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7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

There are different types of players when it comes to holding the mouse, and players with grip claws are known for their accuracy and stability. Since their gaming strategy and skills are characterized by the ability to quickly press buttons and move quickly and efficiently, they are looking for a gaming mouse that meets their specifications. In fact, some manufacturers have already developed game mice that can hold a certain handle in the hope that this exciting style will be accepted by the gaming community. And since there are many game mice designed for different types of players, we have made a list of the best claw mice for games in 2020 to refine this list for your shopping pleasure.

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Discover the cast, bonuses and points of sale of the best claw catching mice on the market and see how each of these mice meets your gaming needs.

1. Death knife Elite

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is not just a game mouse, but an eSports game mouse designed for intense gaming where performance must keep pace with the heat of the game!

The sensor can detect up to 16,000 DPI and operates at up to 450 inches per second, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate as you wish. The mouse sensor is so accurate that you can land with high precision a point that is 99.4% more efficient than other less powerful sensors.

DeathAdder adds extra death points to your opponents when you experience power from within using the mechanical switches of the Razer mouse. The Omron switch minimises response time and extends the switch’s lifetime to 50 million clicks.

The Razer eSport gaming mouse is designed for right-handed users and offers the ergonomics eSports enthusiasts prefer. The rubber side arms are positioned so that the hands can hold and control the mouse even in the intense and critical moments of the game. The skin of the scroll wheel has small bumps, so you can scroll even when your eyes are stuck on the screen.

When Razer Synapse for DeathAdder Elite is enabled, you can customize your game mouse, but you want it to be configured. From light settings to 7 programmable mouse buttons and variable sensitivity levels, the eSport mouse is a versatile weapon for gamers who want to get the most out of their game.

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7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

2. Pictek T16 Game mouse

Although the Pictek T16 game mouse is not part of the consumer brand, it is designed to offer players excellent performance that matches the mood of the game. When the buttons and scroll wheels are set to efficiency and minimum movement, you can adjust the cursor speed and search frequency in an instant. You can increase the DPI from 1200 to 1200 to aim 7200 if you need speed to record high speed games. The tuning frequency can also be set to 125 Hz/250 Hz/500 Hz and 1000 Hz to help you adapt to your game.

Designed for use with claw players, the symmetrical and curved design of the T16 is designed for prolonged use while minimising the fatigue normally caused by bending problems and poor workmanship. In addition to the design, the game mouse has a surface that leaves no fingerprints and is sweat-resistant. These features ensure that nothing slips away while you get stuck at the climax of the game.

In terms of configuration, the Pictek T16 is equipped with easy to use software that allows you to configure 8 programmable buttons and even the Rapid Fire button, which is not normally found on large brands of gambling mice. Mouse lighting can also be changed with the software. Here you can select over 16.8 million colours and adjust the colour transitions to suit your mood. However, it is interesting to note that only the T16 was able to switch off the lighting by clicking a switch – another characteristic but very attractive feature.

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7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

3. Logitech G ProWireless

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is designed to be the last game mouse you’ll ever use, because it’s built to win every game you play!

It all starts with the Hero 16K Sensor, which helps players give the best of themselves, whether they need a slow or a fast target speed. Regardless of the sensitivity, from 100 to 16,000 DPI, G Pro Wireless can even click and move at over 400 IPS without penalty. Although the numbers are important, it is surprising that the new sensor uses 10 times less energy than many prototypes.

The Logitech Gaming Mouse with Claw Detection is also wireless, which is a valuable asset for gamers who focus on the game rather than distraction. But Logitech didn’t just introduce wireless technology, we also introduced Lightspeed technology that delivers power and responsiveness in just a microsecond, like a cable connected to your game mouse.

To achieve mobile craftsmanship, G Pro Wireless has set itself up as an almost weightless machine weighing only 80 grams, with an outer shell only 1 mm thick. It’s even lighter thanks to the advanced LiPo battery, which ensures long life without excessive weight.

With Logitech, setting up 4 to 8 backlit buttons is something special. You can even remove the side buttons or place them left or right, making the G Pro Wireless truly versatile and comfortable for any user.

Because Logitech G Pro Wireless adheres to its claim to be the newest mouse in use, it’s designed to withstand the everyday use and abuse that satisfies demanding gamers. With its textured rubber exterior, the mouse is a great help for players who want to catch claws in their difficult games. The legs of the mouse can withstand more than 250 km and the buttons 50 million clicks.

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7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

4. BenQ Zowie FK Series

One of the problems with a particular game mouse is that it can only control players on one side, which is a total loss. Then BenQ Zowie CF entered the game. There are two thumb buttons on the left and right side of the mouse, making it suitable for both left and right-handed players, especially when configured in the BenQ game system.

