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7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or simply hate the tiredness of your wrist after long hours of typing? Then you have to think about separating the mechanical keyboard. The best split mechanical keyboards are designed to make typing more tolerant for long hours. These keyboards are also useful for gaming, programming and other professional work.

Separate mechanical keyboards are quickly becoming popular with office workers, journalists, gamers, students and others who print a lot. The use of such a keyboard helps maintain the natural position of the hand and minimizes the risk of hand or wrist pain.

As the name suggests, the mechanical keyboard can be divided into two halves. Splitting into halves or fields gives you more flexibility by allowing you to dictate the alignment or position of your wrists and fingers as you type.

Mechanical keyboards also have real physical switches under each key.  When you press a button, also press the switch below it. This function improves the mechanical keyboard, because it is not only more comfortable and faster to use, but also less disturbing.

Mechanical keyboards differ in the switches used, the most popular of which is the Cherry MX. It is also regarded by many as the gold standard for switches.

Switches can be linear, tactile and clickable.  When you press the keys above them, you will hear an audible click. The touch switches are not activated, but when you activate them you feel a slight pressure. Linear switches, on the other hand, combine the properties of clicking and touching; they do not press and respond when the keys above them are pressed.

Thanks to their unique features, the switches can focus on specific types of users.  Linear switches, for example, are ideal for games.  People who print a lot say they find tactile switches more suitable for their work.

Health benefits of individual mechanical keypads:

Separate mechanical keyboards can relieve the pain and discomfort of hours of typing. A unique feature – the ability to split in two and adjust the distance between fields – also means that this type of keyboard can improve your position in front of the computer.

Think about it, we all come in different sizes and shapes. So we have to make sure that our bodies adapt and fit the traditional keyboards. However, a separate keyboard allows you to adjust the distance to your preferred position and adjust better to your posture.

Not only does it improve posture, but it also helps your fingers, wrists and back as you type. Since you can divide the halves as you wish, you can print the width of your shoulders. This allows you to keep your chest open, leading to a more relaxed sitting posture. If you use a mechanically separated keyboard, you no longer need to jump over the keyboard.

The use of an ergonomically designed mechanical keyboard, which is divided into two parts, will help prevent type injuries such as wrist tunnel syndrome and reduce stress and fatigue when typing. Separate mechanical keyboards also offer greater flexibility in the positioning of wrists and fingers, as opposed to traditional keyboards where the wrists have to be kept close together. They can minimize pressure on the nerves and tendons of the wrists and prevent narrowing of the blood vessels.

Performance benefits of individual mechanical keypads:

Separate mechanical keyboards are not only useful for your health. It also has a performance aspect. The fact is that ergonomically separated keyboards are easier and more comfortable to use than a conventionally integrated keyboard. You can also improve typing speed and accuracy.

Mechanical keyboards require a minimum or low operating force to register keystrokes. On the mechanical keypad, press the key halfway to register. It is known, for example, that cherry switches make keystrokes easier to register, even with a light touch, which reduces the work of the fingers and allows faster and more accurate typing. These benefits are especially important for writers, programmers and even players who expect to sign up when they press a key.

Photo Product Available Switches Check the price
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB split style gaming keyboard Cherries MX blue, brown and red.  
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Advantage Kinesis2 Cherries MX Brown & Quiet Red Switch  
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Kinesis Freestyle Pro Cherry MX Brown  
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Programmable mechanical keyboard with separate Koolertron programming Cherries MX black, brown, red, OEM Gaterone black and red  
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Mistel Barocco Split PBT mechanical keyboard Cherries MX black, brown, blue, transparent, natural white and silver  
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Koolertron Macro-split Mechanical Keyboard OEM Outemu Red & Blue  
7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020 Model MD650L Cherry ML (ML1A)  

Kinecis free RGB Freestyle Split Gaming Keyboard

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020
Kinesis is a company known for developing the first ergonomic keyboard in the 1990s. This keyboard is based on a design that the company first published in 2007. However, it has been redesigned into a mechanical keyboard with new functions.

The Kinesis Freestyle RGB mechanical keyboard with separate mechanical keyboard is equipped with 3 Cherry MX mechanical switches. It also comes with a pair of removable wrist rests to keep your hands free from fatigue, even after hours of continuous typing.

