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Here are some of the important advantages of Bluetooth,.

  • This helps prevent interference from other wireless devices.
  • It has a lower energy consumption.
  • It’s easy to update.
  • It has a better range than infrared.
  • Bluetooth is used for voice and data transmission.
  • Bluetooth devices are available at a very low price.
  • Therefore, there can be no line of sight through an obstacle.
  • Use is free of charge if the Bluetooth device is installed.
  • This technology is used in many products such as headsets, car systems, printers, webcams, GPS systems, keyboards and mice.

Here are some important drawbacks of Bluetooth,

  • Under certain circumstances, he may lose contact.
  • Compared to Wi-Fi, it has a low bandwidth.
  • It allows communication between the devices only over short distances.
  • Safety is a very important aspect because it can be + hacked.




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