5 ways to get a free Internet connection

Today the internet is more accessible than ever, but sometimes the internet is not always fast. Surprisingly, there are even places in the United States that don’t have access to the Internet – of course, the most rural areas and communities. How, then, can this information be shared in a society that puts information centre stage? How do I log in to download tasks or send an e-mail to a distant friend? There are thousands of reasons why you need access to the Internet, and if it’s not available, there are always ways to get it. Here are five ways to get free internet access.

Paths to free internet

5 ways to get a free Internet connection

1. FriedomPop

The first and best way to get free internet access is to use a service called FreedomPop. The Company started its activities in 2012 to ensure thatof thehas access to the internet. In addition to offering WiFi, they also offer free maintenance programs for mobile phones on Android and iOS devices.

It works as follows: you go to the FreedomPop website, create an account and order an access point. Entrance points are free, but a deposit is always required. For a deposit FreedomPop offers you a year long access point for free internet access. If you do not return it within one year, you cannot get your deposit back. To use a FreedomPop Access Point, just turn it on, plug in your device and surf the web for as long as you like.

It’s completely free – you just need the money to get the material, basically so FreedomPop doesn’t end badly (loss of material) and goes bankrupt.

Start of activity : FreedomPop

2. Public Library

The nearest place where you can get free Wi-Fi is a library. Libraries will have free high-speed internet that you can use. Depending on the library, you may or may not be required to be a member of that library or to have a library card. However, most public libraries offer a free high-speed Wi-Fi connection that can be used for the expected duration – usually at least one hour. Here you can browse the web, although that’s the goal, because normally you’re not allowed to install programs on your computers, such as games like World of Warcraft. Actually, he’s here to take the necessary equipment off the grid.

3. Available Wi-Fi Seats

You can also search for free WiFi tickets. Many companies now offer free and fast wifi places to attract more customers. It is available free of charge, although you are usually offered to buy something from the institution. But in places where it’s more casual – like Starbucks or Tim Horton’s – just log in and connect your laptop, phone, tablet or other device to their free Wi-Fi and get to work!

4. Mobile access point

You may not have Internet access at home, but did you know that your phone can be used as a router for your devices? Depending on the price of your phone, the use of Mobile Hotspot is free, so you can connect your laptop to the internet with your phone. Keep in mind that in most cases you will use your phone’s data plan quite quickly, depending on what you do with it and how often you use it.

It should also be mentioned that a small fee is sometimes charged for mobile access points. As we said before, they are available for free with regular plans, but if, for example, you have an unlimited mobile plan, there is a small monthly fee so the operator can cover the costs of people who abuse it (i.e. someone connects a laptop to their phone and downloads hundreds of gigabytes of data per month).

5. Multifunctional

Finally, consider using EveryoneOn. This is part of a government program supported by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides low-income families with free and sometimes very cheap Internet access. The idea is to bring the Internet to disadvantaged communities so that everyone has access to education, work and even better health.

You can see what EveryoneOn has to offer in your area by clicking here. EveryoneOn will also connect authorized participants to cheap computers.

Means of obtaining free judgment on the Internet

As you can see, there are many ways to get free access to the Internet. We’ve only listed five options here, but there are many more. There is no doubt that the Internet has become more accessible over the years.



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