This keyboard can be divided into two halves with a maximum distance of 20 inches. Half the keyboard has ten additional keys – eight for macros and two for advanced commands. This makes Kinesis Freestyle’s split mechanical keyboard perfect for almost any use. Includes performance, gaming and streaming, as you can easily place the steam microphone, streaming deck or other elements between the two halves.

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge Keyboard is equipped with a lifting set that can be used to set up a tent in each half of the awning. With this tilting mechanism, each half can be tilted towards the user’s hands. In addition, thick rubber feet are integrated in both plates to prevent them from moving.

This keyboard features an adjustable blue LED backlight with 9 brightness levels and 10 customizable effects. Finally, no software installation is required as it is fully programmable with the SmartSet engine.

Main features:

  • Mechanical switches Cherry MX
  • up to a distance of 20 inches
  • 100% plug and play, no software to install
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome.

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Kinesic advantage2

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Like other separate mechanical Kinesis keyboards, the Kinesis Advantage 2 is specifically designed to minimize the risk of injury from incorrect hand positioning and prolonged finger tension. The position of the keys is specially designed to assign a set of keys to each finger. This reduces fatigue, especially after hours of typing.

Cherry MX Brown’s original mechanical switches are only used to make the Advantage2 input more comfortable. The low operating force and tactile feedback of the switch are not as stressful as other switches. At the same time, each switch is designed for 50 million keystrokes to ensure its operation over many years.

Advantage2 is also fully programmable with the Smart-Set motor without driver. This function allows users to customize the keyboard layout (QWERTY or Dvorak) and record macros in real time. Other features include one-button operation and separate modes for Windows and Mac. Users can also save their custom settings to the 4MB keyboard’s built-in flash memory.

Finally, the Advantage2 plug-and-play is compatible with all major operating systems and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Main features:

  • Mechanical switches Cherry MX Brown
  • 100% plug and play
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Patented design for increased comfort and productivity

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Kinesis Freestyle ProErgonomic Keyboard

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020
Kinesis Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Separate Mechanical Keyboard builds on the success of its predecessor – Freestyle2. The keyboard is easy to install because it can be connected to a Windows or Mac USB port.

It is a fully programmable keyboard with Cherry MX Brown mechanical keys with a tactile response that reduces the impact on the fingertips.

The two sides of the keyboard are separated by a 12-inch cable. If you need more space between the two sides, you can install it with an additional cable that is stored in a secret compartment on the back on the left side of the keyboard. The maximum distance between two halves is 20 inches.

Just like the Freestyle2, this keyboard does not tilt from front to back. The aim is to provide maximum comfort to the user by forcing the wrists into a neutral position, thus avoiding painful stretching exercises. The design contradicts most keyboards with a tilt angle of 10 degrees.

It also supports tent accessories to minimize forearm pronunciation – VIP3 Pro and V3Pro are easy to attach at the bottom and offer 5 degree, 10 degree and 15 degree settings. This accessory should help reduce hand discomfort.

Main features:

  • Mechanical switches Cherry MX
  • up to a distance of 20 inches
  • Equipped with a concealed cable compartment
  • Supports VIP3Pro and V3 Pro accessories to prevent hand discomfort
  • Zero degree tilt for maximum user comfort

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Mechanical keypad with programmable cooling grid separation

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020
The Koolertron’s separate, ergonomic mechanical keyboard has 89 fully programmable keys, making it relatively easy to operate your computer.

You will also find the ability to create eight complex macros that are very useful for creating different characters. This unique tuning option makes a two-piece mechanical keyboard an excellent choice for gamers, designers and even video editors. However, this setting is only available for Windows computers.

This keyboard also has its own built-in MCU. Once configured, the keyboard keys are automatically saved in the MCU of the keyboard. This is an interesting feature because you don’t have to restart the Koolertron keyboard when you replace your computer.

Although it uses the lesser-known Gateron red switches, you can expect this keyboard to help improve speed and accuracy with its extensive anti-jamming feature. Gateron’s red switches are also flexible and responsive.

