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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

Choosing the PC enclosure with the best airflow can be crucial for the durability of your PC and the protection of your equipment. With the tendency to overheat, your PC can suffer greatly if you use a poorly designed PC case. Small activities such as surfing shouldn’t be a problem, but if you like to play or if your work requires heavy and powerful software, you can get into a lot of trouble.

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That’s why we’ve compiled a long list of the best air-cooled PC cases to make sure all your hardware stays cool. If you are looking for a new PC case or if you want to build a new PC from scratch, you will find what you need here. Let’s get started.

Best PC Air Cabinet

1. Buccaneer SPEC-02Carbide series

First of all we have the Corsair SPEC-02 series of carbide, which can easily be described as one of Corsair’s best cases. This model is an evolution of the SPEC-01, and although the differences between them are usually small, we still like them a lot. In terms of design and ventilation, the most important aspects of this list are almost the same, except that at the bottom there is an extra groove for another 120 mm fan, which is already a considerable improvement.

Because of the airflow coming from the front of the housing, we prefer this model over SPEC-04 or DELTA. Even if this model is not the latest – it will cool your equipment better, which is why it is on the list, and the others are not.

It can also support two 120 mm fans at the front and one at the back. Two more are at the top and one at the bottom, which means you get a total of six, which is more than enough to guarantee a constant air flow at all times.

Unfortunately only two fans will be pre-installed, and the rest will have to be added manually. There is one at the front, which has a red LED, and one at the back, which has no LED. But these two fans are of exceptional quality and will probably keep you cool for a long time while you keep your PC cool.

As already mentioned, the case itself has excellent ventilation at the front, which in many cases cannot be offered. Instead, they fill in more vents and leave air circulation spaces at the top, bottom or side. In addition, you also have a dust extractor on the front panel, although it is neither top nor bottom equipped with a dust extractor.

This model is also quite spacious, which means that it is suitable for long GPUs and allows easy installation of hard drives, and it offers an excellent location for SDD-bays. You shouldn’t have any problems with cable management either – it’s not impressive, but decent enough.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

2. The enthusiasm of Phantek Pro M

If you are looking for the best solution for the intermediate tower, one of the best you can find is the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M. In this particular case, there are many excellent cooling features, ample storage space and quite impressive quality. In addition, it has a professional and elegant appearance thanks to its design with tempered glass on the side of the case.

In other words: This model not only keeps your PC cool, but also makes it look nice. It also supports motherboards in E-ATC format. As mentioned before, there is a lot of space inside, so you can fill it with material while having a well-ventilated housing.

The ventilation is also increased with a 120/140 mm fan, which is directed backwards, upwards and forwards. In addition, an optical disc can be installed via the 5.25 inch slot. It also supports water cooling if you want it, and extra fans if you want to add more. Above all, it is very affordable and makes it possible to lay the cable perfectly.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

3. Rosewill Gaming Challenger S

Now, if you need a unique budget solution, you need the Rosewill Gaming Challenger S. It’s a fantastic package that offers great airflow despite the low price that comes with the design. The material it’s made of isn’t scary, but it’s not that big. This has made the case relatively cheap, which works well for those who need a less expensive solution.

However, we also believe that it has exceptional features that make it worthy of our list. First of all, we have to make sure it is an excellent choice when it comes to compatibility. They integrate into a full ATX motherboard and a long GPU. The case itself is equipped with two 5.25-inch ODD bays and three 3.5-inch HDD bays, which is good enough on its own. Then there is enough space behind the motherboard for cabling and even space to install new coolers for your processor. Even better, you can replace it at any time without removing the motherboard.

Then there is a side panel with a cellular grille that allows you to ventilate well, and you can even increase the air flow by installing up to two 120 mm fans. Unfortunately there is no transparent window in the housing, which would further impede cooling, but this is normal because it is equipped with two 120 mm fans pre-installed with BLUE LEDs. These two fans are located at the front and another lead-free fan is located at the rear.

We admit that the fans are not so good when it comes to quality, they are indeed quite simple. But at least you don’t have to buy new ones right away. However, if you want emergency fans, you can add two more above. This way you have enough fans to keep your units cool in any situation, which is great if you live in a naturally warm area.

There are also dust filters at the top and front, although there are no dust filters at the bottom, so dust can accumulate quite quickly.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

4. Main cooler H500M

In fourth place is the Cooler Master H500M, another excellent solution that really focuses on airflow. As the trend goes back to airflow cabinets, many were very excited to see what Cooler Master was going to invent. Of course, when they released their H500P, it had some design flaws that were heavily criticised.

Fortunately, the company already had plans to produce the H500M and we are happy that the feedback was received in time. That’s why we think the H500M is a much better option, with excellent acoustic performance, stable build quality, an excellent cooling system and even an RGB controller that allows full fan control.

