One of the great advantages of Surface Pro 6 is that it is very portable. If you work remotely or study at school, you can do this work anywhere with Surface Pro 6. However, you don’t want to take the Surface Pro 6 anywhere with you, because you can easily throw it away if you travel and break it. So you need a suitcase for your Surface Pro 6. Give this bad boy a hard case and he’ll be invincible. You don’t have to worry about a random trap destroying it!

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Which store do you choose for Surface Pro 6? If you follow below, we will show you the best that is currently available on the market. It’s our best selection.

Veco Surface Pro 6

Veco has a beautiful Surface Pro 6 chassis, which gives it a high level of professionalism and style. It even works with Microsoft’s TypeCover – a super versatile case.

They have precise cutouts that give you full access to all Surface Pro 6 buttons and connectors. In this case you can still use the original shooting range.

Made of high quality PU material, it can protect your Surface Pro 6 from drops, knocks and scratches. There are also three different color options.

Extreme vagina

Are you taking Surface Pro 6 to places where it’s in danger of collapsing? Next, make sure you have the Extreme Shell on Surface Pro 6, a hardened shell that protects your device from drops and falls. Here you get a solid two-layer protection that can withstand most accidents.

This is one of the most elegant cases and the design allows the drawer to be supported at different angles to improve comfort and field of vision.

Surface mower Pro 6 body

Are you looking for a case that can hold your Surface Pro 6, even if it fell accidentally? Then you will certainly want to test the complete protection that MoCo offers.

It has a two-layer construction and consists of a high quality, flexible TPU and a durable polycarbonate shell, giving you the best protection against everyday abuse. It’s also designed to make TypeCover easy to pick up and use.

It’s actually designed specifically for Surface Pro 6, but you can use it with Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4 and even with the Surface Pro LTE 12.3-inch option.

Enclosure surface area Pro 6 Leather enclosure

On the market for something more elegant? ProCase is behind you. With the ProCase Surface Pro 6 leather case you get excellent protection combined with a professional and commercial style. It is designed for Surface Pro 6 and many previous surface models, but is also compatible with TypeCover.

The outside is made of high-quality composite leather and the inside is made of soft, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant leather. They have all the necessary power cuts to charge, adjust the volume and turn off the power. It has an articulated part so that it can be used as a support.

You can get it in black, brown or purple.

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Kensington Surface Professional 6 Rugged housing

At the top of our list is the robust Kensington Surface Pro 6 enclosure. If you’re looking for a case that gives you a full defense, this case is for you. Install your Surface Pro 6 in this bag and you will protect it from accidental falling, bumping or scratching. As a result, your Surface Pro 6 retains a completely new look for the life of your device. In addition, the housing has a footrest that you can remove if you need to lift the camera for a better viewing angle. If you want to pay extra, you can choose the Permanent Packing and Privacy Shield option, which prevents others from seeing what you’re doing when you’re not looking directly at the screen.

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9 Best Surface Pro 6 Cases for 2020

Premium folio cases

If you are looking for a lighter case that keeps your Surface Pro 6 well protectedandin good condition, the Premium Folio Cover Case is available. This is a very elegant case for folios, because they are available in different colours. Each colour variant also has a two-tone design so that your Surface Pro 6 remains truly unique. You can fold it in different ways to get the most comfortable viewing angle. It has a sturdy elastic band to keep the backrest closed.

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9 Best Surface Pro 6 Cases for 2020

Influence and Pro-surface 6 Hull

If you really need a case to help you present yourself, Infliand Surface Pro 6 is just what you need. This is a professional leather case that really adds class and style to your Surface Pro 6. Best of all, it has a pocket where you can easily store your business cards and other accessories that you need to take with you. It even has an integrated surface pin holder on the side. The case can be folded in different angles to place the Surface Pro 6 in the most comfortable position.

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9 Best Surface Pro 6 Cases for 2020

Military tested urban tank collision cases (UAG)

The Urban Armor Gear Case for Surface Pro 6 is one of our favourites for those looking for maximum protection. With this UAG case, your Surface Pro 6 remains protected even in the worst case. You can accidentally slip off your desk or drop your Surface Pro 6 while walking on the sidewalk, and the drone cover will keep it safe. It is equipped with a 360-degree rotating strap that can be used to carry a laptop, or you can convert it into a shoulder strap.

It is also a stool that you can fold to support it in the most comfortable way.

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9 Best Surface Pro 6 Cases for 2020

Finishing case for Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If you’re looking for a bag that gives your Surface Pro 6 a super stylish look, the Fintie bag is for you. This option offers all kinds of designs – it all depends on what you want! This does not give maximum protection, but it should be able to absorb small drops and the like. This should also protect your device from scratches. As you can imagine, you can fold it from different angles to get the best viewing perspective.

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As you can see, you have many options for Surface Pro 6. If you are looking for something that gives you maximum protection or an edge on your playing style, then there is something for you on this list. What do you want? Let us know in the comment section below!

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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