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7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

A wireless mouse pad is more than just a convenient tool; you can charge your smartphone or any other Qi-compatible device without wires or cords. But what if you had a wireless charger that did more than just charge? Recently, some manufacturers have considered equipping their mouse pads with wireless chargers, and these work wonders. Imagine using the mouse pads to charge your wireless mouse when it’s near your computer, close to the mouse, where you can always see it.

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Because this technology offers all the convenience and comfort to consumers, especially those who are often close to their computers, there are several brands and models on the market today. With this list of the best wireless mouse mats of 2020, we hope you’ll find a mouse pad that fits your style and comfort.

Best wireless mouse pad

1. CORSAIR MM1000 QiWireless charging mat

The problem with traditional wireless keyboards is that they only accept Qi-compatible devices. This means that if it’s a completely different device, for example no smartphone or other devices on the Qi list, then these handy chargers are just an accessory. But Corsair wanted to change that perception and create a wireless mouse pad that not only controls wireless mice, but also offers comfort to those who want to experience wireless charging.

The Corsair MM1000 Qi wireless charging mouse pad is the ideal choice for a high quality wireless charging mouse pad. For example, you can charge any Qi device, whether it’s Android, iPhone or any other intermediate device. As with the block version, turn the Qi on in the settings of your device, if any, and simply place it on the floor. However, the MM1000 is a bit different. You must place the device on the load symbol in the upper right corner of the mouse pad.

The nice thing is the included Qi charging adapter, which can be plugged into a mini-USB, flash or USB-C port. Imagine being able to charge any device in a Corsair mouse pad wirelessly, even if it’s not Qi-compatible.

And a wireless mouse pad is not just for charging Qi via smartphones or other gadgets. Corsair has ensured that its Dark Core RGB SE wireless gaming mouse also benefits from smart technology.

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7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

2. Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System

As part of its mission to revolutionize gaming, the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Loading System is designed to solve problematic and controversial input device problems using a powerful wireless mouse that constantly loads your game mouse onto the mouse pad. You won’t fall back on the days when a wireless mouse slows down because the battery is low.

While the mouse pad can be charged wirelessly like any other brand, the Powerplay system uses electromagnetic resonance. Thanks to this technology, the charging space is increased exponentially, unlike older models that can only be charged in a limited area, usually as large as the width of the smartphone. This technology works with a module in a compatible game mouse that converts the electromagnetic field into a charging current.

In addition to Powerplay, Logitech also introduced innovative Lightspeed technology to solve the problem of connecting a game mouse by placing the receiver in the top left corner of the mouse pad. This not only charges the mat for the technology, but also ensures that the wireless mouse is always connected to the receiver, which is not only closer, but also more specialized and integrated. With advanced technical solutions built into the system, from sensors to the antenna, Logitech was able to transmit data wirelessly in 1 ms, which was only possible with a wired configuration.

The charging system only applies to Logitech game mice, but since the mouse will always work for a lifetime, it’s worth buying, especially if you’re a gamer looking for speed, with no restrictions on cables or cords.

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7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

3. Redragon P025 Qi 10w Wireless RGB Quick Charge with illuminated mouse pad

While most players prefer to invest in productivity-enhancing equipment, others want to make the most of this purchase by getting bundled offers or considering value that affects everything on a large scale. Imagine an RGB game mouse pad that allows you to charge your smartphone or Qi-compatible device while still having an advantage in the game. Here the Redragon P025 does the wireless charging of the RGB backlit mouse pad perfectly.

Although the RGB light already turns on when in use, it may come as a surprise that the wireless charger can generate 10W, which is perfect for charging high-end smartphones. To ensure that your phone and mouse pad are not damaged, Redragon has installed overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating protection.

But one of the best features you get is that you don’t have to install any software to configure the RGB lamps with your mouse pad. Thanks to the buttons on the bulletin board, where you can select more than 7 shades and lighting modes, you can feel what it’s like to be a player without spending a lot of money. With a smooth surface and a solid rubber base, you know you have a great mouse pad for wireless charging.

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7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

4. Wireless Mouse PadZOFINE

If you are looking for a stylish mouse pad, Zofine’s wireless charging mat is more than just the right choice. The mat is made entirely of polyurethane leather – it’s more than just a luxurious look that invites you to use the mouse pad more often. The material used makes the seal resistant to dust and water – properties you will appreciate, especially if you want a clean, messy seal.