The design of the case is also very modern, with excellent lighting features that do not require support from the motherboard. The connections are also quite good and it is equipped with two 200 mm inlet fans to improve the airflow. Simply put, this is an important case that has not revealed any significant problems or specific gaps in the tests.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

5. Silverstone RL05BR-WTechnique

Another relatively inexpensive but fully functional solution is the SilverStone RL05BR-W technology. This is a mini-ITX chassis that is becoming more and more popular due to its excellent performance and that is receiving fairly positive feedback from more and more customers, which has encouraged even more people to try it.

The case itself is equipped with 140 mm fans pre-assembled on the front of the case, which seems to serve it well, as it tends to squeeze more cold air into the case. You can also add a 240/280 mm cooler or two additional 120/140 mm fans.

In terms of hull design, it has a very modern and professional look thanks to its mesh front panel. It also has a dust filter and a separate filter for the power supply, which is very practical. It is compatible with longer GPUs and allows the installation of two hard drives or SDDs. The only real disadvantage is that you have to limit yourself to four storage devices, one by one.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

6. NZXT H700i

Then we have the NZXT H700i, which is a pretty good solution if you are looking for a great PC case in the middle of the tower. Originally released in 2017, this model is still one of the best solutions today. It is easy to manage and install, and it really deserves to be called a smart company. The nickname itself is associated with a new intellectual center powered by the company’s CAM software.

The housing makes it possible to control both your fans and the RGB LED. There is also the possibility of machine learning, always finding the best balance between cooling and sound, so you have cool hardware and a quiet PC at your disposal.

It comes with four pre-installed fans and two RGB strips. However, depending on the size of the fans, it can easily support even more. You can attach two 140 mm fans at the front or use three 120 mm fans in push/pull mode. The same goes for the top panel, with two 140 mm or three 120 mm fans. The back panel can only contain a 120 mm fan, but we think that’s more than enough to keep your PC cool.

It also supports virtually all motherboards, including Mini-ITX, ATX, MicroATX and EATX. You don’t have to worry about cable management either, as there are four different cable management channels that also have built-in cable ties. All this really makes this model a bit more expensive, but we are sure it will cost every penny. The only real disadvantage is that the hard disk space is somewhat limited and it does not support USB C drives.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

7. Freezer TX central tower TESSERACT SW

Then we have a very nice DeepCool TX Mid Tower Tesseract SW, which is almost in the same price range as the Corsair Carbide Spec-02 series. Note that the quality of this model is not as good as the Cooler Master of Corsair. However, it is a nice and cheap option from a less known company, so in our opinion it still deserves a place on the list.

Remember, when we say it’s not as good as Corsair or Cooler Master, it doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Not on this level. It consists of plastic and SPCC, which is normally used for budget solutions, but can easily support virtually all motherboards and key components.

It provides excellent support for a wide range of storage devices with a total of 7 disk bays so that 3 SSDs and 4 hard drives can be installed without tools. It’s mostly plug-and-play, which we really enjoyed.

One of the disadvantages, however, is that it doesn’t take much time, so the longer video cards will probably not be suitable. You can find a way to get them in, although this may ruin the installation of the wiring and storage device. However, 2 graphics fan GPUs fit together without any problem. The cable management is not impressive, but it is decent enough not to have any problems.

Now let’s talk about cooling. It’s actually the cooling system that gives us real value and why it’s on the list. First of all, it has a mesh front panel that provides fairly good ventilation from top to bottom. It is also equipped with a 120 mm BLUE LED fan, which is pre-installed. Another is on the back, and although the quality is not unusual, you can see them both thanks to the transparent side panel, which also has two extra slots for 120 mm fans.

You can also mount two additional 120 mm fans, ensuring excellent and balanced airflow at all times. You can’t install a radiator there, but it has to fit in the back. In general, the model has a fairly balanced cooling system with excellent air circulation, a pleasant design and a decent quality.

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8 Best Airflow Case for PCs in 2020

8. Main cooler C700P 4.0/46

After all, the Cooler Master solution should be on the list sooner or later. Thirdly, we have a Cosmos C700P model that is very similar to the original Cosmos, especially in terms of price and overall quality.

However, we still believe that this decision costs more than money. The first thing you will notice is the design, very beautiful, with a smooth color palette and a curved glass panel. However, the design is not the only thing that surpasses this model, the characteristics are just as good, if not better.

First, this model easily supports high-end components, including oversized GPUs and E-ATX motherboards. It also supports Mini-ITX, ATX and Micro-ATX systems, so no matter which system is used, they all integrate seamlessly. This has to do with the fact that it is a complete tower ship with a large surface area, which means that you have enough space to clear it.

The dimensions are 639 x 306 x 651 mm, which makes this case not ideal for small parts, but a solid cooling system and a lot of space is needed. It also features discreet RGB illumination, which means you won’t be distracted while playing or working. It also supports fans of all sizes, a heat sink, multiple disk bays and has multiple input/output ports, including one for audio/microphone, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

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Best airflow case for PC recovery

If you want to ensure maximum performance of your PC, you should think about a good way to keep your devices cool at all times. Therefore you need the best case with multiple fans, lots of space and a reasonable price. Our list must meet all these requirements, and all that remains is to check and select them.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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