select an older iteration and download it to your device.
  6. Install the APK and open Twitter.

You can then see all your favorite photos or memes in your Twitter feed. On the other hand, after a while, you can also try to uninstall the APK version and install the official store version. Most errors are corrected over time.

Don’t forget to let us know the end result and if the above instructions were helpful to you. The comment section is located directly below.

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