If you want to create a game with white themes, it’s best to start with the best white PC case you can find. The most common PC cases are dark or red in color, so it may be a little harder to get white with reasonable characteristics than you think. But don’t worry – we’ve also compiled a list for this problem, which will include some of the best cases of white PCs. Let’s take a look at some of these solutions.

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1. NZXT H500i PC enclosure

The first on our list of the best white PC cases is the NZXT H500i, which is actually a smart case that combines the features of the GRID+ and HUE+ controllers. It offers a pleasant but simple exterior design, although it has RGB lighting that can be controlled by software and fans.

The design also reduces the noise level, making your PC about 40% quieter. Talk about fans and noise: This model is supplied with two Aer F prefabricated fans and can also accommodate three 120 mm or 1wo 140 mm cooling systems at the rear and the same at the front of the enclosure. On the side it has a panel of tempered glass to show off your design and show it to everyone.

You don’t have a problem with cable management either, because this mounting provides tapes and channels that keep the cables away from you at all times. Finally, there is enough space for four 2.5 or two 3.5 storage devices.

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2. Thermal imager V1 SPCC Mini ITX cube

Then we have a cubic PC case that allows us to make large expansions. This is of course the case with the Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube PC, which is also equipped with a double modular rack structure. In other words, it is divided into two chambers, with the upper chamber providing highly efficient cooling, while the lower chamber can store components that do not generate too much heat and can also be used for highly efficient cable management.

What’s more, this PC case is perfect for both liquid and air-cooled configurations. It is also equipped with 2.5 and 3.5 disc cabinets, which can make the interior even more spacious, hence its excellent cooling performance.

The housing itself offers several attachment points to which different types of coolers can be attached, such as water or air coolers for do-it-yourself and AIO. You can even combine them and improve ventilation by creating a high-tech solution on the go.

The side panels of this case are interchangeable, so you can easily change the appearance of your case. And not only that, but the design itself allows you to clean it quickly and easily whenever you want. Not that it gets dirty too often, thanks to the dust filters that can also be removed. In short, it is an excellent case, completely white and more than capable of adapting and complementing your white surroundings.

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8 Best White PC Cases for 2020

3. Thermalake Versa N21 Snow edition

Then we have a beautifully designed Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow Edition, which is not entirely white, but is still on the list and has many excellent features.

The Versa N21 features a transparent panel specially designed to attract and control players. The top and front panels are glossy and give a very modern, professional and elegant look. The design is quite nice and the hull is worth mentioning, even though it is the only feature. Fortunately that is not the case and this case has much more to offer.

It is raised with the footrests at the bottom for better air circulation and cooling. Then there is a transparent triangular window on the side of the housing, through which the fittings can be seen on the inside. The panel can be easily removed without tools, which is a good thing that simplifies these problems and makes it easy to install the structure and equipment.

In addition, the three-wheel cabinet concept offers more than enough space for storage compartments and other accessories. Hidden I/O ports are also available, with two standard USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port on the top of the enclosure.

As said the ventilation is quite good and has been further improved by lifting the hull off the ground. The housing is supplied with a 120 mm rear mounted extraction fan and extraction fans. Dust filters inside prevent your case from getting dirty, and pre-assembled holes for the motherboard ensure excellent air circulation.

After all, we love this model and we are sure that it will perfectly suit your playground equipment if you are looking for a white suitcase that does not stand out from the crowd, in addition to its beautiful design and efficiency.

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8 Best White PC Cases for 2020

4. white carbide pirate

Of course, the Corsair product will have to come on the market sooner or later, and this year it will probably be one of the best. It’s expensive enough, but you’ll soon realize it was worth every penny.

On the outside it is not completely white and on the inside it is not white at all, but it does have properties and provides excellent airflow to the components that need it most. After all, this case is not designed to be the whitest, but one of the most light-hearted on the market.

