The phone can sometimes even get hot, whether it’s during a game or a long conversation. There’s no problem, unless your phone’s too hot. Overheating your phone is an alarming situation and can damage it permanently, regardless of the operating system.

The reasons for a sudden rise in phone temperature are also infinite and unpredictable. And yes, there’s no way to cool the phone! You will see the different causes of phone overheating and how to prevent and repair them. But before you do that, it’s important to know if your phone is overheated or just warm.

How hot does your phone have to be?

People often confuse a hot phone with an overheated phone. Normal mobile phone temperatures can range from 98.6 to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit (37 to 43 degrees Celsius). Anything else is not normal and may cause problems with your phone.

The temperature of the phone may rise if you are outdoors or use the phone for a long period of time. In these cases, it is normal for the phone to get warmer than normal. However, if your phone gets so hot that it becomes difficult to control, you need to do something to bring it back to a normal temperature.

Why is my phone overheating?

Like I said, there’s no reason why your phone could overheat. The battery, processor and display can generate heat if used for longer than the programmed time, causing the phone to heat up.

The reasons for this may depend on the use and configuration of the device used. We have found a number of more common causes that can cause your phone to overheat, both on iPhone and Android mobile phones.

Excessive use of mobile phones

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One of the most common causes of overheating is excessive use of the phone. If you play for hours, your phone can warm up faster. The processor and battery should be recycled even when playing movies and videos for extended periods of time.

If your phone’s processor is not performing properly and you are used to using WiFi on your phone for a long time, you may have overheating problems. In short, long periods of time on a mobile device can cause problems with the processor, battery and display.

Parameters Output

Some settings may put pressure on the processors. If the brightness of the screen is full, there are too many widgets and animated backgrounds, the processor is too busy processing at first.

Accumulation of receivables

Sometimes mobile phone applications keep running in the background, even if you don’t use them regularly. These applications must be forcibly turned off or removed to prevent the battery from draining and the phone from warming up.


The environment also plays an important role in the temperature of the mobile phone. When you are in the sun to take pictures or listen to music and your phone is exposed to direct sunlight, it can heat up very quickly. Not only sunlight, but exposing the phone directly to water or rain can damage the inside of the phone and cause overheating problems.

Telephone house

Some phone cases are made of plastic, which can warm up the back of the phone. Make sure that the case has been purchased from an authorized source, otherwise your phone may be damaged.

Outdated applications on your phone

Outdated applications have bugs that can cause problems heating the phone. In order to avoid problems, applications should be updated.

Software updates

Manufacturers sometimes release incorrect updates to the phone operating system, which can cause processors and phones to malfunction and overheat. In this case, a stabilized version will be available soon.

Many applications run in the background

We open a lot of applications together and forget to close them. These applications continue to run in the background and put a strain on the battery and processor, causing the phone to overheat.

Many devices stop responding and switch off when they exceed the temperature limit, allowing them to cool themselves.

Viruses or malware

A virus or malware in your Android phone can lead to overheating. Your phone may be infected if you install applications from untrusted sources. The risk of infection by viruses and malware on the iPhone is too low because you cannot have malicious applications on your phone.

How can I prevent my phone from overheating?

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We now know the possible causes of the problem of overheating your phone. So it’s easy to find out which repairs cool your phone down. Be careful not to put the phone in the refrigerator to cool it down. You can bring the phone up to room temperature using the various methods below.

Avoid using your mobile phone while charging.

If your phone overheats during charging, you will probably use it often during charging. And that could make the phone hot. So leave your phone the way it’s charging.

Check the charger and charging cable.

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A damaged charging port and cable can also affect your phone in many ways. In this case, the battery and other hardware in the phone will be damaged. If the phone overheats during charging, a damaged cable and charger may be the cause.

You can replace it with a new one and see if it cools down your phone. Accessories should always be purchased from the original manufacturers.

Remove the phone housing

As mentioned above, some telephone incidents can lead to the generation of heat. You can temporarily remove the cover from the phone and check if the temperature of the phone has dropped. In this case, you will need to buy a new phone case that can prevent the phone from overheating.

Close all applications

The applications you open on your Android and iPhone devices run in the background, even when you’re not using your phone anymore. This puts too much strain on the processor and telephone battery. You can close all applications running in the background and leave the phone inactive for a while. The temperature of the phone will then drop and return to normal.

Modification of parameters

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Some settings may allow the phone to cool down quickly. This allows you to reduce the brightness of your phone, turn off mobile data and WiFi. You can also activate the flight mode for a certain period of time.

Dispose of telephone waste.

Many applications store temporary files on your phone that can fill them with unwanted waste. In rare cases, this may also cause the phone to warm up. So you have to get rid of both the junk and the applications you don’t use. As mentioned earlier, some applications keep running in the background, so make sure there are no unwanted applications on your phone. You can also use cleanup programs to delete unnecessary files.

Keep your mobile phone out of direct sunlight

Keep the phone outside in the shade or out of direct sunlight. Because direct sunlight can heat up the phone quickly. In addition, do not leave your mobile phone in the car when it is parked in the sun. These little steps can make your phone get cold.

Turn off the camera and the music on your mobile phone

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Android phones often get updates that fix errors in the system. These updates also include security fixes. Make sure your phone has the latest version of the manufacturer’s operating system.

Applications are updated more often to fix bugs and problems and provide more functionality. So to improve the performance of your phone and prevent overheating problems, you also need to keep your applications up to date.

Keep your phone’s operating system and applications up-to-date

Android phones often get updates that fix errors in the system. These updates also include security fixes. Make sure your phone has the latest version of the manufacturer’s operating system.

Applications are updated more often to fix bugs and problems and provide more functionality. So to improve the performance of your phone and prevent overheating problems, you also need to keep your applications up to date.

Keep the phone in front of a refrigerator or fan.

If the temperature of the phone does not drop even after all the above attempts, hold it in front of a cooler or fan. This cools down the phone’s processor and battery, reducing the overall temperature of the phone.

Visit your localrepair centre.

If your phone does not reach normal temperature, even after trying all the above measures, the last option is to go to a repair shop for mobile phones. In such a situation, the problem may be related to the equipment or another malfunction that requires technical knowledge and experience to repair.

And if your mobile device is under warranty, you can take it to the manufacturer’s shop to have it repaired free of charge or at minimal cost.

How can I prevent my phone from overheating?

You can now have a phone with a normal temperature. However, it is important to prevent the mobile phone from overheating in the first place. You can avoid any of the above causes that may overheat the phone. Playing games and streaming with your phone should not take too long.

Use only accessories supplied by the manufacturer or bearing a trademark. Because duplicate accessories can damage the hardware of your phone irreparably. You should also avoid using requests from unauthorized sources, as this may cause overheating.

If you take care of your mobile phone, you will have fewer worries and repair costs.


Mobile phones are in constant use these days, whether you’re participating in online seminars, streaming videos or playing games; you need your mobile phones. Excessive use may cause the phone to overheat. Well, it’s not just over-consumption, there are many different factors that can lead to the problem of overheating the phone.

The above guides explain everything about overheated phones – from causes to repairs, you can learn everything. With the guide above you will learn how to easily protect your phone from overheating.

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