It is also designed to be plug-and-play, so there is no need to download additional software to use the game mouse in Windows and Mac operating systems. The Zowie FK is designed for gripping claws and palms and is suitable for a wide range of hand sizes. The Zowie is therefore sold in FK1, FK1+ and FK2, which differ in weight and overall size.

For cruising speed you can easily switch from one mode to another, especially between 400/800/1600 and 3200 DPI. It may not be as conspicuous as other gambling mice, but with reliable performance and adjustable baud rate up to 1000 MHz, it’s quite a buy.

BenQ Zowie FK is connected to your computer via a 2-meter or 1.6-meter USB cable.

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7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

5. Sensei 310 Steel

According to the Steelseries Sensei 310, the gaming sensor is superior to anything you can see with a gaming mouse. It uses a system called TrueMove3, which has only 350 IPS and 12,000 CPI, statistics that are considered median compared to other gaming mice. The 1:1 tracking, however, is somewhat unexpected, as the industry standard has introduced mouse movements based on reducing delays, increasing speed and optimizing data transfer rates. But because the movement with the Sensei 310 shows the movement from the mouse to the monitor, there is no room for delay, interpolation or jitter.

Material is one of the characteristics of the Sensei 310, from the frame to the handles and the finish. The frame of the game mouse is made of durable and lightweight fibre-reinforced plastic. The handles are made of pure silicone, which is almost weightless, but at the same time soft and exciting to the touch. Finally, the surface of the mouse is fingerprint resistant and has a semi-matt finish. With all these features, the Steelseries game mouse weighs 92.1 grams.

The design is also refined and suitable for any type of player, whether it’s a claw grip or a left or right handle. In addition, the switches are separated from the main computer so that the force of the pressure cannot be detected as a whole, but can be detected separately by the keys pressed.

To make everything easy for you, especially when saving the settings of a 9-button mouse button, Sensei has a game mouse engine that allows you to save IPC sensitivity settings, RGB backlighting, polling frequency and action buttons.

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7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

6. Mionix roll

If you think that the game mouse exactly matches your right hand, Mionix Beaver can bridge the gap between the game and the user. An award-winning shape designed as a basis for players with different types of grips. The caster can be comfortably transported in terms of dimensions and ergonomics. The design is well thought out with a little finger and a groove for the ring, so that low-sensitive FPS games are possible without problems.

The black mouse Mionix weighs 99 grams and looks pretty simple. With the black Mionix mouse you can enjoy the game with the right amount of drag and drop that can be adapted to each game. With a built-in 5000 DPI optical sensor and 50 step adjustable DPI settings, you are at the top of your game and the commander can set your own pace.

Adjust the 6 mouse buttons of the Mionix Castor game and the RGB sensor and lighting with the Mionix HUB. And with a mouse connected to a USB hub via the game cable, you can maximize latency up to 1ms without having to hold back.

Buy now: here

7 Best Claw Grip Mouse Gaming in 2020.

7. TeckNet M009 HyperTrak

The TeckNet M009 HyperTrak offers a fantastic gaming experience for mouse manufacturers. In fact, the M009 is 8 times faster than a standard mouse, with a transfer rate of just 1 microsecond – the standard for most gambling mice today.

Another remarkable detail is that the HyperTrak mouse is equipped with an Avago ADNS-9800+ sensor that allows users to run for money. It features non-antialiasing, blade-free filtering and smooth acceleration for reliable and fast tracking at any data rate between 250 and 16,400 DPI.

Although the TeckNet gaming mouse seems light, its weight can be adjusted using 6 pieces of 4 grams that meet the need for a gaming mouse that is able to limit the speed at which the mouse pointer flies.

If you need to use HyperTrak Mouse M009 on another terminal, you can continue to use your settings thanks to the built-in memory that allows you to save your configurations without having to use the software.

And with the TeckNet game software, you can set macros to 10 programmable buttons and choose from 16.8 million colours for RGB lighting and the addition of transition effects and DPI speed switches that can be switched to 16,400 or 4,000 DPI as standard.

Buy now: here

The most powerful claw mouse in the game

The Claw Grip Mouse for users of the game is very tactile and mobile, and they focus on the mouse that sticks to them, regardless of the tension or the movement in the game. The non-slip top layer is very useful to maintain grip, even in case of sweating or shaking.

Speed is very important because it is a determining factor in the endgame, especially when speed is a mandatory requirement, for example in FPS games such as Fortnit or PUBG. Shifting gears is also useful, especially when decreasing or increasing speed. The ability to customize the buttons is also a prerequisite, as each game is configured differently.

Finally, customization must be a necessity, because it can be used and applied in any game, in any tournament, in any game situation.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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