SO Tails, based on the Linux kernel, is designed to protect the user and maintain anonymity. This is because it allows you to delete any record when your computer is turned off.

If you are aware of common operating system vulnerabilities and compare them to queues, you can improve your privacy and find out why you should choose this distribution.

You’ll find this information in this article, where we explain why Tails Tor uses Tor and what the most notable tools are. Check it out, because you will also find information about other similar distributions of Linux.

What are queues and why do I need this Linux distribution?

Tails is a Linux-based operating system that protects its users from censorship, third-party surveillance and advertising. It is characterized by what starts with the USB stick, so you can have any other type of OD. It is free software, freely distributed and based on Debian.

This makes it one of the most widely used and chosen distributions by people, thanks to constant updates and ease of use. Remember that Tails does not use the internal hard drive and does not leave a trace of your activity on your computer because it works with the USB protocol. You need at least 8 GB of flash memory, a 64-bit processor, and at least 2 GB of RAM to install this machine.

USBDownload Residues

OSWhat are the vulnerabilities of the most common operating systems?

Yes, you use a shared operating system, you need to keep reading because that’s where you’ll find the main vulnerabilities.

Take a look at this:


The critical points of a Windows computer

  • The Cortana Virtual Assistant can be intercepted and thus the instructions given to him can be deciphered.
  • Temporary Internet files are not automatically deleted. As a result, all spyware may remain on your device for a long time until you delete it manually.
  • Cross-scripting is another thing to keep in mind when talking about Windows vulnerabilities. This software is installed on the computer without the user’s permission and is used to spy on the actions performed.
  • Finally, Windows updates are not always effective in correcting and protecting against new malware, making the operating system vulnerable in this respect.
  • Access to the microphone and camera in some applications is seen as a weakness that needs to be taken into account to protect privacy.


🥇 Tails  What is it? + Features and Tools ▷ 2020

As with the Apple operating system for computers, these vulnerabilities can be found:

  • Purchase history This must be taken into account when protecting user data. This type of information is not automatically removed from iTunes or iCloud.
  • Applications can access the iCloud if they are misconfigured, requiring user intervention, which weakens the security of the operating system.
  • The Find My Mac application for laptops gives you access to the location of your device and therefore the user, which can compromise your privacy.
  • The correct setting of cookies, the history of browsing on your computer and the blocking of Internet advertising can also be considered a weakness of the operating system because it does not automatically limit these options to the user.

Tails; an operating system that uses the Tor network How does this distribution work?

Tor This is a distribution network that is responsible for the transfer of data packets that are transferred between the device and the host in order to maintain the privacy and anonymity of the user. This is done via nodes that communicate with each other and transmit information via a TLS connection.

This is a big difference compared to other types of browsers that transfer data directly via the peer-to-peer protocol. Instead, the device in Tor connects a node that does the same thing to another node, and so the information consecutively reaches the hosting where the web page is hosted, while maintaining the anonymity of the device retrieving the data.

Tails uses Tor specifically to maintain the anonymity sought by over 2 million users, and to keep the community active with messages and patch updates. In addition, Thor has received various types of awards from prestigious institutions such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation wave Free Software Foundation. This recognises the importance of Tor and its purpose, which is similar to the distribution of Tails.

What are the benefits of using tails for your safety and privacy?

When you use Tails as your operating system, you enjoy the following privacy benefits:

  • They don’t leave any traces on your computer, so your browsing history, cookies and all other activities are not displayed anywhere, so no one can access them.
  • What’s more, you can safely delete files and documents and leave no trace of this action to restore the deleted data.
  • When you use Tails, the metadata of your activities are stored because they are completely deleted.
  • Thanks to the functions offered by the operating system, you can safely exchange information and documentation.
  • The email client is included in Tails, so you can send and receive email securely.
  • You avoid keyboard espionage attacks because it is not possible to record keyboard entries.

Customised tools Which are the best for your privacy and security?

Among the most notable privacy and security features, Tails offers the following tools:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird for encrypted email with the Enigmail extension.
  • An office software called LibreOffice.
  • A KeePassXC password manager that allows you to store and protect keys to keep them safe.
  • As we’ve already told you, the Tor browser because of the security and anonymity it offers.
  • Tor contains the uBlock extension, which is called to block online advertising.
  • It has also been added to the OnionShare browser, an application for securely sharing folders and files.
  • Block applications that try to connect to the Internet in a different way than Tor.
  • Automatic data encryption.
  • Delete actions, logs, and metadata when the computer is turned off.

List of the safest Linux distributions, alternative tips you should know

If you want to use other Linux distributions that are secure and alternatives to Tails, you can choose the one that suits you best from the following list:

🥇 Tails  What is it? + Features and Tools ▷ 2020

It is ideal for those who want to get started with Linux. You can use this GNU distribution, which is characterized by the simplicity of its features, to keep your data confidential. You can download them and study their technical aspects at the same time as the Linux distribution.

This operating system provides you with important tools to protect the confidentiality of your data when surfing the Internet. Because it is based on the Linux kernel and FreeBSD, it becomes a reliable and constantly updated tool.

The proposed subsystem and the protection it offers to the user are the 2 most remarkable features of this Linux distribution. It’s based on Debian, so stability and updates are guaranteed. You can easily modify the source code and turn it into an ideal operating system.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you very much.

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