If you own fast rechargeable smartphones such as Samsung or Huawei, to name a few, you will be happy to know that a wireless mouse pad charge can generate up to 10W Qi from the mousepad panel to the device. The charging capacity can be compared to wired charging, because 10W is very demanding, especially for wireless Qi. This prevents the use of cables or wires, which are sometimes uncomfortable or even unpleasant.

When it comes to safety and reliability, Zofine’s wireless rechargeable mouse pad is supported by an anti-slip base that largely prevents accidents caused by unconscious use. It also provides protection against voltage spikes, temperature fluctuations, short-circuit problems and even voltage incompatibilities. The mouse pad and any loaded device is always protected and safe.

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7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

5. MAD GIGA keyboard charger for wireless mouse

If you’re a crazy gamer and never settle for little mouse pads that can’t keep up with your game style, the Mad Giga Wireless Mousepad Charger is worth the trip. With a mouse pad that’s three times as long, you’ll have plenty of room, especially for systems with long screens and intense interaction.

But a mouse pad is not just for playing. You can also charge your smartphones and other Qi-compatible devices using the charging plate on the left side of the website. Although, like everything else, it costs 5W, 7.5W or 10W for your smartphones and other Qi-compatible gadgets, the difference lies in the manufacturer’s confidence that you can keep your cases in place. Other wireless mouse pads have limited charging capacity, so remove the phone cover before placing it on the panel. So even if you have a very thick body, even 6 mm thick, Mad Giga confirms that the charge would still be flawless.

There are also 11 lighting modes that are controlled by a button on the bottom of the charging panel. You can choose from 7 colours and keep them static, or you can choose between the breath mode and the roll mode of the LEDs.

The quality of the mouse pad has also been carefully designed by selecting ultra-flat mouse fibres to allow for less dragging and dropping, more fluidity and smoother navigation. The base is also safely protected by a rubber mat that prevents it from slipping off any surface on which the mouse pad is placed.

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7 Best Wireless Mouse Pad Charging Pads in 2020.

6. GAZEPAD Qi Wireless Quick Load Mouse Pad

Fast charging doesn’t have to be bothersome and limited, as the GazePad Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Mat allows you to charge your Qi-compatible device simply by placing it on the G on the right side of the mat. The loading speed of the pellet is also very important, because the pellet has three loading coils instead of one, which is not very satisfactory. At the same time, the cargo space is also larger, which is perfect for those who subconsciously install their phone to charge it.

The size of the mouse pad is also remarkable, it is 14.1 by 8.6 inches. To get an idea of how much space a mouse pad should take up in your workspace, you can place some paper of legal size in your mouse or smartphone, or you can place something larger, such as a tablet, to load the qi.

Move your mouse or load your stuff with style and comfort thanks to a polyurethane leather surface that prevents your stuff from slipping and moving on the mouse pad. You can also choose a black, grey, brown or midnight blue shade.

You can also find two USB-C slots, one on the right side and one in the upper right corner. They are arranged according to your settings, whether the adapter is installed horizontally or vertically next to the mouse pad.

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7. RICOV-Qi Bar Certified Wireless Charger

Most wireless mouse pads are underwater and invisible, which makes the charging area of the mouse pad a bit confusing for some people. However, Ricov’s Qi-certified wireless charging panel solved this problem by separating the panel and charging panel in one case. The difference between the two parts is obvious, even for those unfamiliar with the technology, thanks to the different materials used for the charger and the mouse pad.

The wireless charging panel generates a current of 5V and 1000mA, more than enough to provide a decent amount of juice for high-end smartphones such as the iPhone X, Samsung S8, Google Nexus 6, HTC 8X and others that support Qi technology.

Thanks to the fact that one side is made of polyurethane and the other of tempered glass, you can feel the art of making a mouse pad. In fact, Ricov guarantees its customers that its product will perform at the level of excellence they expect.

Which mouse pad stands out?

While the items in this list allow you to charge your wireless device as you wish, some items you are considering charging on the panel may still fit on your device without removing the case. After all, technology that offers convenience without cable ties must offer the highest level of comfort.

With regard to the loudspeaker and the way the charging station is installed, it is of course easier and more convenient to place the device in a separate room for wireless charging. With less time to maintain your phone and more time to live with your computer, you can even put a Qi-compatible device at a glance, as opposed to a modest, non-obtrusive design.

For other functions, the RGB light would be very useful when using your mouse pad for gaming. Otherwise the polyurethane skins must be more than decent. And for your safety, you’re looking for a wireless mouse pad that protects against possible accidents related to voltage, load and sudden power surges.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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