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8 Smallest ATX PC Cases for 2020

8 Smallest ATX PC Cases for 2020

If you live in a small space, you probably won’t find large PC cases that offer enough space for a complex water cooling system and several powerful graphics cards that are just as exciting as those of other PC enthusiasts. But the fact that you have to do every square centimeter doesn’t mean you can’t build a PC with an ATX motherboard. All you have to do is be smart and buy one of the smallest ATX PC enclosures on the market.

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In fact, you have to be very careful with what you buy in the form of small ATX boxes. If you do not do this correctly, you may get a medium ATX or micro ATX box that does not work with a normal ATX card. However, we’ve done most of the research for you – if you follow us below, we’ll show you the best small ATX PC enclosures you can find today. So they’re here without further ado:

Smaller ATX PC cases

1. Thermal input core V21

Thermaltake is a big name in computer casings, so you will see his name several times in our list. However, the Core V21 is definitely worthwhile if you want a discreet folder that can contain a lot of details.

In fact, you can get this model in different motherboard sizes, but this model usually supports the Micro ATX type – they have an ATX model, but this model is much larger.

It is equipped with a pair of pre-installed case fans and 2 USB 3.0 ports, a headset port, a microphone and an internal compartment for various hard drives.

You can use it in vertical or horizontal orientation of the motherboard.

Buy now: here

8 Smallest ATX PC Cases for 2020

2. Main cooler HAF XB EVO

We really like the work Cooler Master does with HAF XB EVO. You can get this ATX compatible box in different sizes – this box is usually a LAN box, but both the tower and the middle tower are available.

Supports up to 4 conventional hard drives or semiconductor hard drives with interchangeable cells. There are a number of USB 3.0 ports and standard slots for headphones and microphones. One of the unique advantages of this loudspeaker is that all cooling support is integrated directly into the loudspeaker and with the existing fans.

This unit makes it possible to cool liquids and there is room for a 240 mm cooler.

Buy now: here

8 Smallest ATX PC Cases for 2020

3. Thermal input core G3

Next we have the Thermaltake Core G3 computer housing. This model has a compact and micro slim housing that fits perfectly on your desk or in your living room and allows you to move around easily, for example for parties on a local network.

One of the special features of the Core G3 is the ability to customize the system for a horizontal or vertical layout, allowing you to customize your system in a unique way. It also has a floating GPU design. A special attachment allows you to put your GPU in the foreground by rotating the front of the GPU for a unique and unprecedented look.

It comes with a pair of 120mm fans to cool your appliance and they are pre-installed!

The Thermaltake Core G3 is the ultra-thin ATX enclosure with only 81 seats in2, the smallest of all ATX PC enclosures in the previous list, designed to meet the needs of virtual reality gamers. A graphics card with a maximum length of 310 mm, two 3.5/2.5 memory devices and a tower processor cooler with a maximum height of 110 mm can be installed in the case. The only part you cannot put in the box is a standard ATX power supply, because the G6 heat absorption core is designed for SFX (small form factor) power supplies such as the Corsair SF600.

Buy now: here

8 Smallest ATX PC Cases for 2020

4. Riotoro CR1080

The Riotoro CR1080 is one of the smallest ATX enclosures you can buy today that supports full-size ATX motherboards, power supplies and graphics cards. The enclosure features a unique two-chamber design that provides fantastic cooling efficiency and easy installation of all components. The Riotoro CR1080 has seven expansion slots at the rear and two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone jack and a headphone jack at the top.

Buy now: here

8 Smallest ATX PC Cases for 2020

5. Fracture construction Definition C

The fractal pattern that defines the C doesn’t try to please everyone. The minimalist aesthetic leaves no space for the reader compartments and an opaque, sound-absorbing material is used on both side walls instead of a transparent plexiglass window. But if you’re one of those who prefer cold efficiency over flash memory, you’ll fall in love with Fractal Design Define C’s intelligent interior design, thermal and acoustic properties and flexible storage options of up to 5 drives. A graphics card with a maximum length of 315 mm can be installed in the case, and all ATX power supplies with a maximum depth of 175 mm must be able to be installed without any problems.

Buy now: here

6. Raijintec Tethys

This cute little aluminum ATX PC case proves that lesser known brands sometimes offer an unparalleled value. The Raijintek, the world’s leading manufacturer of computer components, is compatible with standard ATX power supplies, comes with two pre-installed 120mm fans and is equipped with high quality tempered glass side panels and a deep black finish on the inside. The only limitation of this beautiful and surprisingly inexpensive ATX PC case is the maximum length of the graphics card, which is only 280 mm. But as long as your graphics card keeps it, this is a fantastic buy.

7. AeroCool V2X

AeroCool V2X is the most affordable small enclosure for the ATX PCs on this list and also the most traditional look. Unlike other models, AeroCool V2X offers two external bays for 5.25 drives, in addition to two internal bays for 5.25 drives, two internal bays for 3.5 drives and an internal bay for 2.5 drives located at the bottom of the housing. With a traditional design, the AeroCool V2X can hold graphics cards up to 320 mm and processor coolers up to 150 mm. This small ATX PC case impresses with its assembly quality, versatility and logical internal organization.

8. NZXT H500

At the top of our list is the case of the NZXT H500 for the middle tower. This model offers compact styling, but does not sacrifice high-end design or feel – in fact, it’s a one-piece design with the elegant styling unique to the NZXT H Series. It is standard available in black and white, but you can also get it in four other colour combinations.

It features a fully tempered glass panel that allows you to see the design of your PC. It’s perfect for viewing the unique RGB illumination of your components. Several other features of this system are also supplied with chilled water and it even has its own cable management system.

It has a two-stage cable management bus and a cable management set behind the motherboard. Velcro® straps allow changes to be made during use, while keeping the system as a whole extremely accurate.

Small PC cases ATX decision

There are many surprisingly flat cases for ATX PCs, but finding the ideal case with so many different options can be almost impossible. However, we believe that we have put together some of the best options available to you today. Which one are you taking? Or, if you already have one, let us know in the comment section below!

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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