The Cube PC Cases are surprisingly popular and although we are not yet sure if we can call them a new trend, it is a fact that many people are interested in them. If you find them interesting and useful, we have made a list to help you make your choice. As they become more and more popular, it may be useful to think about obtaining them quickly. Other than that, it’s our best choice.

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Best case of dice for PC

1. Carbide air piracy 540

Next we have a Corsair model called Carbide Air 540. We consider this model to be the main competitor of our first offer, and it is even cheaper, but it still ranks second on our list. However, you should keep in mind that this model is almost as good as the heat absorption solution.

It is large enough for CPU chillers up to 6.7 high and GPUs up to 12.6 long. Of course, there are many other cases that can contain even longer GPUs, but there are also many large GPUs that are shorter than 12.6 inches and that can just as well serve you. In other words: You can easily accept this case and make your PC as powerful as the other options.

As far as motherboards are concerned, the Air 540 is suitable for almost all models, including E-ATX cards. Pre-installed Corsair Air fans of the AF140L series are used for cooling. In addition to the copies delivered with the box itself, you can add two others to the top of the box.

If you’re worried about cable routing in Air 540 cases, there’s no need to worry. Many functions solve this problem, such as the many recesses with rubber rings. The cables are easy and correct to handle, and your suitcase is filled with excellent first-class material, you’ll probably want to show it to your friends, and thanks to the integrated acrylic side panel you can easily get the job done.

In addition, the design prevents heating, especially the fact that it is also a two-chamber dwelling with direct airflow, which is incorporated into the construction. If that’s not enough to convince you, don’t forget that it’s also equipped with three powerful fans that keep it cool at all times. Even better, the front dust filter protects it from frequent soiling.

After all, the Air 540 offers a lot. This is a high quality cubic case that is offered at an incredibly low price. Its excellent properties combined with its low cost make it probably one of the best offers you can find today, and we strongly recommend you try it.

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2. Carbide KORSAR Air Force 240

Another good Corsair model is the AIR 240, a micro ATX and mini ITX body with excellent air circulation. It is an ideal solution for those who need a very modern and functional computer cabinet that is also quite small. Of course it has a cubic shape, a black appearance and many excellent properties.

What may surprise you at first is the somewhat unusual design of the cooling compartment, which has been optimised to provide excellent fan cooling. The projected airflow will certainly concentrate on the components that normally receive the most heat, and you can easily install a 240 mm chiller for efficient water cooling.

Heat and hot air can easily leave the enclosure through numerous small holes located throughout the enclosure. De werkelijke waarde ervan ligt echter in het feit dat dit model – ondanks zijn grootte – in staat is om apparaten in hun oorspronkelijke grootte op te slaan.

Thanks to the easily removable side panel, everything is very easy to install and set up. It is also equipped with a 3.5-inch tool-free drive and a 2.5-inch drive. In other words, all you need is your hands, and you can easily adapt them to your needs. Best of all, thanks to the recess on the back of the processor, you don’t even have to remove the motherboard during the upgrade.

Finally, we like this model because it is very spacious and does not take up too much space. The cooling functions are excellent and it is perfect when it comes to cable management. There’s nothing here we don’t like except there’s a dust filter.

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6 Best Cube PC Cases for 2020

3. Thermal input core X1

Our best choice is a heat absorption core X1. This particular PC cube is the Mini-ITX, although it is larger than most Mini-ITX solutions. It measures 16.80 x 11.00 x 18.50 inches. However, this only means more space inside, which translates into better cooling, more memory and better cable management. In other words: Too much space can’t hurt when it comes to the PC.

Not only that, but also the fact that this model supports liquid cooling. It’s a fairly robust design, with plenty of space inside and support for full-size graphics cards and power supplies.

It is a metal case with a mesh body and a rather large plexiglass plate, which is held in place by wing screws, making it very comfortable to launch. In addition, the panels are also equipped with magnetized dust filters, which prevent your home from getting dirty too quickly.

The side panels are also easy to change, and you can even remove the I/O tab that contains the Reset and Power buttons, as well as the LED and audio interface. As far as the back wall is concerned, it’s fixed. However, it does have ventilation openings for the power supply and the fans.

The floor itself is fitted with rubber feet that provide sufficient space for good air circulation and two filters that are easy to remove and clean. They can even separate the buttocks from the rest of the body, which can be very useful in certain situations.

Inside we have a double camera design in which components such as the video card, RM and even a motherboard are positioned in such a way that they can be seen through a transparent panel on the side. Meanwhile, in the second chamber, the hard disks, the power supply and the cables are pushed down.

The X1 core is also very easy to cool, with a support for coolers (360 mm) and fans (up to 200 mm). As we said before, you can fit into a mini-ITX motherboard with enough space to cool the CPU down to 7.87. As with GPUs, the setting allows the installation of a graphics card up to 15.74 inches long. Finally, we have riding bays from which you can install several. In any case, we really like this model. It features excellent mounting quality, plenty of space, magnetic filters, support for large GPUs, switchable side panels, high airflow and much more.

At the same time, its price remains quite reasonable, which is why we think this model deserves first place. The only real disadvantage is that the plate may look a bit cheap, while the knurled screws on the plate can easily be lost if you are not careful with the removal of the plates.