This keyboard also comes with a detachable 1 meter USB cable, as well as a connection cable and a mini-USB cable, so there are several ways to connect it.  This keyboard weighs about 3 pounds, which can be a bit heavy for some people. But the weight also means that the keyboard is strong enough for intensive playing sessions.

Main features:

  • Has 89 keys, fully programmable
  • With integrated MCU, where the keys of the keyboard are automatically saved
  • Gateron mechanical switches from Cherry MX or OEM
  • Can be connected to a computer via USB and mini-USB.
  • Supports 9 main types of programs

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Mechanical PBT keyboard with split baroque shaft

Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split PBT RGB Keyboard by Mistel with black Cherry MX switches, the Barocco Split PBT Keyboard by Mistel is an ergonomic keyboard with many Cherry MX switches. These include Cherry MX switches in the colors brown, black, blue, clear, white, red and silver. This keyboard is therefore suitable for both gaming and professional use. In addition, it produces no clicks or audible noise, which is known for activating switches, making it ideal for use in the office.

This keyboard is available in two fields or halves. There are three LEDs on the right panel that display information about the input and programming mode. Both sheets are made of matte black ABS plastic and feel quite tight.

In addition, the reduced form factor is perfect for offices with limited space. This gives you more space to position your mouse according to your body shape and helps you avoid hunchbacks. This keyboard is also compact enough to take with you. It weighs about a pound and should be easy to transport.

It is not necessary to download and install layout programming software or keyboard macros, as all settings are made using the keyboard snap.

It comes with a mini USB cable and a micro USB cable. A key extractor is also available, which can remove up to 3 keys for quick and easy removal and cleaning.

Main features:

  • The MX Cherry Switches are perfect for typing and playing.
  • Two built-in presets and three fully programmable configurations
  • LEDs indicate the input and programming mode

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Koolertron macro-fission

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Sometimes an interesting product comes from a relatively incomprehensible company that delivers much of what most conventional products do at a more attractive price. A good example of this product is the Koolertron Macro Split mechanical keyboard.

You can literally split this keyboard in two. This allows it to be used for typing at a neutral angle with minimal pressure and deformation. At the same time, the keyboard does not impair functionality here. In fact, all 62 keys of the keyboard are programmable. The keyboard on the right side can also be easily integrated with the arrow keys for added convenience.

The keyboard is also equipped with 24 combined macro function keys (12 advanced and 12 fast). These keys support up to 792 commands. This allows them to be programmed for both simple and complex usage scenarios. The keyboard is also capable of supporting and storing 4-layer configurations in the MCU of the keyboard.

Finally, the combination of the PBT double-keyed keys and a classic gray-white backlit layout adds to the beauty of the keyboard. It is available in blue and red OEM if you wish.

Main features:

  • Blue and red OEM switching options
  • Built-in MCU with support for 4-level custom configurations
  • 62 programmable keys
  • Unique divisional design

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

Fog MD650L Separate ergonomic mechanical keyboard

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020
Completes the list of the best MD650L Slit key mechanical keypad Mistel’s slit key mechanical keypad.  It has inherited the popular design of the split mistletoe keyboard, but it is unique compared to other cousins because it has 7 additional keys for a total of 69 keys. Seven additional keys are located in the left half to increase functionality without affecting the arrow keys, improving print speed and accuracy.

This mechanical keyboard is equipped with Cherry ML switches, which have a similar power to the Cherry MX Brown. Cherry’s ML switches are known for their low acoustic feedback, making this keyboard ideal for use in office environments. It also has a lighter touch cone than the Cherry MX Brown.

Players will also find this keyboard very easy to use, not only because of the shorter distances the fingers have to travel, but also because it is macro-programmable. The transfer function allows users to customize it according to their preferences. It’s perfect for designers, video editors and even Reddit users.

There are other features of this keyboard that are worth mentioning, such as the anti-hosting program. This reduces errors and improves typing speed for users. Het beschikt ook over handige multimediaknoppen en -schakelaars voor een eenvoudige installatie.

Main features:

  • Uses cherry switches ML /ML1A
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Programmable macro
  • Anti-Hosting
  • Lockable winning key

7 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020



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