Cycle progress bar

The CircleProgressBar extends visibility, it has two styles: solid and linear. In addition, the value of the progression can be freely set. If you are interested in downloading cool animations, you can watch LoadingDrawable.



compiles ‘com.dinuscxj:circleprogressbar:1.3.6’

Used in xml:



There are several attributes you can define:

Style of progress:

  • Line (standard)
  • solid_line
  • a secure website

Progress text :

  • Font color
  • Text size
  • Visibility
  • Format

The circle of progress:

  • Width
  • First Diploma
  • Start colour
  • Final colour
  • Background colour
  • excel sth.

Progress Shader

  • linear (default,, but if start_color and end_color are identical, the shader will not be installed)
  • radial
  • search

Blurred line (hazy radius must be greater than zero).

  • normal (standard)
  • a secure website
  • external
  • internal

Maximum stroke

  • Tilt (standard)
  • Round Table
  • square

Style of the line:

for example:
in xml


Format change

the private static end class MyProgressFormatter implements ProgressFormatter {
private static end class DEFAULT_PATTERN = %d%%%%

@ Oberridepublic CharSequence format(int progress, int max) {return String.format(DEFAULT_PATTERN, (int) ((float) progress / (float) max * 100);}}}}

CircleProgressBar.setProgressFormatter (new MyProgressFromatter) ;
// Hide progress
CircleProgressBar.setProgressFormatter(zero) ;


  1. expanded the view without worrying about maintaining the current status, CircleProgressBar included to help us with onSaveInstanceState () and onRestoreInstanceState (Parcelable state).
  2. highly customizable, you can define two types of progress bars, you can define the color bars, you can define the color and size of the text progression depending on the progress code to format the text use String.format (), so that the text progression can be adjusted if necessary
  3. The code is elegant, very complete comments on the code, neat format, you can define the appropriate properties directly in xml.


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