The design is quite compact, which is the result of an intelligent construction. This gives you a lot of space inside for air circulation and keeps the units cool. Moreover, thanks to the compact and smart design, you can easily see the inside of the case and have enough space for your equipment.

The front of the housing is also equipped with a dust filter, which prevents the housing from getting dirty quickly, which is also a pleasant haptic. In general, it is not a cheap deal, but it is very efficient and practical, and of course – white.

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8 Best White PC Cases for 2020

5. Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Compact Central Tower Chassis

To complete this list, we finally have a Corsair model that allows you to install a nice white PC case in a rather limited space. This model fits in almost any limited space because it is very compact.

However, it is also sufficiently illuminated so that your system shines and delivers high performance at the same time. It is equipped with RGB fans, excellent airflow and an excellent design that further improves the airflow and efficiency of the PC. Fans and side filters ensure that all dust gets in and out of your equipment, prolonging the life and productivity of your assembly.

The housing also supports liquid cooling and has a glass panel to enjoy the light show that takes place inside thanks to the RGB fans. This is an excellent template to complete the list, but also for any player who doesn’t have a lot of free space but wants to make an elegant setup.

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8 Best White PC Cases for 2020

6. InWin 303 White computer case

Then there’s InWin 303, another white body on the outside, but that can’t be said of the inside. The housing is a central steel tower. It has a glass side panel that can be easily removed at the push of a button. The enclosure also has a double chamber design that improves cooling performance, as we have seen with other solutions.

Speaking of cooling, this model can support different sizes of water cooling systems. There is even enough space for a 360 mm radiator that can be placed on top and a 120 mm liquid cooling system that easily fits on the back of the crate. Both sides can also support fans, even if they are only 120 mm long. A 3,120 mm fan can be mounted on the underside of the case to ensure a constant flow of air through the whole case and keep it cool.

What’s more, the enclosure provides even more storage space for a wide range of devices, including multiple SSDs and hard drives, up to seven PCI-E expansion slots, and more. It is a large hull that is completely white on the outside, but as we have already said, the same cannot be said of the inside.

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8 Best White PC Cases for 2020

7. InWin 101

We’ve seen what InWin 303 has to offer, but now – let’s look at the 101 analogs, which are among the whitest cases you can find. It is a simple model with minimalist elements, with a bright white color inside and outside. Moreover, it is a robust, highly functional and totally useless case of serious disease. In this case, there will be no passionate bragging, and it is designed to be effective and serious.

Of course it has a number of elegant features, such as the glass side panel that can be easily removed from the white metal frame. This is a good case for games, intensive video editing and other types of work. It offers plenty of space and you can significantly improve cooling capacity by supporting up to six fans.

The case also contains a special holder for the GPU, which is located above the other parts of the set. In this way, vibrations are minimized and the GPU is not damaged by heat from other sources. Another feature that makes this case elegant and modern is the blue LED strip in the front corner of the case.

It’s certainly not much, but it’s really important, and it sets the case apart from the old school case of 20 years ago.

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8 Best White PC Cases for 2020

8. EUGA DG-77

Next we have one of the largest and broadest white PC cases you can find in this list – EVGA DG-77. And that’s not all, this model is one of the whitest, thanks to its very white exterior, and just like the white interiors you won’t see too often.

The model comes with pre-installed fans in black, but you can easily switch to white if you need it. Thanks to the glass panel on the side, the fans are visible, so if you go in white, you might need them. In addition, this mid-size tower cabinet also has a full-size power supply cabinet and ample space for CPU coolers up to 5.9 inches long and GPUs up to 15.4 inches.

When it comes to coolers for your processor, the EVGA DG-77 can accommodate coolers up to 360mm in length. In other words, the model should not be too limited in the choice of material, as most sizes are generally suitable.

All in all, it is one of the largest and safest solutions you can find for snow and it offers a totally white experience indoors and outdoors. It’s not the cheapest option, but it will certainly make your installation look fantastic.

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* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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