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6 Best Cube PC Cases for 2020

4. Anida Crystalline Cubes AI

Now, if you need a surprisingly beautiful and brilliant solution, we have the perfect case for you – AI Crystal Cube-Anide. If you are a fan of shiny and bright, you will quickly understand what we mean and why this model could be one of the best on our list.

The AI Crystal Cube is a dice shop that is likely to beat you at first sight. It is also quite expensive, so it can only be an option for some users who are willing to pay extra.

The design is characterized by 5 mm thick panels of tempered glass on the sides and front of the housing. It is also a very good cooling solution, containing 5 RGB fans. These two features are the key to understanding why this solution is so popular – a transparent housing with shiny fans is simple enough, yet exciting enough.

The extra fans are pretty well cooled, so we appreciate more than their looks. In addition, the Crystal Cube is also quite spacious and can accommodate both a 13.2-inch GPU and larger CPU coolers, this time up to 6.7-inch, while our previous offer for CPU coolers was quite difficult.

There’s even enough room for a 240mm cooler and virtually any motherboard, including the E-ATX.

After all, the price is not low, but it comes with all the space you need and great graphics that always make your PC look distinctive and draw.

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6 Best Cube PC Cases for 2020

5. Elite-Mistress or Coolers 130

The Cooler Master’s Elite 130 is another popular, advanced and affordable cubic PC case. Although it can be a compact solution, it is also very robust. This is another small (9.4 x 8.2 x 15.7 inches), steel construction Mini-ITX cubic housing.

But make no mistake: it is fully capable of playing the role of a high-end gaming device, with the ability to be installed on a GPU up to 13.5 inches long. In other words: Graphics cards such as the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti are easy to install and offer you a very elegant and modern cubic gaming PC.

Let’s talk about it outside first. It has top and side walls that are all in one, like the usual tower housings. The panels can provide good ventilation, although they do not come with filters that can retain dust. The upper part has a metal mesh plate, although even this plate is not very good for collecting dust, so filtering can be a problem.

But you also have filters on the front panel, which are also easy to remove. The base is equipped with a set of rubber feet, which also allow free air circulation under the housing for better air circulation and cooling.

Now let’s look under the hood. If you go outside from above, you will first see the power supply, which is not exactly what you expect from a standard PC-box. The compact shape of the housing limits the CPU cooler to a single 2.55-inch height, but it is also possible to install a fairly large graphics card, as mentioned above.

However, if you buy a large GPU, you cannot use liquid cooling. In the meantime, you can place storage discs in a drive cage. You can do the same thing in a player’s side console, which can be useful for people with more players.

However, regarding the cable management of this model, we were a bit disappointed because there was nothing to say. Of course it is possible to lay cables on the sides, but that is not the intention in this case and it is not equipped to work with them. However, if you maneuver a little, you can easily make sure everything looks organized and planned without interrupting airflow or blocking access to the equipment.

Of course, with a large number of large parts and very limited space to house them, cooling can be a small problem. This case comes with a 120 mm fan on the front, and you can install another one on the side if your disc holders are free. Alternatively, as mentioned above, a 120mm water cooling system can be installed on the front, provided that your GPU is not the largest that fits in this case.

And that’s all you can say about Elite 130. It’s not a bad model, and it actually has some very good features. However, there is a serious lack of dust filters, and cable handling can be somewhat difficult due to the lack of cable management solutions.

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6. Thermal input core X9

Finally, just as we started with the Thermaltake model, we close the list with only one model – and this time it’s the Core X9.

It is a rather large cube box, with a very solid quality of construction. To understand their size, imagine two life-size shell towers side by side. Even though it sounds big enough – and it is – it just means you have more than enough margin to invest what you want.

Of course it doesn’t work with small parts, but it shouldn’t work either. If you want to buy it, it is full-size (25.20 x 15.00 x 19.80 inches), so make sure you have enough space before making the move.

The exterior of the case is quite similar to that of the Core X1, with a ventilated power supply at the front and also completely removable. The top panel can also be removed and has two perforated areas, which are also quite large. They come with magnetized dust filters, which makes cleaning easier and makes it more difficult to quickly dirty the housing. In other words: The dust filter and ventilation are not a concern in this case.

Plexiglas is located on the left side of the housing and the two side panels are easy to remove. They are equipped with four USB 3.0 ports in addition to an input/output panel. The rear panel has cut-outs for PCI cards, eight of which can be installed in total.

Inside, however, we have another double chamber construction. The upper part is suitable for almost all components, while the lower part has two disc trays, three hard disk enclosures and enough space for two power supplies.

As expected, almost all motherboards and a large 250mm processor cooler find their place here. After all, any GPU you can imagine fits in this case, thanks to the 23.23-inch space he has.

As far as cooling is concerned, a huge 200 mm fan is pre-installed at the front and there is enough space for a few extra fans that you can combine as you like on the case. Fluid cooling is also an option, with sufficient space for a cooler of the same size, which can be placed on either side, except on the left side where the glass plate is located.

In other words, it’s a huge deal, but more than capable of adapting to any combination of elements you want, so you have absolute freedom when it comes to creativity.

Best PC Cube Enclosure Conclusion

And that completes our list. There are a lot of cubic crates, but we found them better. In this list you will find both the smaller version, which may still contain all the necessary components, and the larger version, where you can choose and don’t have to worry about the consequences. There’s also the smartest option we can find, and much more. All you have to do is study the different solutions and make your choice.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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