Fill in dark circles and rims

Remove dark circles

The subcutaneous fat can be weak on the upper cheeks, in the area of ​​the lower boundary of the eye socket. A tendency to dark circles and the edges of the eyes has often been present since childhood, but has no disease value. The appearance of the dark circles increases with age. Dark shadows correlate with the depth of the dark circles. A treatment can be carried out by carefully injecting a stable hyaluronic acid gel. The edges of the eyes – so-called tear furrows – should be raised. It can be spoken of a filling of the dark circles. We are not aware of any effective home remedies , apart from the optical illusion caused by makeup.

Treatment of the edges of the eyes and tear furrows.

Aim of an injection of the dark circles

The aim is to increase the deepening of the skin in the area of ​​the tear lines / dark circles. This should reduce the eye rims and shadows, and minimize the dark circles. The injection of hyaluronic acid has no effect on the dark discoloration of the skin due to overpigmentation. We advise against spraying on darkly pigmented dark circles or rims. Here we recommend a treatment attempt with lightening, possibly prescription-only ointments. Perfection with regard to the dark circles should not be aimed for. Difficulty removing dark circles

‘Removing’ or filling in the dark circles is not always easy. The gel for injection is injected under stable structures above the upper jawbone. It looks for the path of least resistance. Not all dark circles can be lifted equally well, so the outcome of the injection cannot be precisely predicted. In particular, steep and deep circles under the eyes without a concurrent eye bag indicate a small area for placement of the gel below the lower edge of the eye socket. Your specialist doctor will tell you during a consultation whether treatment should be attempted.

How long is the result of the under-eye ring injection stable?

Since such tissue fillings should be carried out slowly and in several steps, a repeat treatment must be assumed after about 6 months. This treatment distance can then be increased further. This is particularly true because hyaluronic acid can lead to the formation of new collagen fibers and thus strengthened connective tissue is available in the long term to fill the dark circles / tear furrows. Follow-up hyaluronic acid fillings should only be carried out if a concavity worthy of treatment can be lifted with a gel.

What does the injection of the dark circles / under the eyes cost?

The costs of an injection with hyaluronic acid can be found on our website for a price guide. You can count on around 395 euros * per injection of up to one milliliter of hyaluronic acid into the dark circles. Pronounced dark circles are not yet treated conclusively. In this case, another injection at the same cost should be planned after about four to six months. The costs for under-eye injections are based on the fee schedule for doctors.

Does the injection of hyaluronic acid have any side effects?

Here we have detailed the side effects of a hyaluronic acid injection treatment. Numerous blood vessels, some of which can be injured and lead to hematomas, are typical of the area around the eyes. The thin skin around the eyes allows bruises to shine through after a hyaluronic acid injection. The rate of breakdown of the hematomas or the disappearance of the bruises depends on their size. Temporary swelling is normal.

What results can be expected from the hyaluronic acid treatment?

If a wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid is carried out professionally, side effects are not to be expected and nothing stands in the way of a long-term positive result.

The cushioning effect of the chin fillers becomes apparent immediately after the injection. Since the treated people are often impressed by the results immediately after the injection, it is difficult for them to objectively evaluate the results some time after the treatment.
Patients get used to the result very quickly and over time forget the initial condition of their skin before the treatment.

However, it must be emphasized that the hyaluron filler is not a miracle cure, wrinkles can be smoothed, but not completely disappear. It is advisable to consult a specialist doctor for wrinkle treatment, as he can respond to the various wishes of the patient and provide a realistic picture of the expected results.

Is wrinkle injection painful and are there any side effects to be expected?

In general, wrinkle injections are painless. If she is very sensitive to pain, the affected skin areas can be anesthetized beforehand. It is possible to numb the areas locally with a solution for injection or with ointments.

The effects of wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid are visible immediately after the treatment, but small swellings, redness and bruises can affect the perception of the results. If such side effects occur, they will disappear automatically after a few days.

In the event that the treatment is carried out in preparation for a certain event, for example an upcoming wedding, it is recommended to have the treatment carried out 14 days before the occasion. This way, any swelling can heal and the skin looks fresh and firm on the desired day.

Improper injection can cause side effects. Injecting it too superficially into the skin can cause bulges or the material to show through bluish tint. However, if the material is injected too far into the lower layers of the skin, it will break down very quickly. For this reason, it is important that the hyaluronic acid is injected at a certain depth.
Too little or too much of the material can also lead to suboptimal results.

The needle’s sharp cannula can damage small blood vessels during the injection, which can lead to blue spots. There is also the possibility that the displacement of the neighboring structures, small swellings and temporary circulatory disorders occur.

In general, there are no major risks from wrinkle injections, but it is advisable to consult a specialist in order to obtain the desired results and to rule out unwanted side effects.

Criteria for choosing a clinic

Although wrinkle injection is not actually a plastic measure, the choice of clinic is of great importance. More and more clinics and cosmetic studios are offering this form of wrinkle treatment. Therefore it is not easy to keep track of things and to choose the right provider.

We at MediDate / Medical One will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable specialist in your area. Our partner clinics have the highest quality standards and excellently trained doctors with a lot of experience in this field. This way you can be sure that your wrinkle treatment will be a complete success!


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