Even if electric scooters don’t require a lot of energy, everyone has a certain amount of electricity consumption. Depending on the model, the electric scooters hang on the socket for up to eight hours before the battery is fully charged. You cannot influence the charging time, but you can influence the battery life or the e-scooter power consumption.

How much power does the e-scooter battery need for one charge?

The capacity of the battery influences both the performance of the e-scooter and the maximum range . Although the specific value differs from model to model, the various electric scooters have one thing in common: they do not require a lot of electricity . The agile scooters hardly consume a kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers. This makes them even more economical than electric scooters. For comparison: Depending on the model, these consume between two and six kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

The battery capacity of an e-scooter varies depending on the manufacturer and version. In the middle class, the batteries have a capacity of around 150 to 200 watt hours, more enduring models offer up to 250 watt hours. How high the e-scooter power consumption per battery charge is can be found out with a measuring device.

How far does one battery charge go?

How far an e-scooter can travel on one battery charge differs considerably from model to model. Many entry-level models have a range of 10 to 15 kilometers, whereas electric scooters from the premium segment cover an average of 25 to 35 kilometers on one charge. However, there are also versions on the market that can even reach up to 50 kilometers on one battery charge.

It should be noted that the manufacturers determine the range information under laboratory conditions and are happy to correct the values ​​a little upwards. In order to be able to realistically estimate the actual range, it is therefore advisable to subtract around five percent from the specified value. However, consumers should be aware that range is not a fixed value. Various factors have an impact on how quickly the battery runs out and how far an electric scooter can travel:

  • Battery capacity
  • Weight of the e-scooter
  • Weight of the driver
  • Power consumption of the motor
  • Driving style
  • pitch
  • Headwind

For example, if the driver accelerates frequently and strongly, the range will be significantly less than specified by the manufacturer.

Tips for energy-saving driving with the electric bike dealership

The e-scooter power consumption can be reduced significantly through the driving style. Basically, a slow and steady pace significantly extends the range. If you want to cover the longest possible distance with one battery charge, you should therefore refrain from accelerating frequently and strongly. Some e-scooters also have a so-called cruise control; this ensures that a certain speed is maintained. Depending on the model, the driver can also set the speed levels variably. Some manufacturers refer to such a function as “cruise control”.

The vehicle consumes a lot of energy, especially when moving off. Pushing the electric scooter with your foot for the first few meters conserves the battery. With an adapted driving style, the power consumption of the electric scooter can be reduced and the range increased.

Some models also have a so-called useful or recuperation brake. When braking, this converts part of the kinetic energy into usable electrical energy. The same procedure is used, for example, in cars with electric or hybrid drives. Another advantage: The system not only increases the range, but also the service life of the battery.

E-scooter insurance: from € 2.06 / month

Electric scooter 45 km / h test

The little electric speedsters leave every two-stroke competitor standing at the traffic light, even if they only manage 45 km / h. They reach this top speed pretty quickly and therefore these scooters are perfect for city use without any stink or pollution.

Visually, they are quite similar to a moped, whereas the larger e-scooters, which also reach over 100 kilometers per hour, are more like a motorcycle. Due to their ergonomics and construction, they not only have fantastic acceleration, but also very good road holding and maneuverability. The driving experience is just great!

Batteries with a voltage of around 60 volts are usually used for 45 km / h e-scooters. These often weigh between 7 and 15 kg, depending on the load capacity. As a rule, they can be exchanged so that an even greater range can be achieved.

The output of models in this speed class is between 2 kW and 4 kW. A wheel hub motor is often used, which transfers the power directly to the road, thereby guaranteeing optimum efficiency.

Electric scooter laws

On May 17th it was decided that e-scooters can also be driven in Germany, provided they have a corresponding certificate.

However, there are already electric scooters that you can drive now. For this purpose, a corresponding ECC symbol must be requested from the insurance company .

It is particularly about the e-scooters, which can soon be ridden on bike paths and on the street. So they are treated like bicycles in traffic.

There are a few things to consider here. For example, the maximum speed of the e-scooters is a maximum of 20 km / h and they can only be ridden from the age of 14.

Compared to large mopeds or electric scooters, e-scooters only need a sticker from the liability insurance.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the e-scooter can be a maximum of 70 cm wide, up to 140 cm high, and it must not exceed the maximum length of 200 cm. The weight must not exceed 55 kg.

The power can be up to 1400 watts, provided that 60% of the power is used for balancing. Alternatively, the continuous output may not exceed 500 watts.

So that the scooter can really be used, it must also have a handlebar, front and rear lighting and a brake light. In addition, like a bicycle, the scooter needs a loud bell in order to be noticeable in traffic. Turn signals are not required.

There is also no compulsory helmet, but a helmet is definitely recommended!

The law will come into force in June 2019.

In the following lines, we will briefly introduce you to the best street-legal electric scooters. So if you are looking for an electric vehicle with which you can commute to work, university or school every day, then you should take a closer look at the following models.


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