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Bluetooth Applications

Bluetooth Applications

Category : Electronics Article 29 Apr 17

Some important Bluetooth applications are listed below,.

  • Bluetooth is used in wireless headsets.
  • Bluetooth is used to transfer files, photos and MP3 or MP4 files between mobile phones.
  • Used in laptops and notebooks.
  • Used in PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant).
  • It is also used in printers.
  • Almost used in wireless communication (WAN).
  • Used in wireless mice and keyboards.
  • It is used in data loggers that transfer data to a computer via Bluetooth technology.
  • It is used to send classified ads from Bluetooth-enabled ads to other recognizable Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • It is used for the short distance transmission of health sensor data from medical devices to mobile phones, boxes or special telemedicine devices.

Bluetooth Applications



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