The iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones, equipped with high-end security features. It is compatible with several categories of applications and services, including games. When it comes to games, logic games are the best for sharpening your mind and refreshing yourself. Logic games are divided into different types, and each game has different scenarios and rules. For the iPhone, there are attractively designed logic games with animations and fluid gameplay to improve your logic skills. Here are the best logic games for iPhone and iPad with the hardest levels to sharpen your brain.

Best logic games for iPhone and iPad

There are hundreds of logic games on the App Store. We tested most of them to eliminate the top ten.

  1. Entry points
  2. Skillz
  3. Tetris
  4. Mathematics and logic
  5. Brain Games
  6. Rules
  7. Rébus
  8. You have to introduce yourself.
  9. Word and number
  10. Linedocu

Logic points

Logic Dots on the iPhone is a pretty simple and fun game. It contains several puzzle levels with many twists and turns, and there is no time limit to solve your puzzle. Just like Sudoku, tips are provided to help you solve your puzzle easily. Logic Points is completely free, and you can play at any level without paying anything. The game offers an exciting gameplay with many challenges that help you improve your concentration.

Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021


Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Skillz is a fun logic game to improve your mental functions. The gameplay is highly addictive with loyalty features and many match levels. Skillz is a game for children, and they can easily distinguish colors to improve accuracy and sharpen their memory. It has a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to 4 friends. It shows multiplayer rankings based on victories. It is designed for all ages with different tests to improve their accuracy and skills.

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Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle games supported by the iPhone and iPad. It has a simple interface and unique gameplay that keeps you on your toes. This is a wonderful puzzle game that contains many levels of strategy. Tetris has great game effects and you can enjoy the game even without money. But you have to pay to remove the ads. You can invite friends over anytime, anywhere and compete with them, and you can easily match your level of play to that of your teammates.

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Mathematics and logic

Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Math & Logic on iPhone or iPad contains an exciting collection of puzzles to solve. It contains mainly material for math games without advertising. This is a completely kid-friendly game that uses encryption to prevent third parties from contacting your child. Math and Logic is a unique game with a well-designed interface and interactive puzzles that improve children’s math and logic skills. Numerous animated characters and attractive graphics or themes will enrich their visual experience.

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Mind games

Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Rules is a fun and logical game for iPad that is very fast and keeps you entertained. Literally, there’s a lot to laugh about, so you’ll never get tired of it. This is an effective puzzle game, with unlimited challenges to explore: Beginner or expert. Solving complex problems increases memory capacity, and new rules are introduced for each step. It also has a timetable for the task.

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Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Rebus is a solid and innovative puzzle sport with puzzles that are difficult to solve. It’s a rewarding game that never disappoints your expectations and leaves you completely satisfied. Rebus offers several free levels. After completing these levels, you will have to pay money to unlock new levels. This is a perfect brain game application, combining elegant design and cool gameplay. There is no time limit to complete your puzzles.

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You should turn

Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

You Must Run is a delightful adventure game that is well compatible with iPhone and iPad. You have to solve the difficult puzzles in the room to open the doors to escape and explore new levels. New rooms are added immediately, and each room is decorated in beautiful colors. All puzzles are logically designed to improve your mental skills. This is a completely free game that can be played on the iPhone and iPad.

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Word and number

Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Word and Number is just a brain training game that feels fresh and challenging. It is an excellent mind game for learning new words and vocabulary. Verbal and digital forms are good enough for children to engage and put their knowledge into practice. These applications are integrated with the dictionary to immediately check the meaning of a word. Thanks to iCloud integration, you can sync the game’s progress across all your devices.

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Best Logic Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Linedoku is the official game for iPhone and iPad and comes with an extensive collection of puzzles. This game is suitable for all ages and you can choose a puzzle category. It contains river puzzles, connected points, pipe puzzles, number puzzles and many more. Linkedouku is a practical application for spending your free time without the Internet. It has over 4,000 difficulty levels to test your skills and is available for free. Unlock the premium version to remove ads and get extra tips.

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These are the best iPhone and iPad compatible logic games that we recommend you install. Try these games and keep your mind busy by solving different puzzles. If we overlooked any of your favorite login games, please mention them in the comments section.

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frequently asked questions

Can I play the same game on my iPhone and iPad?

Make sure you are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID you use on other devices. Make sure you are connected to Game Center with the same Apple ID you use on your other devices. Go to Settings > Game Center to see the Apple ID you use in Game Center.

What games can I play on my other iPhone?

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