EmuParadise is a site that specializes in the exchange of Roma. These files are created as exact copies of games for consoles like SuperNES, PC Engine or Neo-Geogames (old games) and old consoles like N64, DS, MegaDrive. In the early 2000s, this portal was just one of many havens for emulation enthusiasts.

However, people have not been able to log into their domains for months and many users do not know why, although they clearly suspect the law is behind it. Moreover, the real problem is that video game fans have no real connection, and many of them don’t seem to know where to keep getting this content for free.

Therefore, in this article we present you a list of portals that are a perfect alternative to EmuParadise, so that if you are one of those people who care about your free time, you can find all the Roma you want, with restrictions and completely free.

What happened to EmuParadise. Me or .go? Not working or closed?

Unfortunately, the history of EmuParadise has come to an end after nearly two decades of uninterrupted operation. The reason is obvious: Major companies representing the interests of video game developers have asked the authorities to put an end to these portals, as they lose millions of dollars every year.

This is nothing new, in fact they received threats earlier in the decade and then again in 2015, but they thought they were smart enough to dodge them and they did from the start. However, in 2018, authorities were able to investigate the developers and obtained very personal information, leading them to decide to shut down the site for fear of prosecution.

List of the best alternative pages of EmuParadise in Spanish

🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

EmuParadise has removed all ROMs from its downloadable library, making it another site affected by Nintendo’s requirements. Obviously, the company did not specifically condemn this software company as a reason to remove all games on their site, but the entire community knows they did.

Because the Internet is cyclical, for every closed page there are always two similar pages open. Today, there are many alternatives similar to EmuParadise that still work and offer a variety of ROMs. The best part: They’re free. Here are the most important pages:


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

If you are a fan of console video games, this web portal has an extensive catalog of about 561,000 copies. ROM on 541 different platforms. I assure you, you will enjoy hours of gameplay.

The site is well designed, user friendly, easy to navigate and you are sure to get the game of your dreams. Your server is reliable, always operational, the download speed is good. It’s probably the ultimate retro game.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

It is one of the best alternatives to EmuParadise. It contains a huge database of thousands of retro games, as well as many ROMs with the latest emulators. It’s the perfect place to play, and if you’re here, you’re in the right place.

The download speed is good, getting this line and it has millions of users who guarantee the quality of their products. It is recognised as one of the few legal download services currently available in the UK.

Here, users can also purchase high-quality movies and music and access their home network securely and wirelessly with their devices. both for Intel Viiv and Xbox 360.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

This is an online platform where you can get many games and ROMs. It is one of the few emulation sites that have a mobile version. Here you can buy almost any type of video game for all types of consolesThe classic Atari 2600 for seniors or the modern PlayStation.

This company offers a free download with detailed information, images and screenshots. A real romantic wiki Relive all your old gaming experiences! Your server is generally operational, secure and your directory is always up to date.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

Offers information and downloads for emulators of classic game systems. This is another excellent alternative to EmuParadise. It also uses a point system to prevent abuse. When you register with RomUlation, your account is credited with 10,000 points.

For every megabyte you install, 1 point is required. If you z. For example, if you download 50 mb, 50 points will be deducted from your account. Every 24 hours, 500 points are credited to the accounts of regular members. It is very useful for getting games for Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, although its strength is in Nintendo.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

This is a great online platform to get free ROMs. There are also games for GBA, Sega super drive, Sega Beginning, Sega ace framework, MAME, N64 and Nintendo DS. Basically, you will find the content of all portable consoles on the market.

I must say it is one of the best alternatives for online retro games. His catalog is very complete and his website is amazing. Its strength lies in the number of perfectly sorted titles. I encourage you to try. But don’t forget to use a VPN to keep your IP anonymous for security reasons.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

Another great place to find emulators where you can find emulators for PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Saga, MAME and more. The best thing about Emulatorzone is that it gives detailed information about the ROM and even displays Emus reviews and new updates. For these reasons, he is one of the favorites of the community and his number of disciples is increasing day by day. The download speed is good for servers running at 100%. It’s a good choice.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

It offers a simple navigation structure, with good download speeds and direct access to ROMs and emulators. The list is updated regularly and the latest versions are downloaded almost immediately.

The best feature of this portal is its innovative, intuitive and easy to navigate design. When you enter the site, you’re greeted by a gallery of images from your favorite and most downloaded Roma communities; there’s a menu that tells you what to do, and a blog where you can see player comments. Absolutely recommended.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

One of the few old sites that is still accessible. It offers a wide range of games for platforms such as PlayStation Portable (PSP), PlayStation One (PSX), Game Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS (NDS) and Nintendo 64 (N64). You can play online and the response from the server is excellent.

Downloads are free and the database is well updated. One of the most notable features of the site is its header classification, which allows you to easily access the content you are interested in. The company currently offers users discount coupons that require them to deposit a certain amount of money in order to download certain games. He does it to continue his work.


🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

It is a free place where players can get the games they want for free. No waiting, no publicity. A user guide is available online if you have any questions while browsing the portal. The design is simple, clear and intuitive, with a large game catalog that contains over 60355 files.

Is it legal and safe to download ROM files from these web portals?

🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

The good thing is that there is no rule that says Roma downloads are illegal, which is why there has never been any prosecution by the millions of users who do these downloads. But why isn’t it illegal? The reality is that you usually don’t make any money from these downloads, so you don’t risk committing the crime of piracy.

Why then, if they’re looking for portals? Well, because they make money. How is this possible when most of them offer free CD-ROMs? Because that’s why they offer free safe content and line their pockets with advertising for all the traffic they generate. Now you understand why there are so many intrusive ads when you try to download it.

So the illegal thing is not to have content, but to make money from it without the owner’s permission. In your case, as a user, it would be illegal for you to then want to sell on the street what you got for free. So if you get caught doing that, you’re going to have to pay a very, very large fine.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 Is EMUPARADISE closed?   Best Alternative Websites ▷ List ▷ 2021

Author: Mario Jose

As a licensed journalist specializing in investigative reporting, I seek the truth in all things. Today it is 100% focused on technology, computers and the internet.

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