Many people now rely on Microsoft teams for their work. And it is important to be aware of everything that happens in your group by means of a reliable calendar system. The good thing is that Microsoft has a calendar function built into MS Teams and synchronizes it with Outlook. The calendar contains a list of meeting times for your current team.

However, many users have complained that the Calendar tab is missing or does not appear in the client or web application of Microsoft Teams. Some encountered the problem after updating the MS Teams application, while others simply encountered the problem of the missing calendar without doing anything.

In this article, we will discuss how to diagnose and troubleshoot scheduling problems in Microsoft teams. I hope this will help you get back to your scheduled appointments.

To fix a missing calendar application in Microsoft Teams Web and Desktop Client

Here are some methods to try to retrieve the calendar tab in MS Teams. Causes of this problem include changing the correct policy for your team, disabling the web services log or revoking access to the local mailbox when using online services.

Reintegrate the calendar application with Microsoft commands

Someone in your organization may have changed the settings and accidentally deleted the Calendar application from your team. This problem may arise for users of Member State teams with a company or business account.

To solve this problem, you must have administrator rights for your team. Follow these instructions to reactivate the calendar of Member States’ teams.

  • Log in to the Microsoft Team Administration Center as an Office 365 administrator.
  • Touch Users in the left corner of the Home screen and select your account.
  • Select the Policy tab for your account.
  • Go to Global (Org-wide standard) under App Setup Policy to see a list of applications.
  • Tap Add applications and select the Calendar application.
  • Restart the MS Teams desktop client to display the Calendar tab.
  • Ask all members of your team to do the same.

Check the Exchange Web Services Log settings with PowerShell

If the first method doesn’t return the calendar tab to the MS teams you will need to check and make sure the Web Exchange services are enabled. Before that,

  • From the Start menu, search for the Windows PowerShell tool.
  • Right-click on the application and select Run as Administrator.
  • Then copy this command to PowerShell and press Enter to display the client access settings in your mailboxes.
  • Get-CASMailbox Identity Name | flws*.
  • Check the status of EwsEnabled. If it is set to false, use the following command to set it to true.
  • Set-CASMailbox Identity Name -EwsEnabled $True

The Exchange Web Services protocol is then enabled for your organization, enabling the calendar feature in Microsoft Teams.

If you still can’t find the Calendar tab in your Microsoft Teams desktop client or web application, your team administrator may have disabled the Calendar tab especially for you. Contact the team administrator to find out if this problem is due to authorisation problems.

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