To get the most out of this instant messaging service, it’s important that you read what we have to say below. Among other things, we explain how much RAM the application needs to run properly.

You will also find details on how to disable disk autorun step by step in Windows 10 OS. In this way, you can significantly increase your productivity.

But that’s not all you’ll find here. You can also read the best tips to master Discord like an expert. Don’t miss anything.

How many resources does it take to open the Discord application on Windows 10?

One of the complications that the Discord application faces is the consumption of up to 168 MB of RAM. So, if you have a computer with limited resources, running this application may cause problems. This is because the creator of this software developed it using the open-source Electron framework, which requires several libraries to work properly.

For many gamers, this isn’t a complication because of the PC’s capabilities, but if you want to disable voice and video chat, you shouldn’t interrupt games. Other users choose to disable the Show Current Game option.

Other users choose to temporarily reset the hardware accelerator option, while others choose the alternative of disabling the application’s autostart. At least until they start using these features, they are useful measures to improve performance and privacy.

Step-by-step guide to disabling disk auto-boot in Windows 10

As mentioned earlier, Autostart Discord on W10 requires a significant amount of RAM resources. So, if you want to improve the efficiency of your computer, we will tell you how to improve the data storage on your computer in a few steps.

Below are steps to make sure the discussion doesn’t start before you’ve made your decision:

  • Go to the taskbar and type in the search box next to the Windows Task Manager button.
  • A menu will appear from which you, as administrator, must choose the second option, titled Run.
  • Enter the user name and password for access to the operating system configuration functions.
  • Once you have opened Task Manager, click on the Details button at the bottom.
  • Then select the Start tab.
  • In the list that appears after the previous step, you should find the name of the program.
  • Highlight it with the cursor and click on it until it is shaded.
  • Place the cursor on the bottom button labeled Enabled.
  • Finally, bookmark it until you read Disabled.

Another way to control or disable launch is through the Discord application itself. You must first create an account, enter your username and access password.

So go on:

  • Navigate to the Custom Settings option in the bottom gear and click it.
  • Select the Application Settings tool or the Configuration tool, depending on the selected language.
  • Click the Windows Settings function or in Windows Settings.
  • Find the Open option and uncheck the box.

List of the best Discord tips to get the most out of thetool

If you want to get the most out of Discord, check out this list of the best tips:

Select what chat participants should write

With this tip, you can ensure that your chat is not flooded with inappropriate comments or remarks without important content. In the configuration tool you need to select Admin Settings, then you need to select the number of messages each member should send. Note that this mode is a general setting rule that must be selected by each moderator.

This is a very useful measure if you want users to be limited to a few actions. Many people use it for business meetings, group arrangements and even reading groups. Although it is a hindrance to users, it is also useful because it uses fewer computer resources.

Learn key labels

The wizard allows you to use many useful commands from a Windows 10 computer. These shortcuts make it easy to perform tasks without even touching the mouse. Of course, you must first activate these functions by checking the appropriate box.

This way you can use Ctrl + ALT + up arrow to switch between servers. Or, for example, Ctrl + Shift + N to join a server and even create one. The truth is that there are many commands that need to be executed. Most of them can be found in the information centre. Either shut up or get help.

Selecting participants in a voice chat

Logically, voice channels need more resources, not just RAM, but also more bandwidth (which can be a problem if you’re not connected to a WiFi network and using mobile data). For this reason, some users simply disable this option in their account.

But you don’t have to be so radical. Have you considered limiting the number of subscribers to these channels? There is an alternative that allows you to control the sound quality. In the channel settings, look for the Bitrate option. This way, the sound of the voice will be audible, but it won’t take up as much bandwidth or RAM.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and it will certainly be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Felix Albornos

I have been working in the technology industry for over 20 years, helping companies and users grow and learn in the workplace. I always learn something new.

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