Convenience, personalization and privacy are just some of the reasons why the number of users using search engines and torrent sites around the world is increasing daily. The popularization of this P2P transmission system has led to five portals dedicated to this activity among the 1000 most visited sites per day. is one of the portals used by many people to download free movies and series. The database is huge and very diverse, making it a sought-after medium not only for those interested in television series and movies. It is for convenience that you can enjoy your favorite content in the comfort of your home.

You also gain a lot in terms of personalization and confidentiality, because you have a huge database of movies and series of all kinds, which is constantly updated. But the most important thing is without a doubt that you can enjoy it for free. For this, there are many portals that specialize in torrent searching. Therefore, in this article we present a complete list of portals that are an ideal alternative to HDFull.

What happened to CDFull? Not working or closed?

The platform has been blocked by some major ISPs. The result is a drop in performance, causing many users to wonder if the portal is no longer working. Which is kind of the reality, is no longer available.

The company is trying to calm minds with a statement asking its followers to access the service through the https version. But the solution doesn’t seem to be enough and we join those who think the service is actually not good enough. So we are looking for other opportunities to continue to enjoy our favorite movies and shows.

*Improvement* The creators of the platform confirm that they are still open, they have a new domain for it, so for all the loyal fans of this amazing platform, you can continue to enjoy thousands of movies and premieres from all over the world!

List of best landfill sites (P2P) alternative to HDFull

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

We are aware of the large number of employees who are concerned about the closure of HDFull and other portals. Therefore, below we have a list of suggestions for the best alternatives currently available so you can continue to enjoy your movies and series for free.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

This is our first offering as an alternative to Elitetorrent has become the largest platform for downloading documentaries and series in Spanish, where you can download them with one click.

In addition to being able to enjoy the latest news on the scoreboard, Elitetorrent guarantees high quality and security when navigating the platform. Another point in its favor is the ability to use filters to analyze the size of files, so you can make revisions before uploading a file you like and feel comfortable with.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

TPB is not only the site that has provided the world’s longest torrent download service, but has also managed to bypass all attempts to block access to its site. PirataBay mirror sites allow access even if one of their pages is blocked.

In addition, ThePirateBay is a leading content platform, with thousands of titles available to Internet users. Accessing these sections is as easy as sorting in the search bar. Of course, aspects such as quality, data protection and security are guaranteed for you.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Fans of TV series have a great alternative to with InkaSeries. From your first visit to the site, you will notice the quality and variety, as well as the careful design of the site. On the left you will find the series arranged by gender, which makes it much easier to choose the option you are most interested in at the moment.

It also offers you a wide selection of movies in the original language with subtitles, all on an intuitive and easy to navigate page. You can also choose between the interesting content in different qualities, ranging from home recording to HD format.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Quality, variety and, most importantly, security are what set Torlock apart from other entertainment download platforms. When we talk about quality, we include the impressive speed at which downloads from this site are made. Probably one of the best options after the closure of

When we mention site security separately, we assure you that it is not exaggerated. Suffice to say, platform managers offer their users a reward if they spot suspicious torrents and report them to the community. That should give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Spanish-speaking Internet users will find in an ideal alternative to the closure of The speed with which this portal has crept into the preferences of movie audiences is impressive. The constantly updated list of music, documentary and TV series is just one of the main attractions.

Add to that the ease of navigation through the clean design and without complications when using the site, and you will have a better idea of why it is becoming the favorite of more and more people in a very short time.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Once you log in to the platform, you know you’ll find everything you’re looking for. Its intuitive design allows you to safely search for movies on this site, although it is not one of the most mentioned torrent search engines for movies and TV series.

Not only are they available in Spanish, but they also offer a selection of multimedia content from the most popular eras and from all eras, with, of course, the latest news from the billboard. All with the best picture and sound quality.

Information on limestone flow

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

When we include LimeTorrents as an alternative to, we do so in light of the platform’s impressive database, which currently contains more than two million torrents available daily to the growing number of registered users. Which, without neglecting the quality of the offered content, can be found at any time ….

Searching for free movies or TV shows on the LimeTorrents platform is incredibly easy, even for users with little browsing experience, which is certainly attractive enough for any audience.

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

If you’re entering the world of movie search engines, you’ve probably never heard of the name IsoHunt. But as incredible as it seems, it’s one of the oldest portals on the spectrum, and the quality of its content is more than guaranteed.

They also seem to have learned a lot about suspension management, which gives you some assurance of continuity of service. Without a doubt, they can be considered a good alternative to


🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

The 1337x site is presented as one of the best options for closing down, especially since the founders claim to have overcome some security problems. The constant increase in their registrations seems to be a good indication of what the people in charge of this research platform for films and TV series guarantee.

An important fact when we talk about 1337xHet is the quality of the content it provides. Additionally, the company plans to go beyond just a database and become a faith community for digital communities. This, without forcing people to register.


🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

It’s a platform that only offers high-quality content, so your files are designed for really demanding users. Some people even say that GRIP is not for everyone.

Yet everyone seems to want to be part of the community, judging by the steady growth of this section from 2015. We should make it clear that the simplicity of your website design, with a search by words and categories, is reason enough for more and more customers to want to use your selected content offerings on a daily basis.

Tips to know before downloading free content

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

When you get access to a platform for downloading movies, shows, music, etc., it is important that you know at least the basics of how it works. Knowing the terminology used in this environment will help you better understand this file sharing system that has everything to please. The same applies to the selection of the most suitable file.

If you realize that you are going to be part of a swarm (swarm), you are definitely interested in getting as much information as possible about the process you are undertaking.

On the other hand, before using a site that specializes in downloading free torrents, you should know that this is why malware is always dangerous, at least in a latent way. Therefore, you should pay attention to the website’s security checks, because not only will your computer be exposed to a virus attack, but it can also be misused to extract cryptocurrencies without you being aware of it.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 HDFULL Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

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