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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

Since the beginning of video games, gamers have been looking for higher and more stable frame rates. In recent years, monitor manufacturers have finally started to go beyond 60 frames per second by introducing high-speed game monitors that support adaptive synchronization technologies, such as G-Sync from Nvidia and FreeSync from AMD.

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When milliseconds make the difference between life and death, conventional monitors with a refresh rate of 60 Hz simply cannot compensate for this difference. According to the researchers, many people can see more than 60 images per second, with some people seeing time intervals of up to 2 milliseconds. The ability to cope with higher frame rates improves with increased training, as fighter pilots have shown when seen with 1/255th image accuracy.

In other words, the high framerate monitor can actually make you the best player, not to mention the fact that the more fluid and realistic the action, the more fun the game is. Based on our experience, knowledge and user feedback, we have compiled a list of the top 7 high frame rate monitors for games in 2020.

G-Sync vs FreeSync

More and more game monitor manufacturers are promoting the support of two technologies that promise to bridge the gap between screen and stutter: G-Sync and FreeSync. Although they both deal with the same themes, they each have a completely different approach.

Each G-Sync-compatible monitor has a built-in FPGA module that controls how often the monitor is updated at hardware level. These chips can be quite expensive, and Nvidia also requires manufacturers to pay a license fee to integrate the technology into their monitors. Usually a G-Sync monitor is more expensive than an identical FreeSync monitor.

AMD bases its technology on the Adaptive Sync component of the DisplayPort 1.2a specification announced in 2015 by VESA, the organization that develops technical standards for computer displays. The main disadvantage of the AMD approach is the limited compatibility with older graphics cards. While most graphics cards in the GTX 600 series and newer G-Sync support FreeSync, only the latest AMD graphics cards support FreeSync.

G-Sync is better able to process GPU output beyond the refresh rate range supported by the monitor, but the range itself is smaller (30 Hz to 144 Hz vs. 9 Hz to 240 Hz with FreeSync). G-Sync is also nude, only supports some color preprocessing and completely ignores the audio output support.

After all, most gamers will first choose a graphics card and then a game monitor, so the choice between G-Sync and FreeSync largely depends on compatibility.

Best high refresh rate monitors for games

7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

1. Dell Gaming D2719HGF

Dell makes a lot of money with its up-selling technique, one of which is connecting your displays to your PC or laptop. But despite the fact that it’s a start, Dell actually makes very good monitors with excellent resolution and high refresh rates.

This monitor looks more like a mid-range monitor, but still has an excellent refresh rate of 144 Hz. With fast games, action movies and the like you have no problems. And also the delay is very low, the response time of the monitor is 2 ms.

With this monitor you have a lot of real estate screens thanks to the huge 27 inch screen. This is a Full HD LED display, which enables very realistic colours. It has an edge, but is actually very thin, which gives it a nice modern style.

I wish it had a higher resolution, but the D2719HGF still works very well and is very suitable for movies, TV shows and games.

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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

2. Acer XFA240

The next brand is Acer, which may not be the best known, but there is one brand in particular that is ideal for people looking for a high refresh rate monitor. This model works at 144 Hz – Acer XFA240. This 24-inch monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 gives you plenty of room for your games, movies and TV shows.

Although it has Full HD resolution, it still has many inputs for modern large displays – Display Port, HDMI/MHL, and it still has the old DVI option.

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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

3. LG 34UC79G-B

Our favorite FreeSync monitor is the LG 34UC79G-B. As the name suggests, this monitor has a 34-inch screen and a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels. It uses IPS display technology, which is known for its wide viewing angle and superior colour rendering compared to TN panels.

LG has added a number of strict gameplay features, such as B. an on-screen crosshair that can be activated regardless of whether the crosshair is displayed in the game itself, the ability to automatically reveal details in dark scenes, and a dynamic action synchronisation function for smooth, uninterrupted action.

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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

4. Predatory crab XB252Q

When selecting a G-Sync monitor with a high frame rate, it makes sense to stick to the Full HD resolution. Even the most ridiculously expensive graphics cards cannot reproduce AAA games at 144 frames per second in the best quality. Many people who purchase 144 Hz QHD monitors quickly reduce the quality of shadows and textures to an absolute minimum, resulting in a worse gaming experience than before.

The Acer Predator XB252Q has a Full HD resolution, which is almost reasonable considering the 24.5-inch screen size. Like all Predator monitors, it offers ultra-fast response times, state-of-the-art connectivity and amazing image quality.

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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

5. Predatory crab Z301C

Ultra-wide monitors are designed for gaming and the Acer Predator Z301C is one of the best high refresh rate ultra-wide monitors on the market. It normally goes up to 144 Hz, but can also be accelerated up to 200 Hz to achieve particularly smooth refresh rates. The overclocking monitor is completely safe, only the display has not been tested at such a high refresh rate. Worst case scenario, you might see some visual artifacts.

The 29.5-inch screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels and a fantastic response time of only 4 ms. Acer has integrated EyeProtect technology, which reduces blue light and makes widescreen vision more comfortable for the eyes. With Predator GameView you can fine-tune the color and brightness and enlarge dark areas. In addition, the Acer Predator Z301C also covers 100% sRGB colors, making it an excellent solution for photo and video editing.

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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.


If you have an AMD card and want to access FreeSync, there is no monitor that allows the average person to have a higher update rate than BenQ ZOWIE. This 24.5-inch Full HD graphics card works with a frequency of up to 240 Hz, which means that even your future graphics card will not be able to use it in detail.

An adjustable monitor frame has a removable screen to prevent glare. Other features designed to give you an added advantage over your opponents include Black eQualizer technology, which increases visibility in dark scenes, and various game modes configured for different game genres. There is also a 24-inch and 27-inch monitor, but both only work at 144 Hz.

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7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors in 2020.

7. BenQ XR3501

The BenQ XR3501 is a relatively inexpensive, ultra-wide widescreen display with a high refresh rate and three exclusive game modes. This 35-inch monitor has a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels and offers excellent color reproduction with 20 levels of built-in BenQ color vibrations. Thanks to the thin edges around the screen, three of these monitors, placed side by side, are absolutely fantastic and create a battle worthy of any participating Master Race PC.

One of the functions that is not often seen is the ability to display images from two different input sources at the same time. This allows two people to play two different games on the same screen at the same time. Pretty interesting, huh? Other advanced features include BenQ eQualizer technology for automatic dark zone optimization, Blue Light Filter and ZeroFlicker technology.

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Best monitors with a high refresh rate for game judgment

High-frequency monitors are very important for people who need something to keep track of fast-moving images or even some kind of video editing. They may be a little more expensive, but they are worth it when you invest in your hobby or career.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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