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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

Today, everything can work wirelessly. Flat screen TVs, printers and even a computer mouse can be connected to different devices without the need for uncomfortable wires and cables. Using technologies such as Bluetooth, infrared and Wi-Fi, the device can communicate with other people by means of signals penetrating through the waves. For those who prefer to connect their monitor wirelessly, there are products on the market that can offer this advantage. That’s why we even made a list of the top eight wireless computer monitors and accessories for 2020. We all want computer and entertainment systems that work without cables and wires to prevent clutter and clutter.

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If so, would it be possible to have computer monitors with the same settings?

What do you see now? Join us to browse this list and find out how to connect the monitor to your motherboard or laptop without any restrictions or limitations!

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It’s worth mentioning that there are only a few real wireless monitors available today, and they don’t always work very well. This usually happens because most graphics cards are unable to view media and video content and then transmit it wirelessly, such as Bluetooth or WiFi. However, some of the things we show below use a cable such as a USB cable to transfer video content between a video card or laptop and another monitor.

Here are some of our favorite options:

best wireless computer monitor

8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

1. Dell S2317HWi

Simply connect your smartphone or laptop to the Dell S2317HWi and you get a wireless connection you’ll love. Since there are no wires or cables to worry about, you don’t have to think about compatible plugs and drivers to make everything work. And with Wi-Fi technology, you only need to connect once to be ready to use.

Communication with the S2317HWi provides multi-tasking control, which you can normally detect with a mobile device. Since the monitor is 23 inches larger, you will see a multi-window mount in different light conditions.

This isn’t just a simple wireless screen, the base is actually a wireless charging cradle where you can leave your Qi-compatible smartphone while communicating with your phone via the screen. You can also use it as a great entertainment device thanks to its bright HD display, built-in 3W speakers and additional connections for VGA, HDMI and audio.

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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

2. ASUS MB168B

It may not have the most attractive name, but the ASUS MB168B is a good choice for a portable monitor on the go. This model features a 15.6-inch high definition display and uses a USB 3.0 cable for power and data transfer. The resolution is not the best, in fact only 366 x 768. It’s not ideal for movies and TV shows yet, but it allows you to work on the big screen on the go.

So, although it’s not exactly wireless, the USB cable here offers excellent portability.

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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

3. Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2

Actiontec’s ScreenBeam Mini2 is mainly developed for use in mobile phones to display a mirror image on a TV set. However, if you use it on Windows 7, 8 or 10, you will get the same high quality results when you buy a kit.

Unfortunately iOS is currently not supported. With the Mini2, which has its own wireless connection, you can connect your computer directly to a receiver connected to any monitor, without having to make a Wi-Fi connection. The kit supports video up to 1080p at 30 frames per second and 2-channel stereo for audio.

Thanks to the 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band signal and the two internal antennas, you are assured of flawless video and audio transmission without delay. What makes ScreenBeam special is the certification it receives from Microsoft and Intel in terms of compatibility and user-friendliness.

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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.


To connect your laptop to a quality monitor with HDMI and USB ports, you can use NETGEAR PTV3000 to share presentations or documents without messy cables. The wireless receiver can process 1080p video and surround sound in transparent quality as if the HDMI cable were actually connected.

And because it works with devices that support Miracast and WiDi, you can easily connect to NETGEAR.

The PTV3000 is actually a small but powerful monster. Although it is less than 10 cm wide, it is very well adapted to your streaming or mirroring needs. It’s so portable, you can take your NETGEAR wireless receiver almost anywhere because it fits comfortably in your pocket. And because the PTV3000 is powered via USB, it’s convenient to connect it to a monitor, as most of them have HDMI and USB ports, which are usually located at the back.

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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

5. Nyrius ARIES Pro publisher

Nyrius ARIES not only frees its users from the cables and wires that normally make customers dependent on restrictions. But because the signal range of their radio receiver screens is more than 30 metres, they are also shielded from floors, walls and ceilings.

It’s also ideal for displaying your notebook screen, or you can use it for a familiar wired monitor and make it wireless for your comfort. Imagine giving presentations without short and cumbersome HDMI cables that can cost hundreds if purchased more than a hundred metres away!

Supports resolutions up to 1080p and direct streaming of both audio and video, even for video games with hardcopy graphics. It is 3D compatible and can work with complex home theatre systems, DTS and even Dolby Surround.

Thanks to GigaXtreme technology built into your Wi-Fi system, you can be sure your connection won’t be interrupted without delay on nearby Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices.

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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

6. Microsoft P3Q-00001

For frequent Windows users, the P3Q-00001 is the leading wireless display receiver because it is as simple and straightforward as possible. No extra buttons, nothing to press, and the configuration is very simple. It works seamlessly with Tablet PC Surface, making it easy to create ink presentations, work with documents, and use other Microsoft Office software.

P3Q-00001 is Wi-Fi certified, so you can not only use limited applications or content, but also mirror everything on your screen and turn it into a wireless computer monitor! At a reasonable distance of 23 feet you can do almost anything you want in this area.

The flexibility of a simple device lies not only in the reflection, but also in the extension of the display and the connection of a wired HDMI cable.

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7. Chrome Cast Iron Ultra

The Chromecast Ultra is not exactly a wireless computer monitor, but it is actually a wireless monitor adapter. You can connect Chromecast Ultra to your TV or monitor, then connect it to WiFi and play all kinds of content from your phone to your monitor or TV.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, Chromecast Ultra lets you stream documents, photos, videos, movies, TV shows, presentations and more.

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8 Best Wireless Computer Monitor by 2020.

8. Microsoft v2 Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft has the P3Q-00001, a wireless display adapter, but they now have a second version that improves almost everything compared to the original. The second version allows you to wirelessly project what’s on your tablet, laptop or smartphone onto a large screen. With this adapter you can easily enjoy movies, home videos, photos, games, websites and more.

It’s very easy to travel with – just glue the ends together and it shrinks.

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Best wireless computer monitor rating

In this list, only Dell has been able to create a monitor that supports wireless connection to devices via the internal Wi-Fi system. However, it’s quite surprising that Dell has been able to equip its monitor with an additional charging function for Qi-compatible devices.

But in the other four shots, which are all wireless receivers and adapters, the Nyrius ARIES is recognized as the winner with a wide range of features that truly define what it means to experience limitless entertainment. And it’s not only the range, which is 30 meters, but also the audio, video and device support that it provides for demanding users.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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