When you’re done reading this post, which explains everything about Google’s Images feature, you’ll realize that you’ve missed something very useful in many ways.

This is true because it’s not just about spending time looking at different types of images on your camera, but it’s also a feature that will help you in your work in many different ways.

Throughout the content, which we hope you enjoy, you’ll learn what Google Images is, how it works, what it’s for, and our tips on how to get the most out of it.

What is Google Images and what is the purpose of this search engine?

This is a feature of the Google search engine that allows you to find all kinds of images, such as photos, computer graphics, drawings and other visual elements. In the search results, we see that they are returned in the same way as when searching on other sites.

For faster and easier visualization, Google Images shows us a mosaic of these images, with information that tells us on which website they were originally published. It is important to note that Google only supports images in six specific formats, namely JPEG, GIF, BMP, SVG, PNG and WebP.

Accessing the services of Google Images is extremely easy, as it can be done in the following way:

  • Type google.images.es directly into the Google search bar.
  • Selecting images in the options above will give you a normal web page search.

Among other things, Google Images helps you search for segmented images that you can select by color, size, publication date, use of rights, and even by type of image, depending on the format.

What is the difference between Google Images and Google Photos?

If you’re still in doubt, we’ll tell you from now on not to confuse Google’s image service with the Google Photos application, which we use to store our personal photos and videos so we can share them privately with others.

Google Images It is designed for a slightly different purpose, since in your case we can use different types of images for endless activities; we can also publish our own images, which will be included in Google’s search results. However, make sure that the images can be included on the page with their description, otherwise the images will not be indexed in the search results.

How does Google Image Search work?

As with text, which you’ve probably already published, image referencing on Google depends on several parameters to get your visibility, which amounts to appearing in the first search results.

To this end, Google Images’ algorithm will take into account aspects such as the originality and quality of the published visual elements, using features designed to facilitate and simplify their use. All this leads to an increase in traffic to the website or blog from which the published images originate.

What you should be grateful for: Unlike textual search results, image search engine users get up to 40 suggestions for images, compared to only 10 for textual content. This way, it will be much easier for you to place your publications in the first results, as users won’t have to browse through many pages to find your work.

Also note that in many cases the images you attach to your text work may be included in the overall search results. This is particularly useful, especially if your business is dedicated to publishing manuals or documents on in-depth topics where images allow visitors to better understand the topic.

Tips for getting the most out of Google Images

As you can see, using the Google Images feature offers a wide range of benefits that should not be wasted. However, to obtain them, you need to follow certain guidelines.

The following tips will get you started on using your photos, drawings and other images with this great tool from Google :

Make your website cross-platform

Whenever we prepare to develop a marketing strategy, the first thing we need to do is reach more users. With this in mind, from the moment you decide to use Google images to market your brand, you should keep in mind that more users use the platform via mobile devices than computers.

So the best thing is that when creating your website, you should always try to make it compatible with devices with different characteristics – this applies to the size and other aspects of those devices.

What is the relationship between the image and the text

This has a lot to do with improving the user interface. So when you choose an image to accompany the text, you need to make sure that it is not only descriptive, but also fits the content.

In addition, always try to ensure that each of your images has an original attribute, as the Google Images search engine gives an advantage to documents with this attribute. A good way to do this is to visit the various image databases that are freely available on the Internet, where you can make changes according to your wishes and ideas.

Optimize every file name

Image titles help users find visual information on a page faster, which is indeed one of the most interesting features of Google Images. It is therefore recommended that you spend some time optimizing the names of the visual files.

This is done by using short, descriptive names, avoiding the use of characters that could mislead a search engine. A good trick is to name each image with words related to the text you want to post. This avoids having to name the images you want to publish in the same text every time.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and that will certainly be of great benefit to more members of the community. Thank you.

Author: Mario Jose

As a journalist specializing in investigative journalism, I seek the truth in all things. Today it is 100% focused on technology, computers and the internet.

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