Are you still wondering where your kids are and want to secretly monitor their phones to see where they are?  If so, our list of the top 10 mobile tracking apps may be useful to you. The best thing about all the apps listed below is that you can track your phone without knowing the wing (i.e. without knowing the owner), and these apps work in almost any country like the US, Australia or the UK. All right, let’s go!

Top 10 Call Tracking App Recommendations

mSpy is a great phone tracking application to locate a target phone with the knowledge of its owner. As the name suggests, it is a spy application and was developed primarily for this purpose. The app can run in stealth mode and track any Android or iOS mobile device without much trouble. mSpy keeps working in the background while it is already doing its job.

This app lets you track someone’s mobile phone for free without them knowing, including browsing history, text messages, phone calls, chats, Facebook and other social media platforms, etc. In conclusion, this user-friendly mobile tracking option is usually the best in call log tracking because it comes with many relevant tracking features.

FlexiSPY software originally started as an espionage application. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used for tracking mobile phones. Every spy application is designed to find mobile phones anyway (which is an essential part of the application). FlexiSPY offers some robust features and is in demand on the market because it tracks targets pretty well. For example, you can use it to track conversations, secretly check the target’s messages and other conversations, keep a history of all conversations, track the target’s movements, the current location of the mobile phone; all thanks to the built-in GPS technology (mainly based on Google Maps).

Your target will not know if the other person is tracking their phone because the application will not appear on the target’s device. Even if you are tracking a target in real time, it won’t notice that you are doing so in the background. The uniqueness of this application is that you can directly control and access the target device to collect data and other evidence. You can even take photos that are not visible to the phone owner and upload them to your account. You can also restart the mobile phone and check the battery level.

The prices of the raw materials are the same as those of FlexiSPY. Because the app offers so many remote sperm management features, it’s a bit pricey: $68 for monthly access and $149 for 12 months of access. The premium package is even more expensive, costing about $199 for just 3 months of access. The Premium plan offers broader access to activities such as camera control, microphone control, real-time call monitoring, etc. Even if you are just looking for a simple eavesdropping software, the Premium Plus package is highly recommended.

FamiSafe mobile tracking app is flexible enough to be compatible with any smartphone. Easy to use with all the powerful features, your goal tracker is a matter of minutes. The application sends notifications when the mobile target device or other similar devices are located. FamiSafe’s geofencing feature is considered by users to be an important feature with great benefits. With geofencing, you can set a limit for your child’s phone and immediately alert you when your child goes off that limit.

The app also allows you to track your child’s location history, view their browsing history and much more. It warns you about unsavory applications or addictive video games (if your child has access to them), giving you full control by blocking targeted websites. It also detects inappropriate keywords searched on YouTube or other social media, and alerts you when an app (FamiSafe) takes obscene photos or videos.

FamiSafe is a great app for parents because it allows you to block certain phone apps and websites, including the internet, on your child’s phone at night so they can sleep peacefully. You can also track a family member’s phone to find out their location and/or manage their destination phone (if necessary).

KidsGuard Pro App is another application integrated with GPS technology to locate the target phone without knowing the owner. This solution provides the best possible security for your children on the digital platform and allows real-time tracking of mobile devices on the dashboard application. You can then be sure whether your children or other family members are safe or not. You can access your children’s location history and exact time and details, you can check their phones and the content on them – photos, browsing history, SMS and other data that is kept secret on all social networks like WeChat, Line, etc.

KidsGuard Pro is a fast and easy to use application. If you’re one of those parents who only works a few hours to pay for the hours it takes to learn a new app, this is the app for you.

GPS Tracker App is a non-professional software that allows you to locate your family members using Google Maps. So, if you are an Android mobile user and you have used Google Maps (the default app on all Android smartphones) at least once in your life, then this is a good choice for you.

The app is quite limited in tracking goals, just like the other apps on the list. However, you can always track your darlings by encouraging your target to share his current location on an online platform like WhatsApp or others so that you can track him in real time. That’s it, you can’t follow their conversations with other friends or their text messages, listen to their conversations or check their presence on social media.

