5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

Are you ready to learn how to insert a score symbol into Word?


This article contains 5 easy ways to insert this symbol into Microsoft Word.

Some of the methods presented here can also be used to insert characters into other Office applications such as Excel, PowerPoint or Access.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Inserting a score symbol in the word (quick help)

With the table below you can get by quickly. If you do not have time to scan the samples, you will find a table below to help you.

It contains a partition icon that you can simply copy and paste into your work. It also contains the section symbol with the Alt code and a key combination.

Name Section marking
Symbol §
Former code 0167
Brief description (window) Alt+0167 or Alt+21
Brief description (Mac) Option+6

To enter a partition icon into the windows, press and hold the [Alt] key and enter the Alt code (0167) on the numeric keypad, then release the [Alt] key. (Press the Fn key plus the NumLk key to activate the Num Lock function for small laptops without a numeric keypad). To enter this icon on your Mac, press Option+6.

The above information is sufficient to insert a section symbol into a document.

However, if you are not satisfied with this quick help, here is a step-by-step guide for inserting thesymbol from section or any other symbol in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

What is the section symbol?

The section marker (§) is a typographical glyph that refers to the various numbered sections of a document usually used to refer to a legal code. Source:


Some characters are easy to recognise on the keyboard and can be inserted by pressing several keys at once.

The other characters, however, are not so easy to enter with a hotkey because they are not on the keyboard. One of these symbols is the section symbol (§).

It becomes very difficult and very slow for a typist to enter text if she regularly has to insert some of these characters into her work.

Inserting symbols should not be so cumbersome. Especially after reading this volume.

How do you insert a score symbol in the word?

Today I will show you all the simple ways to insert the score symbol (§) in Word.

NOTE : Although I demonstrate the use of a section symbol (§), the same approach can be used to insert any other symbol you can think of.

Below are the different ways to insert the score symbol.

Insert a separator symbol with Alt code

NOTE: This method can be used to insert a partition symbol into all windowsing applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and even web applications.

Each character or symbol has a character code. Thanks to this code, you can insert any character on the keyboard of your PC. It is commonly known under the code name Alt.

Alt code for symbol in section 0167.

To insert this symbol (with the Alt code), follow these four simple steps :

  • Place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.
  • Turn on the combination lock.
  • Press and hold [Alt] and enter the Alt code – 0167 or 21.
  • Then release Alt.

Once you have released the alt code, the score symbol must be inserted into the document.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

Use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keypad to operate this key combination. If your notebook does not have a separate numeric keypad, press Fn+NumLk to activate it.

Copy and paste the symbol from section

This is the easiest way to add a partition icon to your work.

No matter what software you work with, you can copy and paste any character at any time.

You can copy and paste the symbol if you have already inserted it into your document. Or you can copy it from another place such as a web page.

You will find the symbol section below if you want to copy and paste it into your work:


Use the dialog box to insert characters (Special characters tab)

No keyboard is used in this and the following method. It can therefore only be used in applications that have a character insertion function, such as Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access.

Short hand at the bottom of the stairs:

  • Jump to InsertSymbolsAdditional symbols …

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

The Symbol dialog box appears.

  • Click the Special Characterstab.
  • Find the character of the partition in the list and click on it.
  • Press Insert , then Close.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

The section symbol will now be inserted into your document.

Using the character insertion dialog (Characters tab)

This method is very similar to the previous one.

Let’s see how similar they are in the next steps:

  • Insert into folder , Press symbol and Press other symbols.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

The Symbols dialog box is displayed. Now it’s time to find the icon you want to insert (partition icon).

  • Find the symbol.

Use the scroll bar up or down to find the icon.

To easily find the symbol section in the Symbol dialog box, look in the lower right corner of the Symbol dialog box and select Unicode (hex) from in the drop-down list . Then look again at the top right corner of the dialog and select : from the drop-down list : .

Therefore, only the characters Latin including section are displayed in the visible area of the symbol dialog.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

  • Press to select a symbol, then press the Insert button. You can also simply double-click an icon to insert it into your document and then close the dialog box.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

  • After inserting, close the dialog box with the symbol.

Allows you to insert a character from the section into Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access using the Insert character dialog box.

Enter a symbol for sectionusing autocorrect.

Another way to get the partition symbol is to use the AutoCorrect function.

This is a tool to correct misspellings such as and to and.

You can use this function to assign section of material (e.g. SECSYM) to automatic text correction.

So, every time you enter SECSYM, Word will think you really wanted to enter a score character (§) and will automatically convert it for you.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

What’s interesting about this approach is that you can assign any text to any character, and Word will be happy to insert that character when you type text.

Here are the steps for assigning AutoCorrect text to characters.

  • In the Insert tab, press the Symbols button and select More Symbols…..

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

A dialog appears with the symbol and .

  • Find the partition icon and click on it to select it.
  • Press the AutoCorrection button . button to display the AutoCorrect dialog box.

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

Enter the following in the automatic correction dialog box:

  • Replace: SEXEMIR (or any text you wish to assign to the symbol)
  • with: §

5 ways to insert the symbol section (§) in Word (or Excel)

  • Press Add, then press OK.

Word automatically inserts a section symbol into your document each time you enter SECSYM.

Here are some things to consider when using the autocorrect method to insert a partition symbol.

  • The AutoCorrect function is case sensitive. This means that if you enter SECSYM (lower case), it will not be converted to section unless you enter SECSYM (upper case).
  • If there is text before or after autocorrect, Word considers it part of the text and does not convert it into a score symbol. For example, XSECSYM is not converted and X SECSYMis converted to X §.



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