The last thing anyone who depends on their email client wants is for their messages to suddenly disappear. And that seems to be exactly the case for some Gmail users. Some of them have indeed reported that Gmail messages have disappeared, even without deleting or archiving them. If you are one of them, check the steps below and try to fix the missing messages.

Table of contents :

  1. Check archives, spam and junk mail.
  2. Check the filter
  3. Make sure emails are not forwarded
  4. Make sure your account is not compromised

Why have my messages disappeared from my Gmail inbox?

1. Monitoring of archives, spam and junk mail

The first thing to do if you are missing some messages in Gmail is to check the 3 regular folders that contain many messages. These are the Archive, Spam and Trash folders.

So make sure you don’t archive emails, mark them as spam or simply delete them from your account. Or, if anyone else has them, you can always find them in the files listed.

You can search for all messages from all senders (including spam and junk folders) by adding the command in:everywhere to the search bar before entering senders/topics/details.

2. Inspection filter

To take the next step, log into your Gmail account in your browser and look for filters that automatically remove or ignore messages from specific senders. You’ll need to configure it, of course, and if you’ve never worked with filters before, you can skip this step.

But for troubleshooting purposes, you can check here if a filter is defined:

  1. Open Gmail in an Android (desktop) or PC browser.
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Expand all parameters.
  4. Select the Filtered and Blocked Addresses tab.

  1. Remove all filters containing the words Delete or Ignore Inbox. Just click Remove next to the filter.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and save your changes.

3. Ensuring that messages are not transmitted

Another important element to check is email forwarding. There is an option for users to automatically forward incoming messages to another account. Of course, this will result in your account not receiving messages, as they will be forwarded to another account.

Find out how to control and disable email forwarding:

  1. Open Gmail in an Android (desktop) or PC browser.
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Expand all parameters.
  4. Select the Transfer and POP/IMAP tab.

  1. In the Forwarding section, make sure inbox messages are saved after forwarding, or turn off forwarding completely.
  2. Save the changes.

4. Verify that your account is not compromised

Finally, it is important to ensure that your account is not compromised and that third parties cannot access your emails. To avoid other potential problems, you should immediately restore your account, change your password, and add an additional layer of security with two-step verification.

First, you can check by going to the Gmail recovery tool here. After that, make sure you change your password and add the two-step verification to avoid similar problems in the future.

At this point we can finish the article. If your Gmail messages are still missing, contact Google Support and report the problem. Thanks for reading, follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and share the alternatives we missed in the comments below.

frequently asked questions

Why have my messages disappeared from my Gmail inbox?

Emails can escape your inbox if they are accidentally archived, deleted or marked as spam. Tip: To further filter your search results, you can also use search operators. You may have created a filter that automatically archives or deletes certain emails.

Why has my email disappeared from my inbox?

Normally, emails are lost when they are accidentally deleted. This can also happen if the email system mistakenly marks an incoming message as spam, meaning the message never arrived in your mailbox. Less often, an email may be lost if it has been archived and you don’t notice it.

How do I restore my Gmail Inbox?

Blog gmail-recovery-easy-to-get…

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