Mobile Tracker Free is a mobile tracking software and application used to obtain detailed information about the activities of your lost or stolen phone. This application works as spyware in tracking other features like calls, SMS or MMS tracking, Facebook activity, emails, WhatsApp and many more. Mobile tracker free is currently one of the best free applications.

Installation and configuration are easy and user friendly. You can easily retrieve or restore text messages, calls or other records of past (deleted) conversations from your child or another target. The application is compatible with all types of Android smartphones.

Through a lost phone, you can also find out what social media sites are being used by another person.

Wheres My Droid mobile tracker is a wonderful spy application to find your lost or stolen phone. When used, it raises the volume and makes the phone ring. If your phone is not close enough to hear the call, a notification is sent to your GPS (Global Positioning System) to correlate it with a Google map. The online command system allows the target device to be located from any location.

You can also find out the previous location of your device by tracking its movement from time to time. If your lost mobile phone contains a lot of sensitive information, you can lock your device anywhere to protect your personal information from third-party access. The application is equipped to automatically detect a reaction of the lock to a possible theft.

TheIsharing mobile locator application is different from the others because it can also recover your lost phone. Tracking your friends or family members to see their current location and/or communicate with them is an essential sub-feature. In addition, you will receive a notification when your destination reaches or leaves your current location. The special thing about this app is that you can even view the location history of the owner of the target device. If you’re short on time and want to tell a family member, just shake your phone and it’s done! With the sharing application, you can use your mobile phone as a walkie-talkie with the mobile sharing function.

Celltracker mobile tracking application available on the market for free. Its function is to track any activity on the target’s smartphone, whether it is a minor child or another person. You can also use this app to find out where your family is with real-time tracking. Celltracker provides access to web filtering, live video feeds, social media monitoring and many other features.

Celltracker monitors random text messages with impromptu real-time tracking capabilities. It also keeps track of all outgoing and incoming calls and provides a very clear record of each call, including the timestamp and duration. The same goes for message tracking: Whether it is an incoming or outgoing message, you will receive a notification stating the type of message, the time and the content. Celltracker scans your mobile phone and informs you about all applications installed on the phone.

Track Viewer is another excellent tracking program. In addition to simple mobile tracking, you can also use it to monitor installations of sensitive applications. The special feature of this application is that in case of an emergency, it sends a call and an alert immediately.

The application allows you to track sent messages and audio alerts. Other notable features of the Track View application include video and IP camera surveillance and motion and sound detection.

Verdict: What is the correct application to use to track a phone without permission

There is no solution to install the right phone tracking application? According to our suggestion, it is best to install one that has all the necessary features to track your targets’ phones. Some are free, others are offered in premium packages (generally more expensive) or according to your budget. Some have a very easy to use interface, while others are not so easy. In general, you should just find the one that best suits your needs.

For a quick recommendation, here are the top 3 choices as favored by experts:

  • FlexiSPY– If you’re looking for an app that lets you unlock, track and fully control your target’s phone, this is it.
  • Mobile Tracker Free– If you prefer to retrieve and track deleted messages, calls, call data and more, go for this option.
  • Celltracker– If you are looking for an app to track incoming and outgoing calls, time and date, messages and any other type of content in real time, then this is the app for you.

frequently asked questions

Is there a free application to track a phone without it knowing?

1. Google Find My Device is used to track mobile phones. This is a free permissionless phone tracker application that is available to anyone at any time they want. It can be used to track an Android device via its mobile phone number, without the phone’s owner being aware of it.

Can I trace my mobile phone just by its number?

Mobile Number Tracker This is a free cell phone tracking application that allows you to track a phone by its number only. The Android and iOS app shows you instantly where the calling cell phone is approximately located.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

Spyic allows me to track my wife’s phone without her knowing. By locating your partner’s device, you can track all of his movements, including his location and many other phone activities. Spyic is compatible with Android (news – alert) and iOS platforms.

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