So you build your own PC – you’ve chosen the super i7-8700k processor and a nice motherboard, but you have to make sure your processor stays cool. Processors generate a lot of heat, especially if they are heavily loaded, and as you may have guessed: Heat is the processor’s worst enemy. However, you must ensure that you have excellent processor coolers for your processor.

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Our favourite CPU air cooler is the Noctua CPU cooler.

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Do you know which are the best air coolers for the i7-8700k? That is why we have compiled this list for you, so that you can cut through the swamp and quickly see what your best options are. Let’s dive!

best CPU air cooler for i7-8700k

1. Hyper 212 Main cooler

The fourth on our list is Cooler Master’s air-cooled Hyper 212 CPU cooler – this cooler is an excellent CPU cooler available today, but it’s also affordable for most customers because it’s focused on the budget market. With multiple heat pipes in direct contact with your processor, the i7-8700k keeps you cool, even under heavy loads. It is made with slightly cheaper materials, which is within the budget price level, but the Hyper 212 is an excellent cooler when it comes to cooling.

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2. Cryogenic H7Tower cooler

Cryorig’s H7 Tower Chiller is a great way to keep your i7-8700k cool. Whether you’re operating at normal speed, charging your processor or overclocking, the H7 Tower cooler can always keep your processor cool. It actually has a unique fin system that keeps your processor cooler and increases heat dissipation. This fan is big enough to be difficult to install, but not too bad.

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7 Best Air CPU Coolers In 2020 for i7-8700k

3. CPNoctua 14 cm single tower cooler U Series

At the top of our list is a Noctua U-Series single tower CPU cooler, 14 cm long. If you are looking for a premium fan for your CPU, this is your friend. It comes with a simple installation guide, the necessary heatsink and everything you need to get your processor up and running quickly. It’s a 150-millimeter fan, so it’s pretty big. This increases the cooling capacity, but it also means that it won’t work in many small models – just make sure you have the right motherboard mounts for this.

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7 Best Air CPU Coolers In 2020 for i7-8700k

4. MasterAir MA410MCooler

Cooler Master is one of the best brands in computer accessories and offers excellent performance in most of the products offered. The same goes for the Master Air MA410M air cooler for the i7-8700k. Attach it to your processor and you get excellent cooling performance, even under heavy loads!

In this system there is a kind of intelligent automation technology – there is a so-called thermal sensor that monitors the temperature level of your processor and then displays the temperature in a unique way using coloured light effects. This gives you a detailed visual image of the operating temperature of your CPU!

The thermal detection sensor is not the only unique technology – there is also Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) technology. This technology compresses the heat conduits so that this air cooler can cover 45% more surface area at the base of the cooler, giving you better cooling performance. In fact, it means you get better heat dissipation and you can finally keep things cooler under greater stress, such as overclocking.

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7 Best Air CPU Coolers In 2020 for i7-8700k

5. Manufacturer of MasterAir 8 refrigerators

The cooling technology is not much more efficient than the MasterAir Maker 8 Cooler. This cooler incorporates an exclusive 3D Vapor Cooler Master technology that makes your cooling capacity larger than many standard coolers, instead of the coolers currently available. With 8 heat tubes on this cooler, you get incredible heat dissipation performance, keeping you one step ahead when it comes to stressing your CPU.

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7 Best Air CPU Coolers In 2020 for i7-8700k

6. Freezing Gammaxx 400

Our first and most popular candidate for the best air processor cooler for your i7-8700k is the DeepCool Gammaxx 400. What we really like about this cooler is its universal compatibility – suffice it to say you shouldn’t have a problem with this cooler that adapts to almost any system. In fact, the DeepCool Gammaxx 400 has four copper tubes that are in direct contact with the processor, which means that even with heavy overclocking, you can quickly dissipate your hearing by cooling down the Intel Core i7.

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7 Best Air CPU Coolers In 2020 for i7-8700k

7. MSI XLcore gel

MSI is another big name in the field of computer accessories. They are known for their motherboards, but their air processor coolers also offer excellent performance. Your Core Frozr XL actually uses its own patented AirFlow control technology. It provides better cooling and air circulation for your processor. The airflow control technique actually uses small bumps in the aluminium fins to direct more airflow to the heat pipes for better cooling. This means that you can achieve a better total airflow, for example with heavy load or acceleration!

With MSI you can give your CPU cooler some of your own unique styles. In fact, there are a number of RGB lighting effects available indoors that allow you to better adapt your installation to your lighting style. MSI actually has an application that makes it possible to adjust all the different lighting effects indoors. This model really works for most modern processor connections, both Intel and AMD.

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CPU Air cooler for i7-8700k From

As you can see, there are many excellent air coolers available for the i7-8700k processors. Each of these measures keeps your processor cool, whether at rest, under heavy load, or even if you let it run with a little overclocking. If you are planning to overclock heavily, you will definitely want to buy a quality chiller – for this we recommend the DeepCool Gammaxx 400 or the Cryorig H7 tower chiller. We are also big fans of the Cooler Master and MSI selection!

However, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a CPU cooler, you should be able to use one of the budget options listed here. Just think of the temperature of your CPU when you overclock the hardware.

Do you have a favorite air cooler for the i7-8700k? Let us know what it’s about, in the comment section below!

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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