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A complete list of 8 K monitors (reviewed in February 2020)

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If you are satisfied with your 4K monitor, you have not yet tried the 8K monitor. See a list of all 8K monitors for incredibly high resolution and accurate colors to improve game content editing.

Over the years, the niche market for monitors has grown significantly, the most recent example being the 8K solution monitors. The new resolution selects where the 4K and 5K monitors stop and brings even brighter and more vibrant colors. Whether you are a gamer or a professional maker, this modern advertising has something you will appreciate.

The 8K resolution contains more pixels and a wide color spectrum for a more realistic and clearer image. Displaying the content in 8K looks very realistic; it’s like looking out the window.

However, you have very few options if you are in the 8K monitor market. The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K is the first and only monitor with an incredible resolution of 8 kilobytes. This makes this premium monitor very expensive. We expect prices to fall, but it will take some time for 8K monitors to become widespread.

What you need to know about 8K resolution

The 8K resolution refers to 7680 pixels horizontally and 4320 pixels vertically. That’s four times more pixels than 4K (3840 x 2160) and sixteen times more than Full HD (1080p). The 8K has over 33 million pixels, which gives a sharper visual effect; in fact, you can’t really tell the difference between the pixels on the screen. You need a powerful graphics card to transfer more than 33 million pixels at a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Although 8K outperforms 4K in terms of brightness and vibrant colors, it may not be the right time to go to 8K yet. There are many reasons for that:

First, there is limited 8K content on the Internet. 8K is ahead of its time. Most people are happy to switch to 4K and 5K screens, which makes it difficult to find the right content for these 8K screens. Applications such as Photoshop CC and games cannot adapt their user interface elements to a higher resolution of 8K. Until content developers and game publishers start using 8K, you won’t get the best results from these monitors for the time being.

Second, 8K monitors are expensive. Not only the price, but also the upgrade of the equipment. Currently, no display interface can work with 8K resolution. The Dell UltraSharp 8K uses two DisplayPort cables to operate at full speed. So, if your GPU doesn’t have two DP ports, you should be prepared to use only 30 fps or 4K at 60 Hz.

Given the above considerations, 8K monitors remain an ideal choice for photo and video editing. The level of detail, color accuracy and pixel density of these monitors is second to none. You can easily manipulate high-resolution images and get better results than ever before.

Best 8K Monitors Comparison Table


We offer you an overview of the first 8K monitors on the market. Please note that we will update the list as new options come on the market.

1. Dell UltraSharp 32″ UP3218K – best 8 km monitor

The first monitor with an exceptional resolution of 8 kilobytes is a dream come true for creative professionals.

The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K was announced on CES 2017 and is now available for purchase and delivery. It is the only monitor with 8K resolution, which explains its high price. The monitor offers excellent performance for artists and gamers with sharp, realistic images.

The Dell UP3218K offers the highest pixel density, with over 33 million pixels and 280PPPI, so you won’t miss the smallest detail in your editorial work.

We recommend Dell UltraSharp 8K for professional editing of photos, videos and other graphic work. This is not the best monitor for high-end gaming because you don’t get the perfect frame rate and response time like other game monitors. But for the occasional game, you have to dive into it.


The UltraSharp UP3218K offers an excellent experience from appearance to performance. The beautifully finished aluminium frame offers a stunning design, while the InfinityEdge screen offers more property screens to enjoy the visual effects. It is one of the monitors with a finer aperture that provides an exciting viewing experience without being distracted by limitations.

On board you get a very ergonomic stand that you can tilt, turn, rotate and adjust in height to find a comfortable position to look at. The ergonomic support is suitable for finding the right viewing angle in the office or when working together.

The monitor fits perfectly with other brackets and consoles when you plan to mount it on a wall or use different viewing positions. It is compatible with the VESA mounting interface (100 x 100 mm).


The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K has the best display. On board you get a 31.5-inch screen with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels and a density of 280 PPI for maximum clarity and clear text. The monitor offers constant image quality at an angle of 178 degrees thanks to a flat panel switch.

The color reproduction on this monitor is phenomenal. Dell PremierColor offers full colour coverage that meets most industry standards. UP3218K includes 100% AdobeRGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709 and 98% DCI-P3 standard film.

With a color depth of 1.07 billion colors, Dell UltraSharp offers exceptional color correction and image and video editing for Photoshop users and professional photographers.

The disadvantage of this display is the lack of HDR support and a higher response time of 6 ms. Casual gamers can enjoy a 60 Hz refresh rate and long response times, but professional gamers will appreciate these 144 Hz game monitors.


The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K has two DisplayPort connectors and a pair of USB connectors. However, there are no Thunderbolt 3 or USB type C ports, which disappoints most users. To enjoy the full functionality of this 8K monitor, you must connect two DisplayPort cables from your GPU to the monitor at the same time.


  • 2 x DisplayPort
  • 3 x USB 3.0 downstream (Type A)
  • USB 3.0 downstream (type A with billing)
  • USB 3.0 upstream (type B)
  • 3.5 mm audio ruler


The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K is an amazing 8K monitor that has everything you need to create high-quality, flawless content. The resolution allows for realistic and accurate visualization, while the large color space will be useful for your editorial work. If you want to edit the content in 8K, this is the only option available on the market. This makes it very high quality and very expensive.

While we’re still waiting for 8K of consumer content, the Dell UltraSharp UP3218K gives us an idea of what the future holds. And to be honest, that’s all we’ve ever wanted: dense pixels, impeccable color accuracy, field-free design and first-class build quality.


  • Bragging rights: only one monitor with 8K resolution
  • A clear and sharp image
  • High quality of assembly
  • Ergonomic support with VESA mounting
  • Perfect color accuracy with Dell PremierColor
  • The best pixels


  • Requires powerful equipment
  • 8K content currently limited



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